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I have a doctors appointment today. I'm hoping it goes something like this, "You're in labor right now, did you know that?" "No, I had no idea!" "Well you are, so why don't you head right up to Labor and Delivery and we will have this baby today!" "Yes, sir."

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

It's not going to happen?

Dang it.

A girl can dream.

And try. Believe me, I've been trying.

And don't give me the "You're only 38 weeks bull crap." I'm not going to listen. I know, I'm a little testy about it. But I am just very.... Uncomfortable!!!

Ok, fine, for your sake and mine I will stop complaining and tell you how I've been trying.

Yesterday, I thought for sure would do the trick, but here I am, so obviously the Internet has been lying to me! How dare you Internet World.

I've been reading up on how to self-induce, its kind of a ritual for me at the end of every pregnancy, maybe for every woman everywhere......, anyways, I found this new school of thought, so to speak that believes a Meat Lovers' Pizza will do the trick no matter what. Literally the whole idea is that you eat a spicy pizza covered in meat and two hours later you are on your way to the hospital. It's called Pregnancy Pizza.

It didn't work for me. Obviously.

Don't worry there are leftovers. We will be trying again at lunch time.

I know, I know, the baby will come when he's ready. They already rule your life, before they're even born.

So lets talk about something non-baby related. It just gets me worked up.

Zach's birthday is Sunday.


I'm apparently the worst wife ever this year. His Christmas was.... Sub-Par. And now his birthday I haven't even thought about!

We have a house now, so I think I'll just invite his two friends over to our house. Haha. Just kidding, there are more people in this world that he likes. Not many. But a few more.

And then what?

Last year we had money and lived with our babysitter, so we spent the night out and about on the town and a fantastic night of Sushi. We can't do Sushi for several reasons this year.

Ok, let me ask you how ghetto this sounds. Zach's birthday party at our house way out in the country and BYOB. You might as well drive your old yellow pick up truck, make sure you're wearing your worn out levi's and cowboy hat and bring along your 24 pack of warm PBR.

Yes, this is going to be awesome.

Ok, ok, we are totally a little more classier than that. No pick up trucks. No levi's. And NO PBR. Bring your four dollar bottles of wine instead.

Ugh. But what do we do when they get here? That is the real question. Quarters? PS3? Bonfire?

Jk, it is WAY to cold to burn trash in the backyard.

I might as well call this a White Trash Birthday Party and Embrace the Celebration.

I think I'll pick up Jenga on the way home from the doctors today.

And since the Christmas Decorations are still up, (Imagine that I didn't find any motivation to take them down yesterday.....) I guess they'll be staying up for the Festivities as well.

Plus, I figured out Zach loves them up. I kept wondering who would turn on the Christmas Tree first thing in the morning and I had assumed it was Stella, but yesterday after she turned it off and Zach made the trek across the Living Room just to turn it back on, he confessed to loving the Tree. So up it stays. I'm not complaining. I love it too.

Well, anyways, I suppose I should get some work done today. Like sending out a Facebook Group Invite for this fantastic party I'm about to throw..... (Please hear my sarcasm....)


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