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So right now. A little later than I had originally planned might I add. I am writing. And let me tell you. It's glorious.

Scarlett is quietly chowing down on GoldFish. Or Goal-Fiz as she calls them. And Stella is working on school. Home School, via my phone. We will move to books in a minute. Hey the hand-eye and finger coordination is fantastic and it's puzzles ok. iPhone equals the best thing to happen to parenting ever. And that's a big deal coming from me; the girl who refuses under principal to get a DVD player in the car. Although Lindsay assures me I will have no other choice after kid number three. I think I believe her.

And outside its down pouring. Complete thunderstorm. I need to post pictures because out here, the weather just adds to the beauty of where we live!

And really, I would post pictures, but my camera charger is somehow lost in the move and I can't figure out how to upload pictures from my iPhone. (PS I realize that's the second plug for Apple this Blog. No, I'm not being sponsored, but seriously how sweet would that be??)

Anyways, everything is SO green out here. And there are no other houses that you can see from where we live. Which in itself is kind of crazy. We are seriously in the country.

Before we moved out here, we would tell people we were only a little ways out, even if I exaggerated by calling this place the Farm, which I still tend to do. But we would talk the place up as though we are only minutes from the city and in Omaha it's only a 15-20 minute drive anywhere you go. Blah, blah, blah.

Little did we know..... Like we are out here. We are actually closer to Fort Calhoun than Omaha. We don't get any cell phone reception. There aren't any convenient grocery stores nearby or even gas stations! I can't hear tornado sirens unless I'm standing outside my house, listening really, really, really good.

Our neighbors shoot their guns off constantly. And by neighbors, I mean, I don't even really know where they live, I just hear gun shots all the time. Especially on the weekends. Mostly at night. I just need to interject here that we actually live in a very nice country area. The houses around us are actually way nicer than the one we live in and ours is nice. It was built in the 80's and hasn't been updated really, but still it's a nice house. The houses around us aren't like trailer parks, with hill billies sitting on a couch outside drinking Schlitz and shooting off their shot guns. Ok, maybe they're drinking Schlitz. But there's no outdoor furniture that belongs indoors around here.

So anyways, here I am. Wayyyy out in the country. And we've totally had to adjust to life. It's not like the city and why I thought it would be just like living in a house in the city is beyond me.

We don't have a garbage disposal. Do you know what that means? I mean there is no chance for one. Ever. So we have to compost everything. And holy cow. It's a lot of work. I know I'm complaining about something that most of the world just does on a regular basis, but I've been spoiled with garbage disposal for the last three years. And even before that Zach and I didn't have one for the first two years of marriage, but we just scraped everything into the trash. You can't do that here either! The animals and critters and coyotes and what not will get into your trash. So everything goes into this gross little ice cream bucket under my sink and then, Zach (yes, of course I make Zach do it. Are you kidding me?) takes it out to the garden or apple orchard or where ever and disposes of it! Can you even believe I just used the words garden and apple orchard possessively in the same sentence. This is what I mean. Who am I?

And then the animals come. And out here the animals are huge! The rabbits alone are ginormous! Even Zach will back me up. I'm not exaggerating. They are bigger than any rabbits I've ever seen! I'm used to tiny little city bunnies. These rabbits could swallow one of my children whole if they weren't vegetarians! The rabbits, not my children.

Also we didn't have Internet forever. And that sucked. But enough said about that. I'm sure you can imagine.

The store is a once a week trip for us. And forget eating out. Although we would have given that up anyways thanks to Salad Master and our whole new approach to life. Ugh. That's a whole different blog in itself. It's too exhausting for today. Tomorrow I'll tell you what it's like living without a microwave.

Sneak Peak: It sucks.

But there are great things about living out here too. It was So time to move on from where we lived before. I love my mother. And I'm worried about her now. But oh I cannot tell you what it's like to live in a place with daylight and windows! (Do I sound like I was in prison? I wasn't but a basement definitely has similar qualities!)

It was definitely a process though. Getting here. Holy Cow. I don't think I'll ever move again. It's just SO much work. And we're not even all the way moved in yet. I still have crap(And that's exactly what it is: Crap.) in two other houses besides this one. At least all of our boxes are put away here. Everything here I've unpacked. Mind you we probably have another whole trailer of stuff yet to come, but one step at a time......

There is just so much to talk about. I don't even know where to start. Obviously, I'm all over the place.

I guess my point is that although country life is an adjustment, it's worth it. We LOVE it.

And I guess I'll end it there. Not much to say because really, I have so much to say. About Salad Master. About moving. About buying a new car. Oh, did I tell you we bough a new car? Well, new for us, but it's only a 2005, so we feel pretty good about that. And it's nice. It's really, really nice. I call it the Milano. But Zach assures me that's only a Cookie. It's actually called the Murano. But Milano is such a cute little nickname. (I say this after telling people for three days we bought a Milano. No wonder they looked at me, like congratulations, they're on sale at Target for $2.50.) I'll tell you the story tomorrow because it's kind of a doozy. I want to talk about the little boy as in, we're having a boy! And the million other things that have been floating around in my head, but impossible to organize as of lately. Much like today!

So until then just picture me in my long cotton skirt and white wrap around apron and bonnet, milking cows and shucking corn, which actually isn't too far from the truth.... Save for maybe the cows and the bonnet. I'm not really much of a bonnet wearer.



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