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It's only Tuesday. But I don't want today to end.

I don't feel ready for the rest of the week. To be honest, I don't feel ready for the rest of my life.

There are so many things I could talk about and truthfully I don't really know where to begin because my brain is thinking of all of them.

I did learn something this week. Or rather RE-learn something. I need To Do Lists to survive! If I don't have my jobs and chores and errands and whatnot organized on a piece of paper numbered with small boxes for checking off then I literally go crazy.

My brain literally can't turn off and I end up spilling all of my thoughts to Zach at 1 in the morning after waking him from a dead sleep after tossing and turning for hours and mentally writing and re-writing that damn To Do List over and over in my head. Poor Zach then becomes more stressed out than I ever was and totally overwhelmed in a list of chores that he wouldn't even know how to go about starting.

Which is exactly what happened Sunday night.

The poor guy.

So yesterday, I decided, before I could even begin working on the actual To Do List, I needed to write it.

So I did.

It took me literally all morning. ALL MORNING. Thank you children. I didn't even start my chores until 6 pm last night. Although, it's amazing what you're able to do when you're husbands home to watch your kids!

I mean, once I had help I was checking things off, right and left! It felt amazing.

Zach and I might not have eaten dinner until 9:30, but I made progress on the To Do List and that's all that matters. Well that and then that bedtime went the way it's supposed to go!

Ugh. But there is a LOT going on in the Higginson House these days.

And I'm not even talking about getting ready for another baby.

I've started my whole new job thing. And that is exhausting. I don't really like to work.... Just so you know. :)

But actually I really believe in this stuff. Like, I want to do an after school special about it! Stop eating with your pots and pans that are poisoning you and throw your microwave away!!! :) But that's besides the point.

And then on top of that we're moving.

Have I told you that yet?


Yesterday I could have told you exactly what day and where we were moving. But now I'm not so sure. For lots of different reasons(And by reasons, I mean People.) our moving destination might change. So I can't really give you more details until we figure it out, because I have absolutely NO idea.

But still! We are moving!!! In less than a month! Wow. That in itself is an endless To Do List.

But believe me, I'm not even going to begin the task without massive amounts of To Do Lists and massive amounts of little boxes to check off and a sharpie pen to make my point clear and notebooks full of paper to write and re-write all of those millions of tasks it will take to get us up and out of here.

Yikes. Maybe we won't move after all. It's the afternoon and I need my shot of B-12 because I'm feeling wayyyy to lazy to accomplish any of this!

I don't think I have.


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