BlogWalk Empire

I know you were expecting something country-themed, but we're catching up with the DVR.

Have you seen it? Boardwalk Empire? You need to. It's a good one.

So. I think I need to lower my expectations for this whole blog thing. What used to happen daily is looking more and more like weekly.... if I'm lucky. Disappointing...... at least for myself, but better than nothing.

Besides I'm pretty confident my last posts would have gone something like, I'm very tired today. Today I'm exhausted. Oh my word I'm sleepy today. I have a bazillion things to do today and I'm very, very, very, very, very tired.

Get the picture? It's not a pretty one.

Our lives have been a whirlwind lately and I can barely keep up.

The crazy thing is we are even up before 6:30 to carpool Zach to work and come back home to start our own busy agenda of errands. Even our weekends have been non-stop.

We can't handle it. Not only does it make for cranky kids, and tired parents, but Scarlett actually ended up with Strep Throat over the last week! And can I just say that she is not like Stella. The poor child doesn't have the pain tolerance of my first born. Strep throat has basically been the black plague to the child and even three days into an antibiotic she still can't see the bright side of life.

It's pretty pathetic.

Well, today was much better than all of that. We took it easy. And even had friends over for lunch! I kind of used them as guinea pigs to experiment a Salad Master Lasagna I'm supposed to be able to do when I deliver a set of cookware.

It turned out surprisingly good. It's even meatless.

And of course it's good for you. All Salad Master food is good for you. The whole life style is good for you. It's definitely changed Zach and my lives. All for the better. Blah. Blah. Blah, but being healthy is certainly inconvenient.

No wonder Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in America, it's easy to eat crap. Super easy. And handy. And fast. And all the things healthy food is not.

Healthy food, other than being healthy is a pain in my ass. My gradually decreasing and shrinking ass, but all the same it's a bother.

And then throw in all the stipulations, can't use a microwave. Can't eat fast food on the run. Have to cut back on soda because it's killing me and don't even get me started on drinking it out of an aluminum can. We've cut oil out of our lives as well. It's just a lot of work. A lot of freaking work.

Don't get me wrong, I feel great. And I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy, although the baby is plenty big I've been told and seemingly very healthy. But geez louise. I feel like I'm actually Laura Ingalls! Pretty soon Zach is going to be physically hunting our dinner and I'm going to be skinning and gutting the darn creatures. There's plenty of turkeys around here, I know this because I am constantly slamming on the breaks to keep from hitting them, if Turkey didn't actually completely gross me out, Zach could for sure hunt those.

Anyways. So here we are embarking on an entirely different way to live and all I can do is complain. But seriously, if I start talking about buying our own chickens and milking goats please slap me back to reality!


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