Well, a Sunday blog. I haven't done one of these in a while. But Miriah did two Blogs yesterday and therefore made me feel like a slacker!

And actually I have time today to do one. I'm in between cleaning the top floor and the bottom floor and thought I deserved a break.

Especially since I already cleaned the top floor yesterday, including shampooing the carpets! I know!! I thought I was amazing.

Until this morning that is, when I realized the shampooer had been broken the entire time I was using it and not only barely cleaned the carpets, but left a sticky shampoo residue over all of them!

So when I say I cleaned the upstairs today, really what I meant is I re-cleaned those damn carpets!

And oh boy did they need them!

But thanks to my mechanically minded genius of a husband, I was able to do the job right this time.

Sometimes Zach amazes me with his skill set. Seriously, after listening to me complain about the carpets and the broken shampooer that had done me wrong, he walked into the hallway, took the thing apart, fixed it, cleaned it and put it back together. And basically, abra cadabra, wall-ah, it worked better than it ever has!

Plus, not only that, once he got it working, he thought it was "Fun" enough that he cleaned the hallway for me, while I made delicious breakfast burritos for brunch!

Oh man, it is so easy to be married when there are no kids in the way!

Lol. That sounds bad, let me explain....

My Aunt Helen and Cousin Yvonne are here from California(WHOM I LOOOOVE). And by here, I mean the general Midwest Area. They live so far away that we usually only get to see them once a year if we're lucky. This was technically our year to visit them, but let's face it folks, a trip to California in the summer is kind of out of the question with Zach's job. Anyways, I'd rather go during the winter to get away from the freezing cold here!

But my Aunt's side of the family lives in Wichita. And her brother-in-law has cancer, so they came to visit them. And on the way home they will swing through Omaha and fly out of here because it's cheaper. All that to say, I'm cleaning for them, so they better appreciate it! Haha. Just kidding!!!

The point is, my mom went to meet them in Fairbury which is half way between Omaha and Wichita and where my other Aunt, Sylvia, lives. Ok, are you following? And we have family down there so they're doing the whole tour, visiting everyone. And mom took the girls with her!!! Both of them!

I get a whole 36 hours to remember what it was like without children!

That being said, yes, 36 hours is all I can do! I miss my little girls, and all of the attention they demand and messes they make. Once a mother, always a mother, and it's not like I can turn off the switch ok.

But something I realized this weekend, marriage is SUPER easy without kids.

Wow. What a statement.

There are obviously some qualifiers! Like, first year of marriage is never easy for anyone, kids or no kids.

And Zach and I for sure had our struggles and miscommunication between pre-Stella and the birth of the beast. (If you saw Stella when she was born, you would understand this statement. Not only was she 10lbs. 3oz. The child was covered, COVERED, in dark hair. Like, I could have taken her in to get her waxed on the spot. Shoulder hair. Leg hair. Arm hair. Back hair. EAR hair! Not to mention the hair on top of her head! Poor child!).

So, I don't think marriage is necessarily easy until you have something completely in your way, like children, and then they are removed.

And obviously a permanent removal would NOT be the answer to an easy marriage. Like, the death of a child, or anything like that. I'm pretty sure that would also be the death of the marriage because that would be like the most horrible, indescribably awful event to ever happen to parents.

So, what I mean I guess, is marriage isn't easy unless there is something making it not easy and then you remove that something for a short time and for that short time marriage is easy and wonderful and perfect and then you have to get that something back in the way for the next time you find yourselves without it.

In our case children.

Does that make sense?

No. Ok. Moving on.

It has been a great weekend though. In fact, I'm even asking myself the question, "Why am I wasting my time blogging, I should be downstairs with Zach, having a Nooner!"

Just kidding.

Kind of.

And the answer if you're wondering, is Zach is going to play soccer here in a couple minutes.

And then. I'll be alone.

And cue the choirs singing Hallelujah, the release of the doves and 3. 2. 1: Fireworks.

This never happens! Never.

Ah, precious alone time.

Do you know what this really means? I get to focus 100% on unobstructed, uninterrupted 2 hours of cleaning and folding laundry!

Don't take this as sarcasm. I am super excited! Think of all of the stuff I can get done. Oh boy.

I can clean our little space without interruptions in like and hour without kids. With kids it takes me the whole frickin' day and sometimes two days. With Zach, it's still like a good five hours, because, well basically, he's spoiled rotten.

(Ladies if I die, he's going to need someone to take care of him. He is, there's no getting around that point. He's a really good man, and so you have my blessing to step in(AFTER I'M DEAD AND BURIED....). But you need to know what you're getting into. So think 50's Housewife meets Caroline from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. And if you think you can live up to that, then by all means, go for it!)

