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Ok, so this week the Neti Pot has seriously saved my life!

I've had this stinking cold for like four weeks now and my sinuses are KILLING me! Literally at the beginning of the week I thought I had a brain tumor they were so awful. And then a migraine followed. Trust me. Sunday was an awesome day for me.

So, Monday I go for my thirteen week check up of the little bun in the oven and beg my doctor for his "Ok" of anything sinus/cold related.

I'm like please! I'll take anything. I'll take cocaine at this point.

But being the good doctor he is. His replay was something like, "I'm sorry but Tylenol is all I can recommend. Oh, but go ahead and take it every four hours." And he meant regular Tylenol. Not cold/sinus/flu or nighttime or cough suppressant. Just regular old Acetaminophen.

Thanks. That does me no good.

I'm going to have to go under the knife.

Hello blissful ignorance, I'm about to give myself a lobotomy.

And then I remembered. The Neti Pot.

People tend to assume I'm like this natural medicine hippy. Psht. I don't know why. But anyways, a while ago, AJ and Kristen had talked to us about the Neti Pot assuming I used it. We all know what assuming does. Ok.

I didn't at that time. Plus, pouring boiling hot water through my nasal cavity and having a flood of snot and junk dump out the other side actually sounded like the worst possible scenario to me!

Turns out. It's not so bad. In fact, when you're as desperate as me, it kind of feels good! It helped me sleep, it lessened my eyebrow-ache(that's where the pain is. right over my eyebrow.), and I actually think I'm getting better now!

Hooray for the Neti Pot. If you haven't used it yet, you are totally missing out.

I even took it to this Financial Success Seminar I was at for the last three days. Oh yea, I packed it in my over sized purse and snuck out during Credit Spreads and Iron Condors into the Embassy Suites bathrooms and did the whole nasal flush routine right in front of all hotel guests. I don't know what to tell you. I was desperate.

And yes, you did read right. Financial Success.

What a last couple of days! Oh my.

First of all, let me just say that I would make the WORST working mom. And not just because I'm lazy during the day. But because I'm especially lazy at night.

These seminar days(You know I love seminars and will go to any seminar no matter what it is about! Ok. Did that really need explaining?) were long. Like really LOOOOONG. I had to be up by 6:30(Boo.) and out the door by 7. Yes, I can get myself and two little girls ready in a half an hour. I'm amazing. Also. Trust me people, there is never a shower in the morning. Are you kidding me? I'd have to get up by four just to have an hour(That's right) to blow dry my hair. And then we didn't get home until 7!

That is not only a long time to be away from my girls, but they, Zach and me were all exhausted by the end of the day and I can't even define what transpired these last few nights as quality family time. Plus the girls go to bed by 8!

Thank God, I've got a man who doesn't hate to be in the kitchen because he is totally the reason we were even able to eat this week!

Anyways, I've been working on the house today. Or I should say, trying to. Today is Daycare Day. BUT. It's impossible. Somehow, between my negligence and straight up refusal to move my lazy butt from the couch after the kids were finally down, my entire existence in this house fell in to disrepair. It's bad. Like. Bad.......

But anyways, I think the seminar was worth it. I at least learned a TON. If you need to know anything about buying Commercial Real Estate. I'm you're girl.

Ok, the seminar was a little bit of a scam. NOT that the information wasn't super helpful and correct, but in that it was basically just a preview and advertisement for other, more expensive, more individualized classes. So like, this seminar covered Credit Spreads, Tax Liens and Deeds, Real Estate and Credit Solutions and Asset Protection.

Once they had a session on all of that they would then say, ok now if you're actually interested in any of that then we have another three day seminar covering just this for $5,995. Oh but for you, special price. For you, you pay $3,995.

That was a little Sri Lanka Humor.

Yea. I won't be doing any of that.

Plus it was run by Christians. Not that they were like preaching the whole time, and these are super wealthy, I mean super rich Christians, and I suppose smart too. But they would always be like if you need to pray about it take some time, or if you need to pray about it with your spouse who's not here, you can tell us tomorrow.

And I was like. I already know what God has said to Zach. God said no. Ok.

But anyways, I did learn good stuff too.

Like, (And this is obviously just what they teach, this is by all means not my opinion, I don't even know my opinion.) But, they say, and they say this is what they do, A husband and wife should never co-sign a house together because then the debt is applied to both of their credit reports. So if you have a $150,000 house the entire amount of debt is shown on both your credit, where as if only the husband signed for the house, the wife's credit would be free or safe to do other things. Or say you bought a car before you bought a house, if the car was only on the wife's credit, then the husbands wouldn't have the negative debt affecting the purchase of the house they work looking at.

It makes a lot of sense to me. But I had never heard this strategy before. I would have just assumed, well of course Zach and I would both sign, but really, Zach's income is the one supporting the purchase. My signature is unnecessary. Besides that a lot of states are 50/50 and therefore my marriage to Zach gives me equal rights to the house.


Another interesting idea(Especially for me. Because you know I'm crazy about credit cards. Like certifiably....) is that credit card debt does not necessarily negatively effect your credit, but the credit to debt ratio. You always want to have less than 25% debt on your credit card to have the amount be a positive influence to your score. But that doesn't necessarily mean to just pay down your credit card. Because what happens when you pay down your card? Your limit decreases as well. And obviously just canceling the card is the worst thing you can do.

So there solution is to call the credit card company and increase your balance without increasing your usage of the card. Don't be irresponsible when you suddenly have a $50,000 limit, but the larger the limit is, the smaller the debt you already have negatively affects your score.

I thought this was genius.

And then the lead guy gave an example when he was 18, he learned this strategy from Bill Bright(Yea, the Evangelism guy who was also his mentor.) who had a 2.5 million dollar limit on his card. So that night, Ryan(that's his name.) went home and applied online for an American Express Card, his limit was $2,000. Once he got the number for it, he called Customer Service and asked to increase his limit to $250,000. The lady laughed at him. And he told her he was serious. So she said, Sir, the most I can do is $10,000. He said, I'll take it. But I need to talk to someone who can give me $250,000. It's a longer story, but basically, he finally got the manager on the phone who increased his limit to $25,000. He wasn't really shooting for $250,000 but looking for the person who would give him the largest amount possible.

At 18.

Obviously two things need to happen for this. First you have to have good credit, and second you have to know how to utilize that good credit and not max it out at $25,000.

There is SO much more I learned, but I can't share it all with you today. Let's be honest you're already about to fall asleep.....

I do want to say though, thank you for all of the New Baby Congratulations! They have just made me even that much more excited!!!

Although, I've heard a TON of You're crazy! And Three is a LOT of kids. So, those are encouraging..... JUST KIDDING. They are totally NOT encouraging!


And finally, I just need to say this. I hate it, hate it, hate it, when girls call boys "Yummy." Ugh. It actually just gave me the heebie geebies. Gross. Boys are for sure not "Yummy." Let's all get out a Thesaurus and see if there's a better sounding adjective out there.

Something like: Hottie Patottie.....?


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