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Ok, first of all thank you to everyone who gave me either sympathy for my pink clothes or advice on how to fix them!

I mean it! Thank you!!

Especially to the anonymous comment from yesterday and my Aunt Helen's phone call! I had NO idea there were so many products out there that could fix my mistakes! And I love it!

After the Laundry Room Nervous Breakdown yesterday, I actually had the thought, "Um, somebody should invent a way to reverse this problem. I can't be the only person with tiny, hiding red socks!"

Well, lo and behold somebody has, actually a couple somebodies have and now I know what they are and when I'm brave enough to go to the grocery store with three kids in toe, I will be purchasing them. All of them. In bulk quantities. Probably whole-sale. Possibly from the companies themselves in semi-truckloads mean for places like Costco or Sam's Club.

So thank you, thank you!

Obviously, I am the farthest thing from figured out and have a LONG way to go. My favorite part of this blogging thing has been the helpful feedback! Whether its advice on coupon clipping or a hot tip on the cheapest.... whatever, I'm definitely going to be a better mom because other people know more than I do and feel generous enough to share with me!

Sometimes though I wish I could get like instant feedback. Maybe like a Live Chat Room or something, only not filled with creepers and pedophiles, but mom's who are good at saving money and shopping. Such as now, when I'm channel flipping between Jurassic Park 3 and reruns of the Fashion Police. I need advice and a direction.

I love Joan Rivers. I do. I can't help myself. I think she's hilarious. And the facial destruction known as too many years of plastic surgery and botox doesn't bother me. Nicole Kidman is harder for me to look at than Joan.

But I've already seen the episode.

So then I go back to Jurassic Park 3 and I'm like, "Really? Really Rachel? This is your choice of TV during the one hour of TV Time I get to myself a week!"

I know, it's bad. But seriously, there is never anything good on at this time, the time being when I actually have the TV to myself. So Jurassic Park wins! And I think it will even bring me company, as soon as Zach figures out Tea Leoni is the female star of the movie!

PS, I have totally figured out how to type with a sleeping little man on my chest. He's totally even snoring right now and they are the cutest sounds I have ever heard! They are SO sweet in fact that even though its 3 in the afternoon and my other two little spitfires have been awake and naughty for the past hour, I can't find the willpower to get up and yell at them.

They can just be bad.

I give up.

At least for today.

We can all have an afternoon off of Mommy the Terrible and just relax.

Oh I can't stop kissing this little man's head. He is too sweet!

So this morning we had dance. Like we do every Saturday morning. And it's not just an hour event because both girls are in a class Saturday Mornings. We are talking an all morning event. We leave the house a little bit after 9 (It takes a us a little while to get there.) and then we don't get back usually till at least 1:30. See? All morning.

Which has been fine in the past. But since Stryker's arrival, every time I make it back home, and literally "make it back" in the sense that Soldiers "Make it Back" from war. (Ok, that was a little dramatic and I don't mean to diminish the importance of our Military because I have the HIGHEST respect for them. And surprise, surprise, I support the War.) I think, I am NEVER leaving the house again.

But seriously. It's a process.

And since I nurse, it's not exactly like I can just leave him with Zach. Ok, he's attached to the boobs right now. And we've tried a bottle(With Gluclose water.). He's not interested. Plus, I actually am really against giving newborns bottles in the first month if your nursing. It's too easy for them and then they don't want to nurse anymore. Breast is Best people. JK. JK. Seriously, the reason is, is because I had the worst problems imaginable with Stella. The WORST. Like literally I was missing half of my nipples(TMI? No? Ok.) and so for me, I've learned what works and what doesn't work the really, really, really, really hard way. And that includes no bottles.

That means I take them all. All the kids that is.

And we stay there all morning.

And then we come home exhausted.

And I think to myself. Ok, I'm never leaving my house again! Like. Never.

I have said before how once we've moved out to the country I have a really hard time leaving our little Island Of Solitude. But now it's for real!

I never want to leave. Ever.

I can't deal with the snow I have to face from our Wheel Chair Ramp to our Murano which is literally like two feet, let alone the snow piling up all over Omaha.

Plus it seems that whenever we decide to leave the house, it is either bitterly cold or the middle of a blizzard, much like Dance last Wednesday night. And Zach can never go with us because when it is snowing he's off making money. Selfish, right? :)

And lets just talk about how long it takes me to get all three kids in the car.

A long time.

So. If I make it home. And it has been a miracle every time. Plus, I've definitely had to rely on the charity of either people I just barely know OR complete strangers. I decide I'm never leaving again. Not until all three kids can walk, open doors, climb in SUV's by themselves and buckle themselves on their own.

Oh that's right. By the time that happens, I'll have been pregnant like three more times and won't even be close to a better scenario.


Six kids.

I shouldn't joke about that.

Or at least be planning on winning the lottery first. Which would mean I have to start playing it first. Which would mean I would have to budget for it first. Which would mean....

Just kidding.

Lets try to find the original topic again.

My point is, I'm never leaving again.

Which is too bad because Competition starts in two weeks. Yes, two weeks! And I don't even want to think about what time I'm going to have to wake up for that and get this family ready. I hope Zach is prepared to turn into the other half of this Stage Parent Team, I'm afraid we both have a long way to go.

I actually should start talking him through what its going to be like.... And how his daughter suddenly turns into those Divas you see on TLC as soon as she sees a stage. Flipper and all.

I'm not worried about her performing. I'm worried about trying to get her to leave the building before she's performed a solo she has never learned although insists that she knows.....

Anyways, me not wanting to leave the safety of our own home has really transformed our Friday and Saturday nights around here.

It was only a couple of months ago that Zach and I still treasured the weekend babysitters and had friends to meet up with during late hours at happening late night places.


Last night, my In-Laws graciously brought us dinner and after they left we curled up on the couch and caught up on DVRed episodes of the new comic book show The Cape. Which, because we are total nerds, we think is awesome.

I had a glass of wine that was heaven.

And we went to bed by 10:30.

And that felt like perfection to me.

Tonight, we are planning on much of the same. We are renting via pay-per-view(I know. Awesome. You didn't know people(As in families at home, and not creepers in hotel rooms by themselves.) still did that!) a kids movie for the girls and letting them stay up late. This involves Twizzlers, Gas Station Popcorn and Swedish Fish.

And honestly I couldn't be more excited.

Yet I always expected this to feel more like solitary confinement or old age. Like, Zach and I, when we reached the period in our lives when staying in was more important than going out we would feel like forced to stay at home, house arrest or prisoners or something.

Instead it feels more like Graceful Retirement. We were both ready for it. Both needed it. And are more fulfilled staying home with our little family than leaving them behind or leaving the house in general.

So here's to my uneventful and peaceful weekend nights.

And here's to the gas station located directly across the parking lot from dance, because if I would have had to load up all of the kids and then unload them and take them into a grocery store with carts sorely missing the quantity of seating/buckles I need for my children and had to walk through an entire store looking for snacks and then stand in line with said children moving about freely and then taking them back out into the cold, wet snow and load them back into the car all over lunch time, spilling in to nap time, without the willingness to buy them lunch whilst we have good food at home although they are starving and tired it just wouldn't have happened. Not. Have. Happened.

So thank you Gas Station for providing our Movie Night Snacks.

The night would have been incomplete without you.


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