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So today, I solemnly swear not to wax philosophical or make this thing nearly as long as yesterday!

Holy cow.

Feel encouraged?

No. Me either.

Oh and about our rodent problem. Our land lord has set up traps all around our property and promised to bring some over for inside the house too. Oh goody. Dead mice.

And now. I'm not PETA. There is no way on this green earth I'm going to just trap them and set them free. If you think for one second those lucky bastards aren't going to look me in the face give me a thank you very much and turn right around and book it for my kitchen, then you are crazy.

There's one game plan here. And that is to kill and destroy.

Well, I will blog about it. I don't actually have any real guts to kill the little buggers myself.

The only thing that matters is that they're gone. There is a cat that lives downstairs and he is supposed to be the one killing them, but I think he's too preoccupied chasing down bunnies.

Leave the defenseless but cute forest creatures alone and only go after the defenseless gross ones that are trying to co-habitate with me!

Also, Zach just went to war with about a bazillion of those Japanese Lady Bug demons. They were all over our windows in the dining room when we came home today. All over! So, he got his sword, AKA the fly swatter, and went to work.

Too bad those suckers know how to play dead. It was way more work than should have been for people that live inside!

This is all my life has come down to. Survival. This is what Darwin was talking about, survival of the fittest.

And unfortunately this is all country life seems to be about: Battling the forces of evil in our very own kitchen/dinning room.

I don't know if I'm going to make it.


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  1. get some outdoor cats.....that is a GREAT idea!