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I need a bottle of wine tonight.

You heard me. Not a glass, not a sip, not a stare down at Zach as he enjoys as much as is responsible for his back-to-work-still-on-vicadin-self.

Nope, today I need an entire bottle. Just for myself. Thank you very much.

Of course I won't indulge. (Or at least I'll disclaim on the world wide web and cover my tracks from CPS..... JK.)

It's been one of those weeks. Those stressful, I'm tired of the world, kind of weeks. And not so much the world. But idiots. I'm tired of idiots.

I should be more careful with throwing around the word like "Idiot." Let's see. This week, I've screwed up macaroni and cheese(It should be impossible.), forgotten anything important I was supposed to do, such as set out the frozen chicken so Zach and I could eat dinner tonight before 9:00 PM. (It's not going to happen.), put my clothes on backwards.... twice, forgotten to wash my hair in the shower, forgotten to wash my children's' hair, fallen asleep at 9:00 PM and successfully forgotten what else I've forgotten.

Plus, I've watched my ankles swell up like balloons and reached the statute of limitations on heart burn.

Oh pregnancy.

And now it's keeping me from a bottle of wine.

A whole one. For just me.

One day......

Ok, I'll be finished complaining now. I bet you wish I had had that bottle too! Haha.

So we are officially all the way moved in to our house. I know. Two and a half months later..... But still, thanks in the last part to a need at OCA met by my mother and in return high schoolers in need of community service that finished loading up the last of the boxes and deposited them in our room now designated solely for boxes. Both full ones and empty ones.

That project I mentioned the other day. Somehow I never got to it. Somehow other things got in the way....

So that back room needs some serious TLC. Holy Cow.

Tomorrow we will try again. Lets hope for the best!

That's kind of all I got. I was trying to think of something positive to end on, but I'm coming up short.

This is why I need to only do morning blogs. At the end of the day, exhaustion takes over and nice thoughts are replaced with tired, cynical ones.

I will say this. Thursday night is the best night for TV ever. Thank Goodness Dish got FX back. Holla.


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