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Ok, first of all, I just need to say that I baked some super yummy chocolate chip cookies yesterday and I'm afraid the baby likes them wayyyy too much.

Yes, I will blame it on the baby. Don't argue with me.

This is my second post tonight. But to be fair my earlier post was technically from Saturday. It was written, I just forgot to post it.... Can I blame that on the baby too?

Ok. Do you want to know what love is?

Love, my definition of love, is pushing the person you love into doing something they don't think they want to do, but you know that they do, into doing it.

So, in essence, seeing beyond them, seeing what they can't see and wanting the absolute best for them.

Zach does this for me all the time. All the time. He gives me gentle little pushes in the direction he knows will make me happier because he knows me, he knows what makes me happy.

Tonight, I got to return the favor. And by return, I mean force him into going to something he didn't want to go to because dang it, I knew he would love it and regret it if he didn't go! Maybe, just maybe I was a little less subtle than he usually is!

It would be the Counting Crows.

Zach's Favorite band of all time. He loves this band. He has a man crush on Adam Duritz. He owns every CD. He knows all kinds of random facts and song meanings. And he'll even stick up to them to the point of an angry argument when I challenge him on the fact that none of their lyrics make sense! (Ok, really have you listened to a song? He just said in a World Herald interview last Thursday that he didn't even know what Omaha was about.... Just saying.)

Well, they are in town tonight. And I didn't have a party. And Zach had nothing to do. And he had just got paid for being my little Salad Master helper!!

Yet. He didn't want to go.

I mean, I see it from his point of view. We're moving in a week and a half. He's a loving father. Devoted husband.

But, let's be honest. He's cheap. Ahem, I mean frugal. Careful.

Anyways, since before we were married we have talked about seeing them. Ok, we're not really concert people anyways, but this is a big deal. One of those checks on Zach's lifelong To Do List that needed to be x-marked!

But when the opportunity came up, he needed a little push. And I was definitely there to give it to him. And by little, I kind of mean constant nagging until he disappeared into the shower and Nate's car pulled up.

And then all night, it's been nothing but texts about how amazing the concert is.

I don't want to say I told you so. But yes, Um, I think I will!!

So anyways, obviously Zach isn't home tonight. That means bedtime is all me. Ugh. That's the worst.

Not Zach being able to have a good time.

I mean, Bedtime! And it honestly doesn't matter if Zach is home or not. Ok. Children out there everywhere, bedtime happens every night. Every single night. You should be aware of this fact!

Why is it always a surprise?

I don't even know why I'm asking this question though. Because can I just say that it is always a surprise to me when Bedtime is awful. Ugh, I kind of mean Hell.

Every morning I wake up, or kind of wake up, I'm at least all the way awake by noon and we have a day, difficult or not, and then Bedtime comes around and it's the same old story.

Oh children. I'm sure I was the same way. Maybe.

I kind of love sleep though. Like love love it. And it's probably where I should be right now, if only I wasn't so desperate to get my kids to bed just so I can watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale!


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