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No, I'm not admitting to adultery via the blog title. I am dying however, to see that new movie loosely(I mean, seriously Loosely.) based off of it: Easy A.

Yes, I am still in middle school.

Although I'm pretty sure, my mother NEVER would have let me see it back then. Maybe that's the reason I'm obsessed with all of these smutty teenage soap operas, it's like a repressed inner rebellion I had to wait until my mid twenties to act out. Yikes. Sounds like I need some serious therapy....

Anyways. If I actually knew people to go see it with me and I didn't have like more responsible things to do and I didn't think going to a movie would be depleting the food out of my children's mouth, I would have seen it already!

Ok, maybe this is all an exaggeration. Except for the part that I don't have anyone to go with me! I can't responsibly take my sisters in law. And I'm pretty sure everyone else I know is more mature than that.....

So. I'll wait. I guess. Until I can rent it or something.

The Bible Study I'm apart of on Thursdays actually used this movie as a topic of discussion. They talked about how awful our culture is today and how they couldn't believe this was an actual topic of a movie geared for teenagers and middle schoolers. And the whole time I kept my mouth shut, because even if there is no way in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks I would ever let my middle school girls, or boy for that matter, go see a flick like that. I myself would. And love every single minute of it!

Today I had my six month doctors appointment! Holy Cow! Can you believe I'm that far along already?

Sure you can. What does it matter to you? Ha.

But I can't. This pregnancy is flying by and I haven't even had enough time for proper freak out moments realizing I'm bringing another life form into this world.

Oh we have a name picked out by the way.


Yes, that's right. We let Stella pick it out and now both her and Scarlett refer to their baby brother as Boots.

We're kind of hippy-ish....Right? We can pull it off.... Or not.

Darn it. If it did work, that sure would have taken the pressure off of Zach and me. Now I suppose we have to do all of the work.

And by that, I mean even start the work! We haven't even seriously started to try to come up with names! At all....

Oh well. I'm sure we'll come up with something. Or if we don't, we always have Boots.

Do you know what's really weird? Dance moms. I mean the whole concept of interacting with moms at dance.

We are thrown together all because our children are the same age or skill level and sit or stand near each other for 45 minutes to an hour three times a week and chit chat about the weather or developmentally where the children are or where the best kids sales are or blah blah blah and I don't even know their names. Sometimes I don't even know their kids' names, but for sure I never know theirs.

Every day it's like, "Hey, how are you, commence the small talk and semi-substantial conversation, oh your daughter looks so cute in her tutu or where did you get her hair bows or oh my gosh, she's getting so good." Or whatever they heck we say to each other and then we leave with promises to see each other in a few days and I have no idea what their first names are, let alone their last names.

Which ok, you can get away with that the first few months or even maybe the first year, but now I'm going into the second year of being around the same moms and I still don't know their names! Or even really anything about them.

Which that part I'm fine with because they don't know anything about me either. Thank God.

But still its weird. Especially because we're there soooo often. And my one real friend is of course Lindsay, but she's always teaching dance, so I can't very well chit chat with her!

What's awful is, I know when the kids go off to school its going to be even worse! They're going to be invited to play dates and sleep overs and all kinds of stuff and I'm not going to know the parents at all, let alone what their names are!

Ugh. My future is just this awkward mess of more awkward conversations and small talk. Which, really, I am perfectly happy to just leave that out of my life completely.

Most of my friends have kids. And I like my friends. Can't I just only set up play dates with them for the rest of the kids lives?

No? Boo.

And as if to prove my point, tomorrow is another dance day and just more opportunity for bizarre dialogue, while I try to get around saying the other moms names and of course, you know me, so the conversation will always be filled with inappropriate and offensive comments from me.

Like the other day, when I declared that my mother in law liked the name Zane Zachary for a boy, but I didn't because Zane seemed way to popular and mainstream for babies these days. And the mom next to me, holding her newborn son, said "Oh, I love the name Zane and since we heard about it years ago, I already had the name Camden Zane picked out years before he was born."

Insert foot into mouth.

I think I recovered with something like, Oh, I know I just love it and Camden is the cutest name I've ever heard(Which that is a super, super cute name. And really, I think Zane is a super cute name, but I just don't see Zach and I using it. I like it a lot, but you know how it goes.... Why I had to say anything at all is beyond me!). But it was awful. Completely awful!

And that's my future. It's only going to get worse as I get older.

My poor kids. I'm the embarrassing mom, I can already feel it.


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  1. LOL!!!!! 1. I want to go see Easy A SOOOO dang bad... however Wall Street and The Town have won the last 2 weekends, but this week, I refuse to let the Social Network win so I guess I'll drag Lulu along to see it! Hahaha! What?!?! She won't know what's going on!! So come on! I love Jules!!! 2. I love you and your dance moms talk!! Lol!!! You're better than me! I don't even pretend to make small talk with them! 3. I've never heard the name Zane before... and I love it!! :)