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Ok. Lets be honest. I haven't been keeping up with the news very much lately.

Like..... At. All.

Not nightly news. Not headline news. Not even news radio, which is my absolute favorite.

I don't even really understand what is going on in Egypt right now. And I'm usually an avid follower of things going on in the Middle East. Sometimes it borders on obsession.

But I had to take a hiatus. It was like depressing me. There is NO good news out there today. And politics does nothing but piss me off.

So, I took the whole, "No news, is good news," thing seriously and decided to take a mental, spiritual and emotional break from the turmoil happening all around the world.

I'm not going to lie, it was kind of liberating. While it lasted. If I had been in any situation where I would have had to defend my whole religious/ultra-conservative view point in current events it would have been an embarrassing Fail., but at the time it was ok with me, believe it or not, and contrary to popular knowledge, I don't have to ALWAYS be right.... Ahem....

Thankfully, I live on the Island of Solitude and the only person here capable of debating me is my husband who tends to have the exact same thoughts as I do. Only he stays a little more informed as of late.

Anyways, yesterday I seemed to have more sitting time in front of the TV than normal. Thanks to Stryker, who was apparently very hungry.

And since Daytime TV is somewhat lacking, save for the Doctors.... I turned on the news for the first time, in a very long time.

Where I not only picked up the gist of the whole Egypt conflict, I also got the latest on next years congressional budget.

I can't even talk about that.

Do you know who can fix the deficit? Poor housewives. Get a bunch of us Coupon-clipping-ziploc-reusing-save-every-penny-types in a room together and let us take a crack at the budget. Seriously. We could work it.

They are going to the wrong people. Economists? What do they really know? Rich Senators and Congressmen? When is the last time they've said no to a twelve pack of pop because it wasn't under three dollars and they refuse, refuse to pay over three for soda? Probably never. Obama's advisors? Please, anyone with the title of "Czar," probably has some self-entitlement issues and cannot be trusted to cut spending or even see a need to cut spending.

On the other hand, I know some seriously frugal moms that could kick that 14 trillion deficits' ass.

Just saying.

Ok, so the Egypt Conflict. Which is, as I understand it, kind of at a stand still right now until we figure out who is going to take over. Right?

But its definitely ignited all of these conflicts all over the region. And things are getting a little chaotic.

And the only thing I can think of is the small part of me that is green with jealousy over these journalists covering the conflict.

That's right.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a writer. But not just any writer, and even though my current dream = novelist, it never used to be. It wasn't even to be a columnist or work for a hip magazine. Forever, my dream has been to be an Overseas War Correspondent.

Doesn't that sound fabulous?

Growing up, I always pictured myself in Israel covering the car bombs and covert Israeli opts, wearing practical army green cargos, a khaki button up and a brightly colored scarf just to keep my individuality. My hair frizzy and windblown, and the sand from the desert blushing my cheeks.

A messenger bag slung over my shoulder and notebook and pen always ready to jot my newest and best thoughts on the ever growing issues that plague the region.

Praying at the Western Wall every morning.

Finding a small Christian church to spend Sundays at.

Drinking warm beer in the Westernized Hotel I would be staying at with other journalists stationed in the area. And maybe, even maybe joining them for some Lucky Strikes outside at night.

Ok, so maybe my whole fantasized future stemmed from a series of books I read once....

I'll admit, its probably a tad bit romanticized.

But the point is, the whole conflict over there, the footage of journalists risking their lives to get interviews with angry locals, bleeding and covered in dirt, but satisfied with the information they can report home resurfaces this dream and I can't help but feel the twinge of envy in my heart.

This after the glowing if not somewhat sappy-ness from yesterdays Valentine's Blog.

Ok, its not like I would really change my life now, or give up this beautiful family and the happiness, freedom and safety I have here.

It's just that childhood rebellion rearing it's head. The grown up part of me realizes that I've glorified the whole thing anyways, and no reality will be as perfectly adventurous and yet ironically safe at the same time.

These are exciting times we live in. Wars and Rumors of Wars has never held more significant meaning, in my humble theologians' perspective.

My pastor thinks ten years or less. And it starts in the Middle East.

I can't say whether that's true or not, but watching things unfold over there will always hold a macabre excitement for me.

And just because I'm busy raising children, cooking daily meals, grocery shopping in indoor facilities, driving a fancy SUV on perfectly paved streets, not worrying about whether I'm Christian, Jewish or Muslim and instead worrying about dance competitions and preschool next year, I can still day dream about a skinnier version of myself in a long, heavy skirt, a white, but dirty collared shirt, a long black scarf that can be used to cover my face at any given moment, strapped sandals that will never be fashionable here, riding in an open top jeep out of an explosion and writing Pulitzer-worthy pieces for the New York Times......


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