Well, I'm finally sitting down to write a full blog. At least this is my intention and I'm pretty damned and determined to do it.

I've sat down several times in the last week and only started sentences or titles, or sometimes just stared at an empty screen.

It's been one of those weeks.

You know, those God-awful weeks when you're pretty sure you'll see Jesus before it's over, either He's coming back for me or the blood clot to the brain threatening to send me straight to Him is finally going to explode.

And here we are the day before Thanksgiving and it seems as though I can see the end of this terrible week and there are things to look forward to. But most of all there are things to be thankful for.

Which is a lot coming from me at this point.

It started Friday night with the worst date night in the history of all date nights. (Not between Zach and me. No, some circumstances have the glorious blessing of bringing a couple closer together and Friday was one of those nights.)

I wish I were more honest. I wish I could just open up and vent. Ahem, I mean share. About all that went on. But I'm not. And you all know I hold things close to the chest.

So lets suffice it to say there was drama. I mean DRAMA. Personal drama. Family drama. Work Drama. So much drama I spent the next two days in tears. The weepy, sobbing, hysterical, running nose and puffy face type tears.


And also let me say this, I can be a pretty tough cookie. I can handle a lot. I can have a strong armor of defenses.......

However, all of those claims to a hard shell and no soul usually exist in circumstances not revolving around this 8 month pregnant mushy brain and an immune system that was about to get train wrecked by the flu. Ok.

So. There I was. Cuddling a box of tissues, double fisting peppermint ice cream and contemplating never leaving this farm again when Saturday morning rolls around. Oh yea, it had been a whole 12 hours.

Up I go to dance with the girls. I balled all the way there, so setting aside my third trimester puffiness, I looked like the pillsbury dough boy after walking face first through poison ivy. It wasn't pretty.

And there I am with all of these dance moms, pretending to be ok. Ok, I wasn't pretending, but I was at least trying to hold it together.

My morning was stressful enough trying to concretely deal with my Work Drama. Oy vey. I'm about to have a conniption. FYI.

But then as soon as dance was over, it was all pass the kids along to my mom(Who probably saved my life that day.), but my mom had to watch the girls because Zach threw his back out Friday really, but it hit him hard on Saturday, so he was completely incapacitated.

But then, I had a Salad Master Party. Which I did all by myself. And rocked.

And then I get this call from my new Salad Master Boss. Yes, I did say new. He was super super sick and needed someone to cover his evening party.

Um. Ok. I guess I can't really say no to you, since there were 11 people coming.....

The rest of the day was running from here to there, trying to get the kids back to Zach and then my mom helped me with the show.

Which, can I just say this, because it really irritates me. They didn't care about the show. They didn't care about anything but the Husker game. In essence, this lady got free catering for her Husker party.

I know. Smart. But it would have been wayyyy smarter had she wasted somebody else's time!

Anyways, we left and mom bought me a Subway sandwich, because I had been running around all day and had completely forgotten to eat anything.

During the Roasted Chicken Flatbread, I'm like, something's not right, I don't feel good. But I had to finish because it's not healthy for the baby, right?

Well, it wasn't a very good sandwich going to down or coming up, let me tell you. Bleh.

I literally got home at 10 PM Saturday after being gone since 9 AM and I sit down for 20 minutes and then I get hit with the Flu.

And not only me, but Stella too.

And it was awesome. And lasted thru Sunday.

And then my mom got it.

Oh and then Zach got it yesterday. He threw up all over a clients back yard. Haha. I mean, ahem, poor guy.....

But anyways, we've seemingly been dealing with drama after drama and Monday was a mad dash to get a million things done because Zach has family in town and they are coming here tonight and then I am hosting Thanksgiving for my family on Friday, so I needed the house to not only be spic and span, but totally unpacked and set up.

Ok, that shouldn't be an issue three months into living somewhere. But it was for me.

Oh and yesterday I woke up with a special little friend of mine called a UTI. Which, thank God I had some medicine for it at home, if I would have had to make a trip to the doctors while trying to clean, unpack, shop for Friday and take care of two kids and a sick husband with a basically broken back I might have just gotten in the car and drove to who knows where. I would have lost my mind.

But I made it. And I'm better. And I made this kick-ass Pumpkin Cream Pie, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. And my house looks really, really good and cute and festive. AND I get to make dinner, or most of dinner on Friday which I have never gotten to do before. And that really excites me.

Call me Suzie Home-Maker but I like to entertain and I like cook and bake and Martha Stewart it.

And I've never gotten the chance for a holiday yet. So we'll see how this goes.

But you know I'm going all out. Like seriously, all the way out.

Zach is in charge of the Turkey.

But my menu consists of: Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Corn Pudding, Apple-Cranberry Dressing, Smoked Gouda and Tomato Macaroni and Cheese, oh an a Pumpkin Cheesecake with the possibility of another Homemade Apple Pie thrown in there.

Whew. Are you ready for that?

I don't know if I am.

But I do know, that I am enjoying these few minutes of peace writing to the Internet universe or as Zach likes to remind me, to myself....., with my feet up, forgetting about the saga of drama in my life and choosing to be thankful for all of the rest of it.

And why shouldn't I, when steaks are on the menu tonight, and family is in town, and my computer room finally looks like the room I always wanted it to!


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