Ramen Bloggles

So, I asked for it didn't I?

Whenever I find myself talking about wealth vs. poverty in my childhood I inevitably bring up the story of the one Christmas we were so poor my mother wrapped up canned food and Ramen Noodles.

I personally, much to my mother's chagrin, LOVE this story. People laugh until they cry. I laugh until I cry.

Think of it, a child, maybe about 10, wakes up Christmas morning, excited about presents and the day and all of the joy of Christmas, only to find boxes of Ramen Noodles wrapped with green bows and Cans and Cans of Vegetables in all of their Christmas Wrapped Glory.

Imagine that child's disappointment.

But more importantly imagine, three other children sitting around her, passing a gift to one another one at a time and watching each other open the packages of perishables with ten year shelf lives!

It makes quite the story, and paints this wonderful picture of exaggerated poverty.

The true story is that the Food Drive Donations were in fact for my older brothers, who were in fact the ones that were broke.

In fairness, I don't remember that in my child-like mind's eye. All I can see are gifts being torn open to reveal green beans and summer sausage.

But, my mother, being the gift giver, of course remembers the actual story, down to the last detail and therefore hates my reinterpretation!

But all of this begs the question, so after blogging about the circumstantial evidence what do you suppose I got for Christmas this year?

If you weren't already there, I'll fill you in: Ramen Noodles and Canned Corn.

I asked for it.

But the best part of it all, the delicate irony, now that I'm sitting nice and pretty right where my brothers were on that fateful Christmas so many years ago, I can actually appreciate it!

I was unpacking our gifts from yesterday's Christmas Festivities and when it came to the Ramen Noodles, Zach asked me what they were about. He had heard the story before and so I told him I blogged about it(Shocker, he doesn't read my blog. Haha.) and that this was payback from my mom.

He snatched the dry noodle packages from my hand and said, "Good, I need those."

I about died laughing.

It's all about perspective.

Its so funny how important gifts change colors over the years. My girls most favorite presents this year, in their blissful toddler-hood, are their new dolls and pillow pets(Which I know people, I don't get it either) and this seriously annoying piano/keyboard/princess thing my brother got them. (Oh and I don't feel bad calling it annoying, since he is the one who walked down the toy aisle looking, no, searching for the MOST IRRITATING toy he could find! I believe he found it.). Oh and their new Dora the Explorer Mechanical Toothbrushes!

Where my most prized presents are a Toaster Oven, since we now live Sans Microwave, a giant box of OxyClean(Oh man, I love that stuff. But it's expensive!) and a gift certificate so Zach and I can have a date night! Woot woot!

In hinds sight. Ok, in eye sight, since I'm staring at some pretty ugly pigs, I probably should have asked for a pedicure..... But that will just have to wait!

But the best present of all was from Zach: A brand new Shower Head for our shower. He's a genius that man. And obviously very romantic.

I read the Pioneer Woman's blog today and she got her husband a mattress.

That's what it boils down to in marriage. Don't give me diamonds. Seriously, don't ever give me diamonds, I refuse to buy into the materialistic nature of this world that perpetuates Gorilla Warfare, Drug-Addicted Children working their fingers to the bones in Diamond Fields and a Seriously, seriously, seriously corrupt market(And I'm not even talking about the Black Market Side of it.). Anyways, don't give me jewelry or spa treatments or frivolous whatever, get me something that's going to make my life better every single day. Such as a new shower head!

You don't understand our other one though. It shot straight sideways into the wall. Not down onto the person taking the shower, but at the wall. It was SO irritating. And I think I would curse it every time I got out of the shower. And I like my showers.

Well, when you only take them every three to four days you are bound to appreciate them.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

So anyways, this new Shower Head is like God's gift to Showers. Seriously, it is amazing and huge and has all of these different settings and feels kind of like heaven. And it might have me convinced to take a shower every day. Or every other day at the very least. :)

And it's a gift I would never have even thought to ask for. Hey, I'm Irish, I'll do something wrong forever. (That's a paraphrase from The Departed.)

Oh, plus for Christmas, my mother gave me really expensive, really nice shampoo and conditioner. I know, people, I know. Listen, you can't appreciate the extra stuff in life, if you don't have the necessities. And although my hair should have the expensive stuff ALL of the time, do you really think I'm going to spend my money on anything but the Walmart Aisle Sale Rack?

Hello, Tresemme was on this list of Ok-ed Shampoos for a friend of mines cousin who used to model, so that should tell you its good stuff.

Seriously, those are my standards.

Anyways the point is, with this new shower head that actually directs itself at my head and these nice shampoos I might just have good looking and normal hair by the end of all this.

Ok, we're not fooling anybody here.

But at the very least maybe it will be easier to comb through......

And that's what Christmas is all about! :)


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