Happy New Blog!

So Happy New Year!

Hello 2011.


It seems crazy. I can't even remember where 2010 went. I've already forgotten it.

Plus, I meant to get in a couple more blogs before the end of 2010, but that time has come and gone. Thursday we spent the day at CoCo Keys and that deserves an entire blog to itself. Because when I say an entire day, I really mean, we tried to go in the morning, but there was an oh, three hour waiting list! So we had to go back later, three hours later to be exact in order to get in. The day was totally wasted in running around town. We did have a fantastic time once we got into the park, my girls just absolutely LOVED it, but then it was over too quickly and we were back to running around.

That night was the Nebraska Bowl Game. And I can't even talk about it. For the sake of my husband I can't talk about it. It was an embarrassment. And we lost. Enough said.

And then Yesterday we had company all day and I had some errands to run and then suddenly we were getting ready for New Years Eve and I hadn't had any time to reflect on the past year. Or the upcoming one.

I hadn't even had time to check out Facebook and see if anyone made ridiculous resolutions and then posted them for the world to see!

And then New Years Eve, the girls were at my moms all night and so Zach and I decided to go out. FYI, it's super fun and exciting to go out when you're wayyyyy pregnant and bigger than a house.

So dinner. Then contractions.

That's right. Contractions. I started having contractions. And I thought they were just fake ones, because I've been having those a lot. But these were exactly seven minutes apart. For an hour. And then they moved to five minutes apart. For an hour. And they were intense. And I was like I am going to have this baby.

I let Zach in on what was happening. He silently started to panic. We were mentally calculating everything we needed to grab when we got home and how long the entire round trip journey would take us, home and then way back to the hospital.

By the time we left for home, after our midnight kiss, I was grabbing the counter-tops and sweating with each contraction.

We got excited. Or at least I got excited. Not only was I going into labor on my own, I was having this baby early. On New Years Day. (Of course the little bugger would have waited until after midnight on the 31st. That's the way things happen for us!)

But then. Nothing.

I sat down in the car. And they stopped.

What???? Are you kidding me?

And in the place of contractions this horrible, irritating cramping set in. And is still there today. Not contraction cramping. Not even braxton-hicks cramping. Just cramping. That means nothing. That just makes this whole wonderful, end of the pregnancy, thing that much more delightful.

I called the nurse this morning, I'm like this has got to be a sign that I'm going to be in labor soon. Right? I mean seriously. The little man is still moving around like crazy, but clearly he is trying to get out. Right?

But nope. This is totally normal. Totally and completely normal.

So, I've got another two weeks at least to look forward to. And 2011 started off to a really big disappointment!

I mean, just like the whole Facebook world says, I know 2011 will hold amazing things.... Blah, blah, blah.

And I suppose that's true. It will. We will get to meet this little man eventually. But right now, having to live through this day even more uncomfortable than I was yesterday and still pregnant, I want to pout about it.

So, I better change my attitude quick. I've got to pick up the girls soon and they don't want a crabby mommy.

To accomplish this, I think its time to finally take a few moments and look back over 2010. A Highlight reel if you will, of the best of the best of 2010. And in genuine blogger fashion, we are doing this Top Ten Style.

10. Moving to the country. Away from the city, into an upstairs with windows and room to run and finally being isolated from the rest of the world. Just kidding. But at least finding a peaceful way of living that we find more satisfying. And consequently through this giving up my hodge podge day care and getting to try my hand at being a real stay at home mom for a while.

9. Scarlett learning to talk like she's five. It makes trying to raise a stubborn, strong-willed, inherently mischievous child easier when you know she understands you perfectly and can talk back with the veracity of a pissed off teenager.

8. Stella's developing mothering skills. The less I have to do, the better. But no seriously, it has been so fun and rewarding to watch her grow and mature over the last year into a beautiful, kind, sweet spirited little peace-maker, who although might be scared of everything and everyone cuddled next to our 93-year-old-adopted-grandmother for an entire morning and early afternoon yesterday just because she wanted to.

7. A new car. Two new cars. Two reliable cars. That drive well and will last a long time (Lord willing). I somehow never thought that would happen for us. Trust me, I was completely prepared to drive the van Fred Flinstone style if I had to.

6. Finding out we would be expecting another little bundle. And then finding out that little bundle would be a boy. Who knows if we'll ever stop having kids, we're pretty overjoyed with the ones we have. Although trust me, a couple more of these tiny kidlets and I will be contacting TLC for a reality show. Don't think I won't.

5. SaladMaster. Yes, this is a top ten. No matter how many struggles and reasons for cursing that damn company, it really has revolutionized the way we think about food, how we approach eating and our lifestyle and has made a significant difference in what we value important as far as eating and how to eat.

4. The close calls we've had maybe not......., but the blessings and protection we've received on the other end definitely. Examples would be hitting a deer, but our car protected from body damage. Or Zach's appendicitis, but he is ok and healthy and things went super smooth. You know, small stuff like that.

3. I finally learned the difference between Then and Than and officially understand how to use them correctly and in the right context. I know, it might have only taken me 26 years, but I got it down. Boom.

2. An easy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy. And the hope that we are going to meet this little man soon!

1. A whole year surrounded by people I love and that love me. Beautiful, healthy children that brings joy and enrichment to my life every second of their existence. And a husband who loves me unconditionally and intensely and still isn't sick of me!

So there you have it. Not really in any particular order, but all exciting and worth mentioning and worth Thanking God for. I am looking forward to the next year. And I am thankful for the year we just left, whether I'm still pregnant or not. So here I come 2011, I'd be prepared if I were you.


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