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Aw Snooki.

Who knew so many people loved that show? I didn't.

And I have to be honest. As much as I love trashy TV, I've never seen that one. Don't get me wrong. I totally catch up on the Soup. It's not like I'm too mature to know what's going on. I just have several other summer priorities. Like the return of Friday Night Lights! Love it.

Can I just say, as a mother and day care provider. Some days it's all I can do to find time to get the kids out of the house and into the back yard. At least in the morning. Our mornings here are crazy. Between meals and the baby napping and what not.

Today was not one of those days.

Got it together. Got the dishes done even. And from inside, let me tell you it looks nice outside. From inside, the outside seems cool and breezy. It's very cloudy like it could rain at any minute, but not just yet. And the girls were whiny inside. Like bad.

Like putting me in a very, very bad mood bad.

So, I totally kicked them all outside! Well and me too.

I'm all, "Let's go girls!"

And then I'm all, "Let's go back inside girls!"

It is so humid outside, I instantly just start sweating. Like dripping. Like pouring sweat from my face, running from my forehead down my nose and literally dripping off of it like a spigot. And all I was doing was just standing their.

Gross, I know.

I do not mind extreme heat. I love over 100 degrees and the feeling of not being able to breath.

But I hate humidity. And humidity hates me. As if my pores weren't big enough, humidity turns on the pressure valve to high and I can't seem to control my head sweat.

I think this weather is a direct result of the Curse. Like this weather is because of Man's Sin. This is how God punishes us and reminds us that we are fallible beings.


I know. TMI. TMI. :)

Speaking of......

I can't read the paper anymore. I have got to cut myself off. It's too depressing.

I gave up Celebrity Gossip during Lent and haven't looked back. But that was because I felt like I was totally wasting my time and there were a million other more productive things, more intelligent things I could be doing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally obsessed. I will totally soak up any and all gossip I can over hear, even grilling complete strangers over topics I've totally been eavesdropping on!

But it was taking over my life.

And then I gave up talk and news radio because that was starting to scare me. Literally I was falling in to a state of conspiracy theories and paranoia. Not that it wasn't totally warranted, but nobody wants to live like that. Especially my kids. And my husband, who when I start quoting Scripture verses to relate to the topic Rush just covered during the 2 o'clock news hour and declaring that the world is about to end, just rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to Fifa.

And now, it's got to be the paper. The paper has got to go next.

It not only is depressing, but lately it's been making me angry.

Like mad. Seriously mad.

First all the business about our idiot of a Mayor. And now the Immigration debate in Arizona.

Didn't at one point I promise not to make this a Political Soap Box?

I lied.

SO hold on to your hats and don't hate me at the end.

You know I'm a Republican, so this should come as no surprise when I say I am 100% all for the new laws in Arizona.

What might come as a surprise is that I'm also an American Citizen who has the right to say all of this.

And an even bigger surprise is that I am not, under any circumstances a Racist, Bigot, Prejudice Maniac or part of the KKK.

I am like a I said before simply an American.

And as a legal Citizen of the United States I firmly believe that we should open our doors to all Immigrants who legally obtain passage into our Great Nation.

This country is a country of Immigrants. A Melting Pot of every nation on earth. And it should always be that way.

What it should not be is a dumping ground for Illegal Immigrants that bring drugs, sex trafficking and abusing the rights, taxes and hospitals of our country.

Oh, wait, you say. What about the poor mother and her six children running from poverty and starvation and a life time of misery?

Yes, she should obtain a visa. Permission to enter our country. And her children as well.

My whole thing is, I don't hate the innocent illegals. I don't. But truthfully, and in all seriousness, they are but a small, small percentage of the people unlawfully entering our country.

The people who most often come here and with greatest ease are drug cartels, human traffickers and sex traffickers and they are polluting our country.

Take a look at Mexico and all of the crime and drugs and sex industry. Is that really the model we'd like America to follow?

What set me off was this article about the whole issue in the paper today. Laura Ingram was here and so is Conor Oberst(From Bright Eyes) and they are clearly on the opposite side of the issue.

I might not agree with everything Laura says, but I do agree with the title of her last book about celebrities: Shut Up and Sing.

I'm speaking to you Conor Oberst.

He's hosting a concert this weekend. Concert for Equality. The point is to raise awareness about the Arizona Laws and laws they are trying to pass in Fremont.

Equality is not the issue here Conor. And if you think it is, you're just ignorant; I'm sorry.

Unless of course you're talking about Equality for American CITIZENS. Then let's talk about Equality.

Or how about the Legal Mexican Citizens. Remember those?

Oh Mexicans do the jobs Americans won't. (Which isn't always true, have you seen that show Dirty Jobs? Gross.)

Whatever your belief on that, Illegal Mexicans are still taking the jobs from Legal Mexicans. This is a recession people.

Not to mention spaces in the hospital. Our tax dollars. And who knows what else!

And lets talk about the Harmless Illegals who enter this country merely to make a better life for themselves and their family.

Yes, what about them?

What about the percentage that don't even make it here, that are sold in to the Sex Slave Industry with only the promise of America. Or the women and children abused by Coyotes and other Smugglers. What about the services rendered to get them here, money, drugs, sex, you name it.

Aren't those people, illegal or not, facing the worst kind of injustices?

The chance of an Illegal Alien crossing the border with a smile on their face and good intentions in their pocket have got to be slim to none. If it's good intentions they have, then it was hell to get here and if it wasn't hell to get here than it has got to be the worst kind of intentions.

I'm not saying Immigrants have no place in America. But if we had stricter Laws and a way to enforce those Laws than we might see lesser Illegals, meaning less people abused, corrupted and/or killed.

And that was only the Mexican side of the debate folks. Don't even get me started on the Asians who arrive only to find they are Modern Day Slaves, or the Terrorist Cells through Canada and God knows where else!


That was just the tip of the iceberg of what my Political SoapBox sounds like. Catch me in person sometime.

I do apologize though. I'm sure I made you just as mad as the person on Facebook implying that I'm a Racist.


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