Dances with Blogs

Ok, I realize that one is kind of a stretch.... As far as country themed and all. But who doesn't love an old school Kevin Costner movie? At least we can thank him for not going crazy. (Ahem, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise.)

My fave though is Robin Hood. Love it.

Anyways, I had very high aspirations to make this a Sunday afternoon blog. I mean, I was totally planning on it. But then a wonderful and much needed nap got in the way so..... I can at least claim this entry to be coherent however, where as if I would have skipped the nap, I wouldn't have been able to make any promises.

I don't know how one life can be so busy. And I kind of hate it. I think I was really meant for Island Life. Like huts and banana trees and lounging around all day every day.

There's no life like that? There's no such thing as Gilligan's Island? Shoot.

Anyways, today was finally a day of nothing. And by that I mean we attempted to go to church, but pulling into the parking lot 25 minutes late with a sleeping Scarlett was not our ideal circumstance for tardiness.

I don't know what took us so long to get there. I thought we were all ready in plenty of time to make the drive, but then Zach took the highway instead of the interstate, (Yes, we have those options on how to get into town....) and then he was worried about a back tire being low on air, so we had to stop at the gas station, and then I had to go inside and make change for the air machine (Which who by the way, makes you pay for air????? Rip off.) and then we had to fill the tire, that I still am suspicious wasn't really low in the first place.

It sounds like Zach was taking his time on purpose, doesn't it? Hmmm........

Actually this morning totally reminded me of this book my mom bought me when I was little: Theodore Bump, You're Late For Church!

Fantastic and pretty much my life story! But in the story, Theodore Bump is late for church because he stops to pick up the wayward souls and vagabonds along the way. But he makes it eventually and then all of those lost sinners find Jesus.

Instead of doing that, we blew off church for the Pumpkin Patch.

Hey. We're only human. And we hadn't gotten to do anything fun all weekend. Running from here to there constantly, I hadn't even been the one to put my kiddos to bed since Monday night. How awful is that?

So the Pumpkin Patch was just what we needed and then of course, while Zach went to play in his weekly soccer game, the girls and I cuddled up and took a long, heavenly, perfect Sunday afternoon nap.

So now here I am, awaiting Boardwalk Empire(Which I highly recommend to everyone) and typing my little heart out.

We're so busy of course, because of Salad Master. But the good news is that I am already to party number 23, and only have 7 more to go! Hooray!!

That is until the set Zach and I paid for gets reimbursed. That is until I finally finish the whole reason I got into this mess to begin with!

It's hard to say whether we will continue our employment with the good old SM. Or if we will walk away from yet another semi-business venture.

I make decent money. That is, I would make decent money if I could ever get paid for what I've sold. Geesh. That's really the root of the problem. Working for Yahoos.

I should complain, because I know it's not all his fault. But........ I need to blame somebody.

The other part is that it's kind of weird to go into people's houses that you don't know and start a quasi relationship with them. Either to get them to host another party or become your "client." It's just bizarre.

Take last night for example. The party consisted of a sever Bipolar, and angry, very bitter, very kind of scary and opinionated woman, a lesbian couple, a former alcoholic and then three of those women were also severely OCD. I've also had a party with an ex-convict, actually two ex-convicts(one of which murdered his own father. BUT, I need to disclaimer here that he was the sweetest guy and really, really funny. Go figure.), and who knows what else.

Everyone has been just unbelievably nice though! Especially the above list of people.

People surprise you. And there is certainly every walk of life out there. I just didn't expect to meet them all by selling pots and pans.

Do you know what I love to do? Speaking of different people. I love, Love, LOVE to tell people how to live their lives. I mean, I'm actually pretty good at it. (Feel free to laugh!) The truth is, I actually think I'm really good at it.

It's not only the truth. It's a ma-ja problem (That was my shout out to Posh Spice. Becks and the 10,000/night hooker has to be giving her an awful time right now....).

Anyways, I truly believe that when you live you're own life without any advice from anyone you don't see the big picture. As people we get wrapped up into our own selfish wants that often we can't look up from staring at our own stupid feet to see the world around us.

I love getting advice, and I have great friends who (I think....) can share advice with mutually and help each other make the best, most informed decisions. Whether it's between when to put a child in pre-school, or where the best super market is to this is how we save money or we like this kind of car.

But one of my favorite things to do is prey on the younger generation. Ugh. I made a lot of mistakes growing up. A. Lot. But experience is the best teacher and I would hate to see someone else go through those same trials.

The thing about people though, is sometimes they don't listen. Sometimes they willfully choose to be stupid and make the worst mistakes. I mean. The Worst.

And it's their own fault. All they would have to do is listen to my brilliant advice, and they would be able to fly through life, avoiding miserable and costly mistakes.

Really. Who do they think they are?

And it's always the young ones. You know, the ones who think they have it all figured out. Not that I was EVER that person (Cough cough) but seriously, when I tell you to do something. Just do it.

I think I'm going into life coaching. Why not. At least then all these little gems of life-changing-brilliancy wouldn't be wasted on deaf ears. Those people would pay to hear my morsels of motivation and suck up every bit of it.

Who would pay for that you ask?

I have no freakin' clue. But there has to be somebody.

Ugh. It really makes me sick though, watching these people, no I don't mean people, I mean idiots and one in particular throw their lives away because basically, when it boils down to it, they didn't listen to me, they chose to do whatever stupid thing they wanted and now I have to watch them suffer for it.

You don't have to believe that I'm the authority on everything. That's fine. I don't either. But I like to pretend that I am. And when I say to do something. Freaking do it.

That was a tangent. You should hear me go on and on about the dangers of microwaves. I make all my dinner parties! Hahaha. (Evil laugh.)

Final random thought of the night. Didn't I tell you this would be coherent? I lied.

I love Fall. LOVE IT. By far, my favorite season! But, if I have to be terrified out of my mind one more time just because somebodies idea of spooky entertainment comes on, I'm going to pee my pants. Not an exaggeration. Some of you might be able to sit through previews of "Let Me In" or "Case 39" but I can't even type their titles without getting shivers of fear. Not to mention the dark abyss that becomes our neighborhood when the sun goes down. There's no street lights out hear. I live in a world of darkness.

And that's that.


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  1. Friday night Stella said to me, "Mommy said, 'I'm in charge'"....I wonder where she gets THAT from!