Bloooooooooooog. Bloooooooooog. Blooooooooog!!!!

As in a Mexican Soccer Game. Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Maybe I'm the only wife forced, ahem, I mean privileged, to watch obscure soccer games on Telemundo.

Anyways. Today was Zach's Alumni Soccer Game. Well not only Zach's, but Grace's Current Soccer Team Vs. The Alumni.

The Alumni won.

I hate to say this, but the Alumni always win.

It's always the first game of the season for the Current Grace Soccer Team and I hate for them to always have to start their season with a loss to men 10-15 years older than them....... but.

The Alumni have Zach. And let's be honest, he scored two of their three winning goals. So.....

What? I'm allowed to proud.

And I'm allowed to be proud because I sacrificed both pride and dignity to be at that game. My pride started with the the over 100 degrees and cloudless sky conditions surrounding the two hour game and my dignity ended with the ten pounds I lost of sweat.

It was disgusting. Utterly. Disgusting.

I'm a sweater by nature. No, not the wool fabric kind, but an actual Sweat-Er. I sweat a lot. Always have. Pretty sure I always will.

Personally, I like to blame it on the thousand pounds of hair weighing me down. It's like a fur coat or a horse blanket or something. Anyways, my head lacks the natural room to breath that generally cools people down. Therefore, usually if it's hot or I'm in a position to sweat, I will.

On the plus side, it keeps me very warm in the winter. Think of those Russian fur hats, the tall, roundish ones. Yea, I basically have on of those, only it's permanent.

On the downside, throw in the pregnancy hormones and you have yourselves a walking sprinkler system.

People kept saying to me, "Well......, you don't look disgusting."

What does that mean? You don't look disgusting? Um, thank you. So, I'm like just the level right before disgusting? I don't look disgusting, but pretty close to it?

Or maybe they were true compliments. Maybe my sweating really translates into that Fabled Pregnant Glow.

Highly Unlikely. Very, very, very Highly Unlikely. But who knows......

Alumni Games are super fun to be sweaty at too, because you see all of these people you knew once upon a time. I think normal people, most people maybe normal or not, prefer to go to reunion type gatherings looking their best, all successful and glamorous.

I prefer to go barefoot, pregnant and sweaty.

Thank God Zach's good at soccer; otherwise I think my presence at such events would be highly abnormal!

Well, screw it. My excessive sweating is highly abnormal anyways.


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