We woke up to snow on the ground this morning!

A light dusting, nothing too heavy or that will really stick around.

I couldn't believe it. Usually I'm the Forecast Queen and can at least cover my bases for what it's maybe going to be like tomorrow. But last night, I missed the snow prediction all together. And so this morning, when Zach came back into the room to let me know snow was on the ground I was pretty excited!

Not excited enough to jump out from underneath my extremely warm covers, but excited enough to smile, close my eyes and roll over.

I actually expected it to all be gone when the girls and I woke up a half hour later. But it wasn't. In fact, it's still out there. Dusting the ground and my car and the trees a little bit. It's gloomy too, like the total gloom before snow falls. They are predicting rain, but I'm not so sure.

The funny thing is, I've been able to see all of my neighbors this morning for the first time.

The leaves are finally no longer the barrier between our driveway and the next house over. I can see through the hedge and behind us as well. But the reason I can see my neighbors is because apparently the dress code for winter out here is bright orange coats and hats.

Hunter safety first.

Apparently we didn't get the memo. The sad thing is, Zach totally has a super bright orange hunting coat, complete with camouflage detail and all.

At least one of us will fit in!

Also, I dreamed about snow the other night. I dreamt that we were covered in snow and it wouldn't stop coming down. And so Zach and I decided to go to India for a very long and extended trip. But on our way there, I won a $5,000 gift card to Target and I only had five days to spend it. But we were in a hurry to catch our flight and trying to fly through Target to spend $5,000 which was actually somehow harder than it should have been and the only items I even wanted to spend money on were the ones from my real grocery list back in reality.

I woke up and had to pee. And thought, that was a super weird dream.

But then when I fell back asleep, I just continued the trip to India and worrying about that $5,000.

It was bizarre.

But it did snow.

So now maybe I'll finally convince Zach to take me to India and then of course the next step would be winning $5,000 to Target.

A girl can dream.

Well, anyways, it's project time. I've got an entire room of boxes that I have to sort through. And these aren't just unpack and put away boxes. These are boxes that are literally from Zach and my childhood, um separate childhoods. That felt like it needed clarification. Like papers and books and keepsakes and trash and who knows what else.

I think most kids our age still have the luxury of storing those types of things at their parents houses. But both of ours couldn't have been more thrilled to push the clutter our direction. And now I have no idea where they are going to go. It's not like we really have any storage here.

I might really sort through it though and only keep the important stuff. Which will be hard to decide for Zach.... But if you don't remember you own it, then it probably wasn't all that important to begin with right?

No. I'm not that heartless. But seriously. The boy has boxes of sports trading cards. Football. Baseball. And Basketball. Back from when it was apparently cool to collect that stuff. What am I going to do with it all???

Of course, I don't even remember when it was cool to collect literally boxes of paper with people I'll never remember anything about faces on them. But hey, I'm just a girl.

And never been much of a collector at that.

Unless you count passport stamps. But even that has seemed to fade away in the last oh, since we've had children, I mean couple of years.....

And thanks to the EU, I didn't even get nearly as many stamps as I was owed.....

So enough procrastinating. Off to work I go. Pretty sure this is a hot chocolate day though, so maybe I'll heat myself up a cup of that before I really dig in! (On the stove of course. I wouldn't risk brain cancer from a microwave over a cup of hot chocolate....)


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