Holy Blizzard Batman.

We are in a full on Blizzard.

Like total Nebraska-Middle-Of-A-White-Out-Little-House-On-The-Prairie style Blizzard.

Come one girls, grab onto the rope and lets try to find the car kind of blizzard.

It is nasty out. Windy, and gusty and awful.

And the thing is there really isn't that much snow yet. It's a blizzard because of the wind. It's shaking my house. And my bones. That's why after a long, long day out in it, I'm cuddled up in a blanket next the the roaring fire, refusing to move, or get up or leave this spot. Ever. At least for the rest of the night. Sorry girls, it's time to take care of yourselves for a change.

But I can't say that I hate it. We haven't really had anything to complain about so far this season and my hubby needs the snow money. Plus yesterday it was literally 53 degrees out.

And then BAM. Overnight everything changes and it's suddenly -8 below and a full on Blizzard.

You have to appreciate the weather to really enjoy living here. And by that I mean of course complain and moan about it, but secretly, at least for a day or a few hours or just one second, love it, down to your core kind of love it.

Let's be honest, Nebraskans are Extreme-Weather-Junkies. We appreciate Natural Disasters and Finger-Of-God type Destruction.

The bigger the better.

Give us a blizzard. Sure. It's part of the season, but we're not really happy until we're completely buried under 8 feet of snow and have beat out all other surrounding states for numbers of inches and power outages. Size really does matter around here.

Even Zach, who has to actually deal with the mess prefers the record breaking stuff to the conditions even States like North Carolina and Alabama can get.

And now that we're home with enough supplies (Yes, I said supplies) to last us at least a week, bring it on. Bring on the snow.

And if we need something, hey my husband drives a snow plow. We will find a way folks.

Plus, a blizzard is barely enough to keep us at home anyways. And by us, I mean anyone who lives in this blessed city.

We were out all day with basically the entire city of Omaha.

Dance, dance and more dance and then oh yea, Dance Pictures. We had to add a car seat to our car and between struggling to get the thing buckled and get all of the kids in the back seat by the time I could finally sit down in the driver's seat, both that and the front passengers seat had like two inches of snow on it.

I'm just thankful for a car I finally feel confident driving in that melee.

But we are finally home. Finally warm. And finally able to appreciate the blizzard.

So as darkness falls, you can all be assured I'll be unmoving, in the recliner, next to the fire, wrapped up in sweats and a blanket and content to let the weather reflect Christmas songs while I enjoy my hot chocolate and Harry Potter Marathon.

Oh and last night went fine. I feel like I should update you on the Christmas party since I was clearly so nervous about the mayhem before we left. Eyebrows under control, fingers and toes painted festively (Although, in reality it's obvious I need to leave it up to the professionals.....), hair, well, what can I say about my hair, but it was pinned up classic prom style and at least under controlled chaos and in the end I found something to cute.... well, ok, something to wear. I even pulled off my six inch hooker heels. (You know they're hooker heels when the only compliments you get on them are from guys, but let me tell you, I get a lot of compliments.)

We had a TON of fun. And for the first time ever came home with some serious cash prizes, plus a sweet coffee thermos with a push button sipper full of Hot Tamales. It was a great time with great people and I left feeling just grateful for the job Zach has.


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