Ok, no I don't think I am the perfect mix of perfect housewives either, but the least he could do if he was getting re-married was trade up, right?

Wow. That took a turn for the morbid!

So anyways, I don't think I've ever been more excited to clean! And then after cleaning I'm for sure going to turn on all of my perfect summer shows(Such as Psych, Covert Affairs, White Collar and Burn Notice!) and get my folding on!

I may or may not have something like 15 loads of laundry to fold. Maybe more. It's terrifying. I think I'll actually take a picture of it and post it on here so you can see just how not like a 50's housewife I really am!

But seriously, I know you're all jealous. I can feel it!

Ok, so none of that sounds like fun. I get it. But it is seriously something for me to look forward to. Ah the joys of being a stay at home mom....

And besides I already had my fun this weekend! Remember, no kids!

Friday night, we went to my FAVORITE restaurant in Omaha. Well, my favorite Mexican restaurant anyways. Rivera's. Oh my gosh. Perfection. If you haven't been there you need to go.

It's like Mexican with a classically trained chef twist, but still solid Mexican.

I mean, it's not like an American who went to culinary school and specialized in Mexican cuisine. No, it's an Authentic Mexican who makes amazingly sophisticated and delicious food. Seriously good.

And let's be honest, I've had my fair share of experience in Mexican restaurants around the city!

But we met my mother in law and Kylee there and sweated our faces off but it was still worth it.

Friday was totally one of those nights when it stayed over 100 degrees well after dark and no matter what building you went into you were still hot! Holy Cow.

(PS I loved it because you know I love extreme weather! Plus there was like constant heat lightening that night and that's better than fireworks to me.)

And then we saw Salt(And yes, I still sweated all the way through the movie, even in the movie theater!). Which was good. I was entertained. I don't really like Angelina Jolie(Home-wrecker), but still she's a good actress. Although I wish she would gain a little bit more weight, she looks like a Bobble Head.

And then last night, again no kids and so we went out with Zach's brother Aaron and his girlfriend Angie.

And let me tell you, last night was expensive! Ugh. That's the only thing about getting out of the house. Everything costs money.

But they had a coupon for Espana. And if you're not from Omaha, then let me just shed light onto Espana(Don't forget to say it with a whispered Spanish Accent! It's for sure necessary.)

Espana is one of those super trendy, yet very hip looking restaurants that was the first of it's kind and can therefore charge as much as it wants for any type of food or beverage or heck, whatever they want.

Albeit delicious. I don't know. It's one of those things you kind of dread doing because you're totally going to be "one of those" people and end up spending a ton of money!

It's all Tapas, which means it's not even a real meal. But still, like I said, delicious. And they have A-mazing Sangria(Don't worry I only tried a little.), which totally made me want to go out and make my own recipe to see if I can do better(Something I do a LOT after finding something I like at a restaurant) but then I remembered. What's the point? I'm pregnant. So, next summer look for my fantastic recipe of Sangria!

But then we did the whole Benson scene. And it was pretty fun. Zach and Aaron's tattoo artist was down there, Dave. And he wasn't busy, which was crazy because the guy is seriously booked for 6 months out, but Liquid Courage(Tattoo Place) opened a new shop where any of their artists can just stop in and take drop ins. And it's in Benson. And then we tried a new bar, Jake's. Which was pretty hip. I'm not going to lie. And Zach got this fantastic Goose Island citrus beer, which I also just tried a sip and then found myself super jealous. But we had never heard of it before.

And we ended the night with the Benson Burrito Truck. Delicious.

All in all it was a really fun night. Benson, is totally the up and coming hipster part of Omaha. But it is most definitely still in transition. There are so many new cool places along the main shopping district, but they are totally intermixed with the same old stuff that makes it outdated and a little bit scary.

The people are the same way. There is definitely the hipster crowd working it's way through the three blocks of bars and tattoo parlors and art gallery's and trendy restaurants and coffee houses. And then there are the people who have lived in Benson all their lives or go to Benson High School and they are the people I am totally afraid of. Or the 200 different motorcycles racing around down there. I seriously felt like I was at Sturgis! Although I was told there are a few differences! Haha.

But it is becoming a cool part of the city. Worth checking out.

And then I tell my mother in law that, who lived there for a large section of Zach's childhood and she tells me I'm crazy and that area of town is totally dangerous and I better not move there with her grandchildren!


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  1. lol oh how I love you! Your blog always makes me smile. I enjoy that you still took a couple of sips of drinks! Yay for you! At least now you can have that nooner without worrying about.. well.. getting pregnant! :)

    Glad you're enjoying your time!!!