Blog in the Oven

Yep. As in Bun!!

There is a bun in this oven!

Zach's super sperm strikes again and as of January 24th we are expecting our third little one!

Can you believe that? Three children.

I hardly can.

As excited as we are about the whole "Having another child" thing, sometimes I still look at Zach, eyes wild with panic, and ask, "Holy Crap. What have we done?!?!"

Am I really capable of being a mother of three?


Sometimes two feels like twenty and at the end of the day all I can do is rock myself back and forth, staring into space as if I'll never have another coherent thought again.

Yet here I am. Pregnant.

Really. Pregnant.

I'm thirteen weeks or just over three months along and entering my second trimester. For those of you who don't speak Pregnant-ese that means I'm through the being sick part and supposed to be entering the best part about being pregnant.

I'm not so sure.

For me this usually means migraine after migraine and remember I'm still pregnant. I'm not totally sold on the fact that there is a "best" time to be pregnant.

For sure I'm not one of those women who are like, "Oh man, I just love to be pregnant! It's the best time of my life!!" (Like ahem, my mother....)

I'm the woman that's like I feel awful when I'm pregnant, Giving birth is never easy and usually I swear this is my last one.

But a couple months away from it. The newborn turns into a baby. And then a toddler. And I forget everything that had me unnaturally cursing and unable to reach my own feet.

Yep. I forget. God, in His miraculous wisdom helps all women to forget the horrible, terrifying aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery and gives us the desire to fulfill his command to procreate.

Also. Zach wanted another one. And we all know I can't say no to the man.

Plus when you're super hot, super awesome dad of a husband approaches you and says, "Hun, let's have another one."

You say, "Let's start tonight!"

Haha. Well, that's what I said at least.

Had I taken the time to weigh the pros and cons, I don't know if the outcome would have been different or not, but thankfully, we happen to be compatible in that, all it takes is thinking the words, "Let's have a baby," and basically we conceive on the spot.


Come on. Grow up.

Just kidding. I totally agree. Let's move away from the whole Birds-and-the-Bees-Talk and on to something more interesting.

Is it a boy or a girl?

That is the ultimate question.

I think if this one's a girl, we'll be done with children. I think. I can't say for sure. And you should know by now that I will probably rarely say anything for sure. (Probably? Rarely? See what I mean.....)

But if it's a boy. That's a whole different scenario. On the one hand, we would love a boy and since there are no guarantees for this sort of thing, getting the right chromosomes could mean a well balanced and completed family.

On the other hand, we don't want the boy to grow up alone.

Zach's best friend is his brother and since the girls have each other, it only seems fair.

But then we're back to square one. There's no guarantee.

And if we have another girl. (Although, let me throw in the "Of course we'll just be happy with a healthy baby thing.") Well, if it's another girl, will we really be satisfied to just give up? End the Higginson Name(Ssshhh. Don't tell Zach he has two brothers...) and finish our family with Threes a Charm and three girls are freaking expensive!

Plus do not even start talking about the teenage years. I refuse to accept them as reality until I come face to face with them. Or an angry, pubescent, teenage Scarlett. Whichever one comes first.....

But the great news is, I'm having his baby. Baby.

Besides we really couldn't leave Scarlett as the baby. She's got to grow up sometime!


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  1. So awesome! Congratulations! I say have as many babies as you can. They are so much fun and then you have all these people around you when you are old and they can take care of you. So much fun!

    I agree with you about the "loving being preggo" thing. When I think about being in the first trimester I want to barf. I have never felt worse and I have had the stomach flu many times.

    I hope you have a boy. Since I only know boys I have to say they are pretty fun. You also cut down on getting them ready in the morning because they don't want to wear a "cute" outfit and you don't do their hair, so double bonus. :)


  2. i hate being pregnant. a couple weeks ago as i was trying to fall asleep, matthew says to me "you are never going to want to be pregnant again, are you?" "nope" was all i could muster. asher may be an only child.