Laundry Mat

It's a two cups of coffee kind of morning.


Stryker is apparently over his jaundice enough to start waking up every three hours through the night.

And this morning he woke me up by projectile spitting up all over my entire left side, like a gallon of milk. It was not pretty. Or dry.

Actually it was disgusting.

And it led to more laundry. More and more laundry.

Actually today is the apex of the largest amount of laundry I have ever had to do. EVER.

My mother worked full time growing up. Actually, she worked more than full time. She still does.

And my dad of course did as well.

So as long as I can remember, laundry was a once a week kind of thing for my family. And believe me, I never learned how to do my own laundry until I was married.

Ok, a little bit in college. But really, not until after I was married. Ask Zach about a favorite sweater of his. An expensive favorite sweater of his.

Don't worry, I saved it. And now Stryker can wear it. In like three months. Not even kidding.

Ok, anyways, I adopted the once a week policy when I got married. That's how my mother did it, that's how I was going to do it. And since I went to school full time plus worked full time, or more than full time when we were first married, that was all the time I had.

Plus it made sense to me. You spend the whole day cleaning the house and doing laundry and then folding it all in one day. Then I would enter the next week with all clean clothes and a clean house, spend the week dirtying said clothes and said house and then clean it again on the weekend.

It worked.

But oh, how my life has changed.

And to be fair to my mother, I don't have laundry memories of when I was a toddler, and she also had a baby, plus two teenagers and a husband who's clothes smelled like oil every night when he came home. (My dad worked at OPPD, and I don't know if oil is the right word or not, but definitely a distinctive smell.)

So then we had Stella. Still easy to keep the one day a week policy.

Then we added Scarlett.

Sometimes I'd throw in another load or two during the week.

And when we moved here, I had to add an entire day because of our co-op laundry situation.

Usually I do the laundry Monday's and Fridays. Four loads each.

Mine and Zach's, and that's usually two, darks and lights.

The girls.

And the towels/sheets.

And then Stryker came along. With another basket of clothes for the week.

But today I decided to potty train Scarlett.

That adds to the pile.

Plus, Stryker's spit up incident put more of my clothes, his clothes, and three blankets. Yes, three! in the mix as well.

So. It's only Monday and I'm already six baskets of clothes behind, and We're not even to 10AM yet. This is going to be a LONG week of laundry.

A long. Long. LONG. Week of laundry.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate laundry? It is seriously the bane of my existence. I would take scrubbing toilets and scrubbing the floors any day, every day over laundry.

I can never remember it first of all. And then it takes three times as long. And all of the folding and putting the clothes away is just no bueno.

I don't know what I got myself into, but Scarlett has got to potty train. She just has to.

Her poor little skin is so sensitive that if she doesn't potty train she is just going to live one giant miserable existence.

So far this morning we are once in the potty and two accidents.

That's not a good track record. I'm about to just lock her in the bathroom until she figures it out.

Actually, she has it figured out, its just if she wants to or not. She is an emotional woman. Let me tell ya!

Ok. Three accidents. My fault tho, I didn't think she would pee, 5 minutes after she just had her second accident.

Guess I was wrong.

Really, it's a toss up. What do I hate more? Potty Training or Laundry?

Luckily my week will be filled with both.....

I meant to blog more this weekend, but I have to be honest. I tried. Twice. And kept falling asleep while typing. And so I thought, if I was falling asleep to the material, no WAY was it going to inspire anyone else out there.

So I scrapped it and started over this morning with Ode to Loathing Laundry and more information about potty training an almost two year old than anyone has ever cared to read about.

I'm pretty awesome.

But I'm also a little distracted.

Fourth accident. Five minutes after the third.

My day is going to be broken in to five minute increments all day long.


Ok, well I was going to write more, but apparently Potty Training is going to take up 1,000% of my time.


And just for the record in the last hour we've had a record of five accidents to two in the potty's. In one hour.

The child must have a super small bladder!


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