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Chicken Garlic Pizza from Papa Murphy's Take and Bake is a personal favorite of mine.

Well, not only in taste, but in nostalgia as well.

In high school, for a fundraiser, my class sold these Papa Murphy's cards that had like 8 coupons on them that were little stickers. Ok, we sold a ton of them, but every single family had a ton left over. And since my mom was our class sponsor, my family had a particularly large left over amount.

Anyways, so whenever my friends and I (Ahem, the Golden Godesses.... Not kidding, that's what we called ourselves in high school. I know. Awesome!) would get together we would totally take and bake our dinners.

8 years later. We still do the same thing!

Of course, our numbers have dwindled from 8 adults, to only four. On the other hand our total numbers have grown after you throw in the children.

And now they're fans too.

Tonight, along with Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza, their new Taco Pizza, a full order of Cheese Bread that lasted all of three minutes, and an A-MAZINGLY delicious cake courtesy of Pettit's Bakery, we got together once again to celebrate a birthday, our children, and friendships that have lasted two decades.

Let me just say it was Chaos. Utter. Chaos.

There's no other way to explain what happened tonight. It was like jumping-off-furniture-throwing-food-choking-hazard-kick-them-outside-into-a-pool-that-hasn't-been-cleaned-in-a-month-piles-of-dirt-messy-Popsicles-a-six-month-vat-of-oil-mishap-catching-bugs-until-we-sprayed-those-babies-down-and-then-threw-their-dirty-baby-booties-right-into-a-tub-altogether kind of night.

I have the CUTEST pictures!!!! And one picture of the cake that will make you all drool! If only I could figure out how to upload from my iPhone!!

Anyways. The children are all naked. And now that I think about it, uploading naked pictures of children to my blog just might be a federal offense.....

Oh these girls are the best. The children, total handfuls. All of 'em. :) But I love these girls. We talk about it all. Ugly relationships. Ugly people. Good relationships. Good people. Kids. Grownups. The future. Money. Sex. Everything that's off limits. Everything that isn't. We're totally ourselves. Totally honest. Too honest. And totally hilarious!

Tonight, as crazy as it was. Was exactly the night I needed after the week I had.

Monday: Cut my finger off.

Tuesday: Had the most embarrassing, horrifying, show of my life. I'll tell more on that in a minute.

Wednesday: Just a long. Long. Long. Day.

Thursday: Worst day of my life. Seriously bad.

Friday: The culmination of it all. Ugh.

Those girls, whom I have known forever. Who have seen me through my worst and my best. Who have seen me with the scariest hair known to mankind and helped me figure out how to cover up the excessive pit stains I dealt with in high school(I had a weird adolescent sweat problem. Thankfully, I've grown out of it.... for the most part.....). We've seen each other through the worst times in our lives and the best. And now we all have children that will grow up together just like we did. And hopefully be there for each other just like we are.

Anyways. They changed my week. They took my mind off the stressful and gave me some perspective. They made me laugh until I was crying and peed my pants(I'm pregnant. That's why. So shut up.). And that's all I really needed to get through the week. To get past the week.

That and the spoon I'm about to go claim from my husband.

Oh and Tuesday night. I just can't even put into words how embarrassed I was of the guy that was supposed to be helping me and instead ruined every one's night.

There's this part in the SaladMaster Show where I'm supposed to go around the table and ask the couples when is a good time to schedule a party. I hate it. It's the worst. Well that part and then actually asking them to buy something. Ugh. I don't even like to think about it!

Anyways. Instead of a no-pressure-ask to the couples, this jack ass, stands in front of the couple demanding that they book a party and when they tell him they're too busy, he berates them in front of everyone else, all the while they refuse to book a party and therefore he continues his berating. Can you blame them for politely declining? They were so sweet. If it had been me, I don't think I would have been as gracious.....

I pretty much wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Oh, it was awful. I hated every second. And the kicker is, I had never done that part of a show so I had asked him to do it so I could watch it just one more time. Only it wayyyyy backfired. And I only have myself to blame.

Well and that JackAss.

I spent the afternoon yesterday calling the couples and apologizing to them.

Yea it was that bad.

My words were something like, I'm not even trying to book a party, I just have to apologize to you, because I would never want to be known to harass someone like that nor be associated with someone who does!

Oh it was bad.

And thanks to the pregnancy hormones(Yes, I will blame this on them and if you challenge me, I will also blame my subsequent freak out on them as well!) I couldn't even make it through their phone calls without bursting in to tears.

Hopefully. I pray to God! That I didn't sound weepy on the phone. Oh, good grief, it was bad. And then of course, after I got off the phone with both of them, I couldn't stop crying!

I don't know if it was just the day I had or those damn tear ducts that hasn't seemed to stop flowing since baby number three started cooking, but I could really do without the water works.

Thank God for nights like tonight, flooded bathroom, a solid hour of clean up and what I'm pretty sure is ruined clothes for not only Scarlett and Stella but me as well, and all!


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