I'm blogging.


I'm finally blogging because my child. My newborn infant. My sweet, firstborn baby boy is sitting in his Baby Papason, looking at me. He is happy, and content, well fed and just barely wiggling. He is not crying. He is not upset or hungry or screaming, or even sleeping.

He is just happy.

For the first time in three days, or maybe a week. I can't remember. I can't think straight. I can't even recall the order of the days of week in English. Although, thanks to Spanish 1, 2 and 3 at OCA I can sing them for you in Spanish if you would like.


Well, never mind.

The point is, my brain has become this lump of mushy tissue in my head. Ok, maybe it has always been that. But now its a useless mushy lump that craves sleep.

Pretty sure this is what it feels like to be a Zombie.

Like, Zombieland Zombie. Not any other horror movie. Like a Bill Murray Zombie.

Remember when I used to brag about Stryker? How he used to only wake up once and was so easy and all that crap.

Something changed.

Something has happened.

Something that I don't like.

The kid, who is no longer my favorite, leaving.... well, I'm not sure if I have a favorite now. Which means I'm an ideal parent. Finally. Anyways, the kid always, always, always, always wants to eat. Constantly.

I am figuratively and not so figuratively tied to the couch all day long, just feeding this child.

I am exhausted.

We are up all night, we are up all day. I feel like a cow. Not like huge like a cow, although I ate three pieces of birthday cake today, but ssshhh, I'm supposed to be on a diet...., I feel like a dairy cow, hooked up to those gross cow milking tubes.

That's what I am.

And I'm tired.

And I miss my husband.

Not because he is anywhere else, but because I don't get to sleep in my bed next to him, or feel sexy, or touch him or really look at him.

Because I am always feeding this child.

And now he's fussing again. And I'm back to work.

I had thought about blogging about Tangled, and how its the best Disney Princess Movie, maybe ever, aside from The Little Mermaid. It was however fantastic. Even Zach loved it.

I had thought about blogging about the weirdness of Small Towns.

And/or the craziness of the doctors office today.

I really thought about blogging about changing little boy diapers, because we also had a serious issue with that.

I really, really thought about blogging about my little girl turning four and how it amazed me that I somehow have raised a child the last four years, how its even possible she turned four and how amazed I am at the girl she's becoming.

Also other topics would be Pre-School, because Stella starts on Wednesday and I know right now you're like, What??? And I'm like, Right!!! And you're like What??? And I'm like, I know!!!!!

And now you're really like, No, seriously what changed your mind.

But. Seriously that's a different blog. A whole blog. A whole, well thought out, well written blog.

And of course, you can be looking forward to the annual I'm totally freaking out about my birthday coming up in three days and I'm going to go all crazy about turning another year older blog!

But. Again. I'm back to the grind. Hopefully I'll have a few minutes of peace tomorrow.

I'm not counting on it though.....


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