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Last night Zach and I had a date.

It wasn't a long date, and it wasn't even particularly romantic.

It was Harry Potter.

We can't help it, we love it, him, them, all of it. And since we didn't make it to the midnight premier we have been dying to go ever since.

So yesterday my mother said yes, to the ever dreaded, "Will you babysit?" question and off we went.

I grabbed my furry boots and box of tissues and Zach grabbed a medium Mr. Pibb from Concessions.

It was wonderful. We loved every minute it of it. And I don't think I'm patient enough to wait for the second. My fingers may be busy at work today googling the bootleg copy I know exists out there in the unknown Internet Universe since the second half is already filmed.

We went to an early movie for several reasons. The first being that the 5pm showing is cheaper than the later ones. The second being, that way my mother didn't have to drive out to our place and put the kids to bed, since we would be going in to town anyways. The third and final being, we've stopped being able to appreciate the city and prefer to stay cuddled up, hidden away in our little private corner of the world and so a late night in the city sounded both exhausting and unappealing.

I should mention too that the box of tissue was not in fact for my over emotional state of mind, although I could have cried at a number of different places throughout the entire movie and maybe, maybe I actually shed a tear once, or twice or four times.... But in fact, they were for this nasty head cold I contracted out of no where. You know, the kind where your nose goes raw after one day because you have a constant post nasal drip and you sneeze every ten seconds and your head is fuzzy and your ears are either not hearing enough or hearing way too much depending on the amount of time it's been since you last sneezed. One of those.

So anyways, after the perfection of the movie we were hungry. We may have changed our lifestyles drastically but that doesn't mean we are eating at senior citizen times, we're way too cheap to buy any food at the movie theater and on top of it all the movie was a good three hours long between previews, the actual viewing and then the potty break at the end.

So we picked up the kids, and headed for our favorite take out Chinese restaurant.

I demand fried rice whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

Of course by this time it was going on 9:30 and well past my children's bedtime. So I ordered a dinner sized meal of Spicy Chicken Lo Mein, A family size Hot and Sour Soup (which also happens to be the perfect medicine for a cold...) and one Crab Rangoon (My favorite. Unfortunately also my kiddos favorite.).

Oh those kiddos.

I should tell you they love Chinese food. LOVE IT. Any of it, and all of it.

They were less than happy with us when we informed them we would not be sharing our meal and that it was bedtime.

And by less than happy, I think the whole event might be the root cause for their adult therapy sessions later on in life.

So when they awoke this morning and the empty brown bag was still sitting on the counter, they threw temper tantrums reminiscent of the atom bomb exploding at the end of World War 2.

Chants of We Want Chinese Food, We Want Chinese Food could be heard for miles and white signs with tan wooden sticks popped up from nowhere as they walked in a circular picket line around our kitchen.

I know. It's awful.

What's worse is that we gave in.

Out came the left over containers from which we dumped the remaining fried noodles and cold chicken into one respective Dora the Explorer bowl and one Princess bowl, and quickly, without hesitation, deposited them onto the table, with two pairs of permanent chop sticks and then high tailed it to the other room to watch the destruction from a distance.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble" comes to mind....

And if you think that's bad parenting....

What's worse is that when they were still hungry even at the end licking their fingers and their bowls we served them Pumpkin Pie and Whip Cream.

And the Award for Worst Parent of the Year goes to.....

Drum Roll please.


At least I know its a problem. I'm willing to admit that I was wrong.


I feel so unmotivated today and it's turning into a real problem for me. What I would really like to do is get out all of the Christmas Decorations and hang them up. A lot of them I haven't even seen for years and years because I didn't really decorate at my moms house. She had her own and since it was originally just supposed to be for one year.....

Well, you know how that story turned out.

Anyways, I can't even remember everything I have.

But this tunnel vision and fuzzy cloud that has surrounded my head is keeping me from the one exciting thing I had planned for today.


We'll see. We will see if I find the motivation to decorate the house for the holidays I am so excited for or if this turns in to an Ann of Green Gables marathon type 24 hours and I stay in my pajamas drinking my concoction of orange juice and ginger ale, hugging my box of tissue and breathing out of my mouth.


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