Little Blog on the Prarie

I know you were waiting for it! I mean the country-themed blog titles. And if you weren't waiting for it before, you might as well now because believe me they're coming.

Especially since all I've had to do for the past several weeks is come up with blog titles in my head. Yes, that's all. I mean, aside from packing, moving, unpacking, adjusting to country life, my daily chores(That's what country people call housework....), buying a car, being pregnant and oh yea, the whole Salad Master job thing.

So clearly I've been busy. But really, not busy enough not to blog. The problem with that whole thing is no Internet!

I know. I know. Who, these days, doesn't have the Internet?

Well, apparently us. But it didn't last long. Believe me. We were totally about to lose it. We don't even get cell reception out here and combine that with no Internet we were going crazy! Listen, we are not from one of those generations that walked three miles to school and watched black and white TV ok. We use technology. All the time.

Plus, I already said we don't get cell reception, I needed to at least be able to email 911! (Ok, totally not an option yet, but I know you're all thinking that was a brilliant idea! Right? When are the police going to get online? Seriously, think about it just for a second. You're in a bank. You can't make a call. But you already happen to be surfing the web, checking out the scores of the game, or better yet facebook and suddenly there's guns and guys in ski masks. Hello! Your quick little fingers could totally have time to send out an email or a text message before things got too scary!)

So now. I can blog. Which I will do for real tomorrow. I'm tired. It's late. Zach and I didn't even eat dinner until 10. Partly do to the fact that I literally set our corn on the cob on fire. Yes. I did. Don't worry, Stella already chewed me out for making the house smell bad.

I also burned cheese dip into charcoal.

Tonight was not my night.

Let's blame it on the baby.


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Stumbled across your blog. I'm glad you got internet access and can sympathize with your cell reception issues. I highly recommend you look into getting a signal booster. The YX10 is a good choice for your situation but you might want to call in for more suggestions specific to your cell phone carrier.


  2. Hey thanks! My husband and I have been talking about getting one, but weren't sure if they would really live up to their promise. We definitely need to get something soon though, there is nothing more frustrating than bad reception! You must be in the middle of nowhere as well!??