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Happy Boxing Day!

In England today is known as Boxing Day.

It's a pretty big holiday, right next to Christmas and all, where the families "Box" up all of their old stuff they don't want anymore and throw it out.

Thanks for the cultural lesson?


Zach finds my knowledge of around the world traditions completely annoying, especially when I get on my whole kick of, "When I was here, we did this...." or if we're watching a movie and I shout out, "I've been there!"

I don't blame him. I am annoying.

But this Around the World Factoid didn't actually originate from my knowledge and travel experience.

This came from Zach.

Because not only do the English throw out their old stuff, every single team in the Premiership plays a game today.

Every single team.

That means, Zach was out of bed this morning at 6:00AM and I might not be able to get his attention again until after dinner tonight.

It also means that my girls are going to learn more about the rules of Football(yes, that's what we call it around here.) than most elementary aged children.

My favorite part is when the girls and Zach are running around shouting GOOOOOAL. Which only happens during one specific teams play, which happens to be on right now. The Great Manchester United.

And actually I should give him some more credit since he's watching the Red Devils and putting together the girls' new table and chair set.

Plus today we are celebrating our third Christmas with my side of the family, and since Mom has basic cable, the chances of Zach getting to watch every single game are highly unlikely.

Oh wait, we have DVR.

So I take it back.

We will have lots of soccer to catch up on when we get home today. Hooray.

Although, really, I don't mind.

I'm just excited about the day! 2/3's of my brothers will be there, with their respective girlfriends. (I'm just kind of happy they both have girlfriends. That I like, even! Haha.) And we get to celebrate Christmas ONE more time!

It seems crazy that it's already over!

Now I suppose we have to take the tree down.... And the nativity. Most of my decorations are Snowmen though. They make it all the way through winter! (Who do I think I am with Seasonal Decorations? Martha Stewart? What has happened to me????)

And I really have to start getting ready for this baby. Like this week, since I've given myself a deadline to have him by December 31st, I should probably buy his car seat. And his Ba-Ba(This is our number one purchase for the new babies around here. They must have a Ba-Ba.). And maybe some more clothes. And some boy colored pacifiers, just in case he's my first child to actually take a pacifier. And some diapers. Yes, some diapers might be good.

But it is sad. I mean Christmas being over and everything. I don't really like the early winter nights, but at least every one's Christmas Lights sparkling in the early evening, made up for it. Now it will just be darkness. Especially out here. I mean, it gets really, really, really dark. Like really dark. Like scary-horror-movie-dark. Like I-am-probably-about-to-crash-into-a-deer-at-any-second-because-I-can't-see-them-and-they-are-suicidal-dark.

I suppose New Years is something to look forward to, but lets face it, Zach and I haven't seen midnight in months, what makes me think a week from now will make a difference? In fact, it will probably be worse. The children will be tucking US into bed and counting down the clocks all by themselves!

Besides the one fantastic thing about New Years Eve is my Champagne Punch, but a whole lot of good that's going to do me this year! Boo.

PS, if you like Champagne. Which you need to love it. You just need to. Then I need to give you this recipe. It is A-Mazing. And if I can't enjoy it at least somebody can!

I suppose the magic of the Christmas Season is only magical because of how short it lasts. If it were Christmas every day, the day wouldn't nearly be so exciting.

And I would be broke.

More broke.

Plus every year gets better. Next year we will be buying boy presents for the first time, cars, and trains and things that are blue.

And there are more holidays to look forward to even before then.

I know this because Stella just asked me what comes next. As in after Christmas. And we talked about New Years and then she wanted to know what was after that. So we talked about Daddy's birthday and then her brother coming and then the month of February which is very special for the girls in this house and then she wanted to know what was after that.

I said, Well, I suppose Easter. Although really it's St. Patricks Day, but I don't imagine her getting as excited about the holiday as I do.

And then of course she asked, "What is Easter."

And I responded, not really thinking it through, "Well, that's the day we celebrate Jesus going to heaven."

To which she replied, being the smart three year old that she is, "But mommy, Jesus was just borned yesterday!"

Stop asking me questions! Apparently, I'll just traumatize you!

Anyways, I'm going to leave you with a picture of our celebration! Even though the picture is just a little bit blurry, This Christmas was just perfect.


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