Harry Blogger and the Deathly Hallows

Who's excited for this movie to come out??? I know I am!

I know. I'm a nerd. But these are some of the few movies that actually do the book somewhat of justice.

I mean, it's no BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, but it's still a fantastic job.

I have this problem. This brain problem.

It started over the weekend, and it is seriously affecting my work productivity around this household.

I think I have ear infections. And the fluid on my ears is causing this constant lightheaded-dizzy-nausea-vomiting-feeling that I can't shake. It's awful. Terrible, in fact. Plus I'm over-hearing. You know that feeling where it feels like you can hear even the air swirling around your already fuzzy head? And you can hear your own voice and breathing and it almost hurts to hear that much?

I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I hadn't assumed ear infections. I of course, had assumed the worst. Suddenly super high blood pressure and the only diagnosis was bed rest for the next three months. And then I would kill myself.

But the nurse suggested ear infections with fluid on the ear. And she made me promise to tell the doctor about it.

I love my doctor. I need to say that. I mean, actually, I don't really believe you can LOVE your doctor. The time with them is always so awkward and forced and especially horrible when we're talking OB's. BUT as far as doctors go, I think I'm the happiest with him that I ever would be. If that makes sense.....

Anyways, usually he's a really good listener.

Tuesday? Not so much.

I'm explaining my fainting feeling and how it's making me unable to function and blah blah blah and he starts talking to me about eating smaller meals, more often.

I'm like, um, ok, we're not talking low blood sugar here. Although, let me tell you that has become a serious, serious problem as of lately.... But anyways, at least I know what that is about.

And I'm telling him, it's the worst in the morning and I am expecting him to confirm the nurse's diagnosis, you know, well that's because you were just lying down all night and with the fluid on your ears shifting once you get up in the morning that's where those feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness are coming from.

But after I assure him, although Low Blood Sugar has been a problem, but this is not it, he then diagnosis me with standing or sitting too long in one position. Yes, he says that if I stand or sit in one position too long all of the blood pools in my legs and drains from my brain.

Ok, first of all, I don't know if it's the pregnancy making me queasy but this diagnosis totally grosses me out! Please,when I'm already feeling faint and weak do not start talking about pooling blood and brain draining.

Ugh. Awful.

And it was one of those conversations where I'm trying to interrupt him to just say, Um, there is no way in the world down under that I stand or sit in one position for too long. Hello. I have two kids at home. Plus I'm in the middle of this massive unpacking project. Plus, I'm doing these cooking shows three times a week. The last thing I'm doing is living this motionless lifestyle.

I kind of wish that was the problem....

But he wasn't having it.

He had made up his mind on why I was about to tip over, off of the examining table and straight onto my fuzzy head.

So. I, likewise, made up my mind.

I'll take the nurse's diagnosis, thank you very much.

The good news is, that ear fluid eventually goes away.

The bad news is, I have a whole ton of work to get done and can't sit around waiting for my ears drums to drain.

And every morning I wake up determined to fight through the uncomfortableness. And every morning I feel myself reeling, grabbing onto the nearest sturdy structure or wall, or child's pigtail to steady myself and focus my vision.

Which is the whole reason I'm blogging right now, instead of diving straight into the computer room and conquering the chaos.

I usually find my permanent bearings around late afternoon and evening, but by then I'm so exhausted from doing nothing except cooking this baby that suppers usually the last of the chores I'm able to accomplish.

Meanwhile, next week continues to draw nearer and I'm going to have to entertain with a dirty house and rooms full of boxes of trash.

Sounds awesome.


I'm very, very close to just hiring the jobs done. Someone to come organize my computer room, someone to come sort through the 100's of boxes of girls clothes, deciding what's keepsakes, what's give-away, what's goodwill and what's worth saving, just in case I have another girl, somewhere down the line.... way, way, way, way down the line. And then I finally need someone to come clean this whole damn house.

Any volunteers?


I didn't think so.

Dang it.

Maybe if I really, really, really make a wish and mean it, little house elves will make themselves at home here and get busy doing all the work during the night!

Oh why can't I live in a Disney Movie? Then at least the mice in this house would be useful!


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