Ok. Let's stay positive today!

There's a man on the roof putting vents in. He's walking all over the place. Stella told me it's Santa.

Wouldn't that be nice? Christmas in July. WITH a real Santa.

I'll take a new car.

Oh and a house, if you've got one in that velvet red bag of yours.

Oh. And maybe a pedicure.

No. Definitely a pedicure.

My toes are in some serious need of a little TLCC. (Tender Loving Cuticle Cutting.)

Zach added to his tattoo last night. Changing the subject.

It looks SUPER good.

He wasn't going to tell me about it. BUT. He underestimates my women's intuition. Seriously. What I lack in Common Sense, I make up with the Super Psychic ability to predict all of his moves and thoughts.

We never have that "What are you thinking?" conversation. I already know. Usually it's Soccer. Or Video Games, which are usually Soccer. So.......

Last night, after me and the girls got home from a very hectic night at dance my brother in law shows up.

He walks in the house and I say "What are you doing here?"

Aaron says, "What?"

I say, "Are you and Zach going somewhere?"

Aaron says, "Zach didn't tell you we were going somewhere?"

And then I know exactly what is happening. They are off to get tattoos. I don't know why or how I knew. But I did.

Usually you have to book with their tattoo artist six months out. And since no mention of this appointment had been made at Christmas, I didn't know how it was happening. I just knew that it was.

They never confirmed or denied, but they did try to play it off like it was not a big deal.

It's really not. I love tattoos. Love them! Zach could be completely covered and I would not have one problem with it. I even like them on older men. Faded and wrinkled. This is starting to sound weird.

The point is. He can get as many as he wants, I trust his restraint.

Zach is not the man that's going to come home with face and neck tats. He's too concerned with appearance for that! And not just his appearance. How he is representing his family and/or company.

But he is going for a full sleeve. Slowly, but surely, he's working to get it done.

His first tattoo was our anniversary date! Isn't that sweet?

It's especially sweet, because he's totally not one to confide in me what he's thinking about getting until he has 100% decided. And 100% doesn't happen with Zach until after the deed is done.

Seriously. Ask him if he loved me before we got married.... :) Just kidding. Kind of.....

So the whole anniversary date was the sweetest thing ever. It's on his right forearm. And it's not in English.

Oh no.

It's in a language. Which I was assured was a REAL language. Something like Tamir? Or something...

Which by the way if you are looking up the country where that is spoken, you're going to have to look under M's. As in Middle Earth.

That's right. It's totally the Elfin language from Lord Of The Rings.

But it is very nicely done. And the lettering is perfect and unique.

And then what he did last night was give the words a background. Like clouds and wind. I'm very impressed.

I should know Zach isn't going to go to like the $20 artist sitting on the street corner. But his and Aaron's tattoo artist is just super talented!

I guess this is just one more step into filling the entire arm. I'm pretty excited. But your guess is as good as mine to what it will be. Or heck, when it will be for that matter.

The man is an enigma.

But I wouldn't want him any other way.


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