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Oh boy.

Well, today is the day of days.
No, not D-Day. Mine and Zach's Anniversary.

Another year has come and gone and thank goodness we're still married! :)

Today would be the Fifth Anniversary.

Only 75 more years to go.

Only, there's no such thing as a countdown clock in marriage. And if there was, hopefully the buzzer goes off at death. Which in itself isn't very exciting..... And kind of morbid.

Why am I talking about death on my Anniversary?

Please, don't misunderstand that I equate the two! Haha.

I can't believe it's been Five years, all though in the grand scheme of a lifetime I know it's a small number.... But I don't know, these years have flown by and now we're halfway through a decade of marriage!

Where did the other four years go?

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were planning our wedding, or rather I was planning our wedding, or ok, ahem, I was in Sri Lanka and my Mom was back here doing all of the very specific leg work. Poor woman.

And I walked off that plane with only a month until the I Do Date. And then I got really, really, really sick. Like I almost died I was so sick. Something from Sri Lanka that they never pinpointed. Although my mother will totally blame it on my nose ring. HA. I don't think so.

But finally I got better.

Finally we moved all of our stuff into our first apartment. The Grace University Married Student Housing.

And finally it was our Big Day.

Weddings are funny. As a girl you think about the day, and plan the day and dream about the day your entire life. Like seriously, your entire life. And it plays through your head in about a billion different ways.

And then it happens. And it's wonderful and fantastic and everything you dreamed of and blah blah blah.

And then it's over. And that's it. And there's no more dreaming or wishing or hoping or praying or however that song goes. It's just done.

And you're married.

Which in itself is wonderful. But still, that is a big part of your every day Day Dreaming gone.

All that to say, I LOVED my wedding! It was literally my dream wedding.

I'm going to claim that it was Zach's dream wedding as well. And this is why. First, I don't know too many boys that actually dream about a wedding, so their dream wedding is one that ends in the wedding night.

Also, Our Wedding was Zach's first. And no, I don't just mean his first marriage. I mean his first wedding..... Ever. He had never been to one before.

So as it turns out, I got my way with everything, because frankly he didn't know any better.

Sometimes he would say to me, "This isn't how they do it on TV." But, since that's not really a valid argument, I would laugh a little, pat him on the head and continue on with my arrangements.

Most of the time I'm super laid back. There are those occasions however, when I am absolutely obstinate and stubborn. Rare, but they happen. :)

Occasions like, I wanted to get married at nighttime, but since we are Christians and don't dance (:)) we have a dinner instead. Well, if you get married in the summer, nighttime isn't until like after 9, and people with kids cannot wait until 10pm to eat dinner. So..... My dinner was before the ceremony, then the ceremony, then cake. And we all wore different outfits for the dinner and ceremony.

But I LOVED it.

Anyways, since then, it's been a whirlwind of pregnancies and marriage.

This is my third anniversary pregnant. Yikes.

We didn't even make it through the first one without a family on the way. Thanks to Stella the little accident, ahem, surprise miracle child.

And then baby, pregnant, baby and pregnant again.

So it turns out we're a real life family. Kids and all.

Crazy how life turns out. I remember not wanting to get married at all. I think I had aspirations of joining the Peace Corps and traveling the world until I was an old hippy, but had made some sort of difference in the world. (That's a true story.)

I just loved Zach. And that was getting in the way of a future of solitude and aimless wandering and relief work.

So between Europe and Sri Lanka, dad sat me down and said to me: "Listen, girl. You're not going to find a better man than Zach. Stop messing around and get serious. You're crazy if you think there is a better life out there."

And then it clicked. Zach had been waiting all along. I had been the blind one. And at the time I thought, why can't we do everything I want to do together? It would be way more fun.

So we got married. Dad walked me down the aisle.(Sometimes I wonder if he knew he only had a short time left.....) And we have lived an adventure together ever since. Although, not the one in the Peace Corps I had imagined, but I'm not even sure if I believe in peace anymore anyways.

I would have made a terrible Liberal.

And I don't imagine I would have been this happy either.


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