Baby's Day Out.

Ok. It's early. Like really early. Like way too early for me to be up an adam.

Especially since Stryker woke up twice last nightn, and one of those times was only an hour and a half ago. And then the girls decided to wake up a half hour ago. And then there was no avoiding getting out of bed and moving to the couch.

Where you better believe I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and caught at least a half hour more of sleep. Ok, it was more like twenty minutes.

But I'm up now.

I thought I would try that whole, get a jump on the day, the early bird catches the worm thing.

Although, I don't really follow that motto. I live by a more careful approach, such as the "The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese."

Clever, right?

I didn't come up with it or anything, I just think its clever.

So anyways, I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet and here I am.

Coffee has turned into this fantastic thing around our house however. And so I usually really look forward to my coffee. But the problem is I'm out of creamer. I can't drink the stuff without a little something something. You might judge me for not being a real coffee drinker then, but I'm sorry, it's just dirty bitter hot water without a little oomph of flavor.

I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Starbucks isn't famous and successful for their fantastic cups of house regular, black.

In fact, even real "coffee drinkers" can always handle that concentrated cup of black concrete!

Anyways, we don't need Starbucks anymore because we have a Kuerig. And it is fantastic.

One cup at a time from these little wonderful K-Cups. Zach got it for his birthday and its pretty much our favorite thing in this house. It will even make hot chocolate or apple cider or iced tea or regular tea or iced coffee. All one cup at a time.

Like I said, its wonderful. And if you're like Zach and I who would never make a good pot of coffee and always over estimated the amount we would drink and then watch whole pots of the stuff go to waste, it is the perfect solution for Waste Not Want Not.

And that way too, guests can come over and I can just make them one cup at a time of whatever they want. Decaf. Regular. Tea. Whatever. It's always fresh and always hot.

Ok, so I highly recommend them.

Yesterday, I braved the day, the cold, and basically the world. We had errands to do. And it was time to buck up and figure out the three kid scenario.

I'm not going to lie. I was nervous. A little bit scared. And seriously praying for patience way ahead of time. But we made it, I mean, I lived to blog about it, so it must not have been that bad, right?


It was bad. Stressful. Chaotic. My head felt very not put together and fuzzy the whole time and I think I somehow furthered the evolutionary process by growing eyes in the back of my head, but we made it.

First up was Strykers Two Week Doctor Appointment! Can you believe he's two weeks???

I can't. Oh my. They grow up so fast. :)

Jk. It's just two weeks. It's not like he's graduating from high school. I'm sure that will wait until tomorrow.....

Anyways, the Doctors Office was probably the easiest of all errands. Toys in the Lobby. A promise of a sucker if they were good. And the threat of a shot if they weren't.


I'm not really kidding....

And Finally, Stryker is healthy! Jaundice gone. Blocked Tear Ducts better. He's finally a healthy little bundle. And his eyes are finally white again! They've been a myriad of colors since the hospital, yellow for jaundice, and red for BTD, and every color in between, but now they're white again. Hooray!

After the doctors office was Ballet Shoe Shopping for Stella.

This was the worst.

First of all because Scarlett was not having it, Stella getting new shoes and not her. And then Stryker was mad about the whole visit and wouldn't keep a pacifier in, so he's screaming and Scarlett's running all over the place and I'm trying, in my not so eloquent very green to dance way of speaking to explain to the clerk what I needed. Or rather what Stella needed. And then I had to wrangle the other two while forcing Stella to take her shoes off and pay attention.

There were new and cool toys there to play with. Which is apparently way better than new shoes.

Eventually we got it figured out.

Except that I let the sales lady convince me on ballet shoes that were too small for the girl. And by convince me, I mean, I wasn't really paying attention thanks to the other kiddos and so just took the shoes she said worked.

And then we got to dance.

And they did not work.

So that will be an awesome errand to re-run on a different day....

This time, I know what size I want, so it will be a more informed trip at least.

Ok, and then finally we were off to Costco. For lunch. And shopping. Or more like stalking up for the Apocolypse. Isn't that what you do at Costco? You stalk up and save right?

Although, it never really feels like you're saving money, because first you have to spend so stinking much!

Plus, I have to price check. And budget. So I've got Stryker in the car seat on the cart, holding a pacifier in his mouth and then Scarlett next to him, constantly trying to climb out of the seat although she's buckled, so that really means she's just trying to fall to her death on the hard cement of a floor that I can't imagine isn't a huge liability for them..... And then I've got a pen and paper in my hand writing down prices and comparing adds from other stores and Stella walking besides me, taking every sample she can get her hand on and although her Sample Tasting Palate is very eclectic there are still those items of food she is very unwilling to try, such as pita chips with hummus, and therefore is shoving them into my possession and I'm like Stella I need four hands!

And it wasn't just a quick trip. It was one of those up and down every single aisles trips. By the time we made it to the check out and ran into good friends of ours, I was a mess. A hot mess.

I'm pretty sure my eyes were going in two different directions and my hair was the size of a planet.

They hadn't seen Stryker yet and so were very interested in conversation and the new baby. And I love them. But my mind was definitely a million and one different places and I'm pretty sure the wife had to repeat her questions to me ten times in order to get a lucid response from me.

The culminating moment came when she tried to ask me a question while I was writing the check. My eyes bulged out of my head, something popped in my brain and I think I had a John Travolta moment from Phenomenon. Not the genius part. The I just grew a brain tumor part.

I'll be having that checked out later int he week...

And it only took us two and a half hours to get through the super store.


But we made it. And it was really good to see our friends.

And now we have enough macaroni and cheese and Lysol disinfectant wipes to feed and clean up the Apocolypse, so we can rest easy with that.

And rest easy with the knowledge that I actually can leave the house with three kids and not just go to dance but other places too!

Like back to those same places to return ballet shoes and buy toilet bowl cleaner, because it really was a better deal at Costco. Shoot.

But not cereal. I should have waited on the cereal. General Mills is only a $1.50 at Bag and Save this week.

That's a good deal.


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