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Whats that saying about little boys? They're made with something and snails and puppy dog tails? Or something like that.

Worms and snails?

I don't know, I should just Google it.

Today I'm doing something I've never done before. Well, not really. Every once in a while, Zach and I will glance at the adds and find the best deal on steaks or brisket or something like that, but rarely do I peruse the Wednesday adds looking for the lowest price in whatever. Usually I coupon clip what I can and trust my Bakers Card to do the rest. Or Wal-marts Low Price, Every Day or whatever to give me the best deal.

Not anymore.

I'm an official Add surfer. Starting Yesterday.

Yes, in another attempt to save money.

But as it turns out, it really will save me money.

Starting with Apple Juice!

We go through a lot of apple juice around here. It's kind of the only juice I keep in the house. Except for Orange Juice, but the kids don't love that and I usually drink gallons in like literally a day. So Orange Juice can get expensive for us.

SO can apple juice. The girls drink So much. Its like they are perpetually thirsty. I can't keep up.

Stella does better than Scarlett because Stella will drink a cup of water, so I can give her one of those in between the juice.

But Scarlett is so terrible. I vaguely remember this as being a phase with Stella, so I am praying she will grow out of it because the child doesn't drink plain water. In fact, it's a temper tantrum and constant crying until she gets what she wants, which is juice all day, every day.

I don't give in. I mean, come on. I sit through the screaming and the yelling and the throwing down her body in front of my feet while I'm trying to walk. But its a battle every day.

They get milk at meal times. Chocolate milk. Because they won't drink regular. And I don't force them to. But my stance on milk is an entirely different blog and highly controversial. :)

My children get plenty of calcium. Do not worry about that. Milk is not the only source of it.

Anyways, back to juice. Plus, I don't even give them full cups of juice. I still dilute it half and half with water. Stella is about to be four and the child still drinks half water/half apple juice.

She's going to go to school and be like, why does this juice taste so amazing? Oh my mom's a cheap-o.

So anyways, I started buying the frozen concentrate when we moved. And I make it myself. Its cheaper. On sale you can buy those for a dollar. That's worth it in my mind versus the three dollars you pay for the bottles.

Although its not the healthiest.

If I wanted the healthiest, I should be buying the cold, Simply Apple, or there's another one I can't remember.

But I figure at least these ones are frozen. The jugs of apple juice have shelf lives. And of course we know, anything with a shelf life is inherently evil.

Until today. Or I should say yesterday. When I was reading through the Bag and Save ads and they have 64 oz. bottles of juice on sale for 87 cents a piece! Holy smokes. That is SO CHEAP. Even cheaper from my frozen from concentrates.

Hip hip hooray. Shelf Life be damned.

So today we are making a special outing just to run to Bag and Save and pick up like ten bottles of juice. I can't help it. They are so stinking cheap. And they will last me such a long time!

I know. You don't have to tell me. I'm awesome.

Or special.... One or the other.

We are also making a stop at Hy-Vee for super super cheap yogurt and paper plates.

I could just go to Wal-Mart with my add in hands and demand their price matching, but I don't think they carry the Our Family brand. Plus I have to swing by Hy-Vee for Zach's birthday present anyways.

I know you're totally wondering what I could be buying him for his birthday from a grocery store. Especially something that I know he is going to LOVE! Haha. I'll let you wonder.

It's Oreo Cookies and Organic Wheat Germ.

No. It's not that. And that was a really, really weird combination, but I couldn't think of anything else bizarre from the grocery store!

Wow. A whole blog dedicated to Apple Juice and Coupon Clipping.

I must be desperate.

Really, though, my mind is completely on this baby, how uncomfortable I am and Zach's birthday tomorrow night and I kind of feel those subjects are exhausted and you were maybe tired of hearing about them.

So Apple Juice Won! At those prices maybe I'll see you there!


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