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Ok, so I started this blog yesterday. And it started out fantastic. But then I got interrupted, like I do during most of my blogging moments and then life happened and so I decided to wait to come back to it, so it wasn't one of those super emotional and depressing blogs I feel like are taking over lately, but as I waited longer, more life happened and then I became this emotional wreck of a person and practically panic-stricken and then I said screw the blog, nobody wants to read this roller-coaster of traumatic-pregnancy-hormone-induced-hysteria.

So here we are today.

Believe me, I could still dip into the depressing stuff, but I think I'll spare you.

It's funny too because I was really disappointed by something, like to the core, and I had decided not to blog about it up until I knew for sure what the outcome was going to be, because honestly I was hoping for the best, but didn't want to explain just in case the opposite of what I wanted to happen did happen, and now that of course it did happen and I was disappointed, all I want to do is blog about it.

Clearly I need more than a blog. Something like a Journal that I sit down and write all of my profound but secret thoughts in. Can't you just picture me, in our window seat, looking out at the empty fields half filled with snow and a cup of hot chocolate steaming at my side, "Dear Diary, today didn't go as I expected it to......"

Ridiculous. And kind of like a scene out of Vampire Diaries. The cheesier side of Vampire Diaries. The rest of it is totally legit. Trust me.

Anyways, I am telling myself it wouldn't be nearly this bad without a bun in the oven, but I'm not so sure. Some things suck whether you're pregnant or not.

But, The End of yesterday made up for everything because when it comes down to it, the most important things in my life surround me every day. My husband. And my children. In that order.

So, since Zach was home and we are so close to Christmas we decided it was time to take the kids to visit Santa!

We have never done it before, because if you know my kids, you will know that the idea of them talking to a complete stranger, let alone sitting on his lap and taking a picture with him is an impossible dream. Was an impossible dream.

But a dream, we dared to dream none the less.

And with my little kidlets you really have to work them up to the idea. So I started at the beginning of December talking to them about Santa and sitting on his lap and then during Dance Pictures at the Rich Mall(Regency), Stella got to watch other kids sit on Santa's lap and see him up close. She, I think would have done it right then and there, but I couldn't justify the $14 without Scarlett and with the outfit she was wearing.

So we waited. Plus it was free at Bass Pro Shop. The whole thing. From the picture to the craft it was free. They speak my language.

Not literally though. When we got there the Salvation Army guy was dressed in head to toe camouflage hunting gear. I'm not kidding, boots, pants, jacket, hat, face mask, goggles. Yes. All of it.

And he said something like, "Time to go swim with the monkeys," when we went into the store.

I don't know what that means.

Regency doesn't have weirdo Salvation Army Bucket People, but then again, they charge you $14 a picture.

I'll take what I can get.

Have you ever been inside a Bass Pro Shop? I never have. It's insane. And kind of pretty at night during Christmas with all of the wood work and lights and Christmas decor. So we get to the Santa part which of course is a mile, literally, away from the front door. And he is a good looking Santa. I mean really authentic looking. Beard and hair were real, he was heavy. The kids were convinced.

And then of course we waited in line. It's free. We're not the only people in this world that value family activities that cost nothing.

The difference between Regency and Bass Pro Shop has to be the Camouflage. All the way around. I mean probably 70% of the people standing in line were in camo, kids and adults alike.

I kind of loved it.

I thought the line would ruin it for the kids, but it turns out they were ready and more than willing to climb on to Old Saint Nick's lap and turn towards the camera.

The girl kept trying to get them to smile bigger and I was like lady, this is as good as its going to get, just take the picture while there is any semblance of happiness!

We got a fantastic picture. Well, I think it is. And then we were off to go drive around and look at Christmas lights.

I have been trying to get Zach to do this with me for years. He forever thought it was a huge waste of time and gas, but now with kids, its suddenly acceptable.

I'm not complaining! The kids loved it. We loved it. It was a fantastic night celebrating the few remaining days of the Season.

And it turned one of the worst days ever. Ok, maybe an exaggeration.... Into one of the best and one that I will cherish and my kids will cherish and my hubby will cherish for a lifetime!


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