Beauty and the Baby

My girls are obsessed with Beauty and the Beast right now! They can't get enough of it.

Ok, well Scarlett gets a little scared in parts and runs away and plays for a few minutes until the scary part is over and then runs back in, mesmerized by the princess movie!

Ok, that was my original blog. Up there. That's what I got done this morning between the hours of 8Am and 10:41AM. And then I got nothing more written. Nothing at all, until now. The time being: 4:27PM. I don't even know where I was going with that.

I wish I knew what happened to this day! But I don't really.

I mean I do. Lets call what happened to this day "children," and leave it at that. But it wasn't even Potty Training.

The plan had been to spend the week potty training but this is how my morning started out.

Scarlett was up at 7:15 and since the other two were still sleeping, we came out to the living room to watch the Mickey Mouse Club. It's her favorite. Although she calls it Missy Mouse.

When Stella got up at 7:45, she also came out. And sat down by Scarlett. And then. Then. Then they had a full on Chick Fight. I don't even know what set them off. Scarlett started screaming at the top of her lungs, Stella shoved her, Scarlett grabbed a chunk of Stella's hair and pulled her head all the way back, so Stella released the nails and started scratching at Scarlett all while joining in with her sister in a symphony of high pitched screaming!

And it all happened in the 3 seconds it took for me to stand up and intervene. Ok, it was more like 20 seconds. I'm going to be honest here and admit that I had to conquer some serious fear before jumping in the ring for that one..... Plus I was still sleepy, I wasn't as nimble as I am later on in the day.


Ok, but that's not why I postponed potty training.

I postponed potty training because ten minutes later when I asked Scarlett if she wanted to go on the potty she screamed at me in this deep, terrifying and evil voice that I never want to hear again.

So I said to myself, Rachel, you deserve a day off of dealing with that, and why not wait until you can bribe her with some M&M's.

I agreed.

With myself.

So we will try again when we can actually leave the house and go buy M&M's. Ok, we can leave the house. But there is absolutely no way I am going out in that.

And by that, I mean the blizzard living outside of my house!

Half of which is in my house, since it was built in the 80's and has less than energy efficient windows.

There is literally a frigid breeze that goes from our master bedroom to the kitchen. I'm not kidding, I might start wearing a hat to bed.

If only I owned one.

This blog has literally taken me all day to write. Ugh.

This week started out rough, and its only getting worse. Maybe its the weather and my children feel like prisoners and so need to act like them.

Or maybe we are still adjusting to the new baby. But I feel like I'm yelling at my children more than loving them.

I am exhausted by disciplining them.

It of course doesn't help that I'm writing this at the end of the day and I just had to go so far as to threaten to take competition away from Stella.....

I quit for the day. The girls are in bed and finally quiet and so I'm officially shutting my brain off and quiting for the day.

See you tomorrow.


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