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Well, this feels like old times. I'm up early. The kids have already had breakfast and are playing. Or sort of playing. They were playing really nice together but that only lasted for like five minutes.

They've run out of the ability to like each other and are satisfied to fight over toys and whine and complain to me for hours at a time.

I shouldn't be so harsh on them. They are actually really sweet girls, especially to each other. But lately it seems I have completely failed as a parent and raised spoiled, snotty little girls that have no respect for anyone other than themselves.

But please Lord Jesus, let this just be a phase.

At least with Stella.

We're all pretty convinced Scarlett was born a bully and might stay that way for the rest of her life. In that situation all you can do is pray that those very qualities that are going to turn my hair gray during high school will somehow turn into positive characteristics as she matures into an adult and somehow make her very, very successful and driven.

Oh boy.

I'm nervous for them though.

I know it's not easy for kids to move. Especially my kids. Especially where we are moving....

I can tell you more about it. Aren't you excited? Ha. But, seriously, I feel like you're going to have a hard time believing I'm serious. I have a hard time believing I'm serious.....

And not because we are moving, I mean that in itself is a little bit of a miracle. But the location we are moving is going to be somewhat of a, um, well.... a change.

The country.

Yep. We are totally moving to the country.

Like outside city limits, no street lights, gravel roads, horses next door, barn in the backyard, country. That kind of country!

Holy Cow. I just got butterflies.

I mean don't get me wrong, this is an opportunity for Zach and me and are family that we would be crazy not to take! The property is absolutely beautiful! And you know Zach and I LOVE Nebraska and we just think Cornfields and Haystacks are where it's at. But it is something I have not mentally figured out just yet! Or wrapped my head around. Or been able to comprehend. Or actually say out loud with any sort of finality or seriousness....

We are renting for now, but there is a likely option to buy in the future. So everybody wins! I get my fears of buying a house out of my system and we get a house that we will treat like our own because one day it just might be.

The house is totally country too. Those of you from Nebraska, you know what I'm talking about. But we will get a chance to update it and actually it's in just really good shape! And the property like I said is absolutely the perfection of Nebraska.

I'm totally going to be ripping off the Pioneer Woman though. Soon. Our Move-In date is September First. I mean, what happens if we go without power? Or get trapped in by the snow(Which, ok is actually impossible for Zach, since it's his job....) or I don't know, have to deal with coyotes and raccoons?

Forget cell phone service.

We think there's Internet.

Satellite is a possibility but we might have to trim some trees......

Grocery shopping will happen one day a week, so I better have those meals planned out.

Forget late night dinners at Old Chicago. Forget last second, ten minute trips to the grocery stores, forget midnight runs to Taco Bell, and you better hope I don't go into labor in the middle of the night because folks that stuff doesn't exist in our lifestyles anymore.

That's not really a case FOR moving to the country though is it.

What about all of the land we sit on. Five Acres! And loving and kind neighbors, who happen to be our landlords. Which might deter some people, but when I say neighbors in the country I mean we can see their house from our backyard but think a cornfield in between. All the room our kids want to run. A sense of workmanship and responsibility to the land(Do I sound full of crap?) and a dream that Zach and I have had since we were first married.

This from the same girl that every time I'm downtown or midtown or Aksarben or Dundee, I always say to Zach, "Wouldn't it be so great to live in those Condos?"

But seriously, The Farm(Which I just finalized all of the details on and we are for sure moving into and now I really have a nervous-anxiety disorder...) is something Zach and I have always talked about and now it seems to be becoming a reality.

Yesterday, I said that we didn't know what was going on with the housing situation because of other people.

I didn't mean that in a negative way. I think sometimes in life you have to rely on the Grace and Faithfulness of others to help you along the way in life.

Zach and I were perfectly happy(Me more perfectly happy than him, but remember I'll live anywhere....) to move into a three bedroom apartment which was actually the plan on Monday, before any of this happened. I mean for real, move-in date set, deposit down(Which we lost, but good thing about apartments, the deposit is only a third of the rent...) and location known. Suddenly Tuesday happens and thanks to my dear friend Kendra for thinking of us, my Mother who was pushing and by that I mean Shoving us into anything but an apartment, my Mother-In-Law who just absolutely hated the idea of us living in the apartment and the generous kindness of OCA Teachers(This is why my kids will go to OCA) our entire situation has changed, including our lifestyle.

Like I said, I'll be happy anywhere, but I suppose that doesn't mean I would be the happiest I could be. Or that my husband would be. Or especially my children.

I don't even know what Farm Life looks like. And I realize I keep calling it a farm, but it's not like I'll be milking cows or snatching eggs from chickens, ok. In reality, we will just live on the farm, not be farmers.

That being said, I still feel like I need to be up at the crack of dawn, making a huge breakfast for Zach and starting my chores. For real, if OCA doesn't work out I will totally be that Home School Mom, wearing high water jeans and animal print sweatshirts. On the bright side, you know I'm going to have the best Pot Luck recipes in Nebraska and all the kids are going to love coming over to our house to play because we'll have a giant trampoline and four-wheelers.

Although, Zach and I might lose all of our friends.....

That's for sure a strong possibility.

No one's going to want to drive all the way out. Shoot. And especially drive all the way home at night. Dang it.

I'll have to bribe them with food.

I have all these ideas of parties now that we have our own place. Nebraska Game parties. Halloween parties(I mean seriously, where better to celebrate Halloween than the middle of no-where?). Soccer Final Parties. Zach and I talked about having our own Fish Fry during Lent. We thought it would be awesome.... We're on a farm, we could do Harvest Parties and White Trash Christmas Parties.

But the question is, will anybody come?

And even if they don't, I'm going to need my weekly dose of the city! So be prepared for lunches and play dates ladies, you're not getting rid of me that easy!


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  1. Rachel.......where is this????????????? Close to us? Congrats!-- Mom Herman