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Zach and I were totally poisoned by the Benson Burrito Truck! The last 36 hours have not been pretty. Suffice it to say, we will never be ordering street food off of a delivery truck from Benson again!

I should have realized something was wrong when the same guy that made our taco also handed us a flyer to come see his band!

Dang it late night cravings! You've done me wrong again!!

I'm totally like that Kellogg's Special K commercial or whatever it is that's like "Don't regret your late night craving!" And it shows the women waking up next to cupcakes or ice cream all embarrassed.

Love it!

That's me, only it's like the one night stand that used the date rape drug. I'm totally paying for it.

Was that joke in bad taste? Maybe a little too far.....

So my aunt and cousin are here and I couldn't be happier. I just LOVE being surrounded by family.

Especially this family.

My Uncle Bob is my dad's youngest brother and therefore they are kind of like the closest thing I have left of him other than my immediate family. Besides that they are just the most wonderful people you will ever meet!

But they leave tomorrow! Such a short visit.

I keep talking about going out to see them this winter and then I realize that Oh wait. I'm going to have a baby this winter! Wowza.

Another baby. Every time I think about it I have to inhale deeply to keep from seizing up in fear.

It's too late now to back out, I suppose. The least I could do is start looking up names. The child will need a name. Or three children. If you saw the size of me today, at 14 weeks you would assume I was the OctoMom. Seriously.

Anyways. This morning we went out for breakfast, because when there's family in town, there's only one thing to do, and that would be take them out to eat. Omaha has the best restaurants. Seriously, try to compete with us. Ok, no we're not New York. But there is a serious selection here.

The food trucks aren't the best. I'll give you that...... From recent experience. But we even have our own hot dog vendor. He sits outside the downtown bars at closing time and those people have never seen a more concrete version of a savior than when they walk outside of those doors after last call and the Heavens shine their light down on that man stuffing white buns with hot hot dogs.

Not that I would know from experience.

I've just heard the word on the street.

Anyways this morning we went to one of my dad's favorite and actually it was his older brother's favorite breakfast hot spot as well.

Leavenworth Cafe.

This is one of those "All Walks of Life" places. Like Warren Buffet eats there. He wasn't there today. It was the other side of the Walk of Life that was there today. But then there's business people and rich people and poor people and middle class people and always the food is delicious!

I mean, there's no like fluff, fancy food; like huge cinnamon rolls or pastries or like french toast made out of bread pudding that's been sitting in goodness overnight...... It's straight-up Diner Food.

Bacon. Eggs. Pancakes. Sausage. Crispy Hash Browns. And Toast.

And you order a combination of any of those. But the other thing about Leavenworth is that your meal is going to cost like $5.00 and before 8:00AM you're going to pay under $3.00. That's a Diner.

Call Guy. Let's get him down here.

Actually he's been here. Several times. And he always picks a winner(Ahem, Brewburgers!). Sure maybe Anthony Bourdain isn't making the rounds here, but please we both know(As in him and me) he'll have no choice but to get here one day! :)

Actually he'll be here soon, but to give a discussion at the Holland's Center, not to film about the glory of Omaha Cuisine.

I've been talking about food a LOT lately. Apparently I'm obsessed. Actually..... Obviously, I'm obsessed.

But I just have ONE more thing to say.

We always brag about Zach The Master Griller. Zach The Meat Machine. Zach The One Man Army Ready To Conquer Any Protein And Make It His Biotch... :)

And we did the same to my Aunt and Cousin. But here's the thing. Zach's at work. So I, ahem, I am the one who spiced those ribs. I am the one who set the oven temperature and placed them inside.

So if these ribs turn out good, shouldn't it be my bragging rights? Shouldn't it be my accomplishment? My Victory?

I think so. I'm taking the glory for this one.

Oh, but a little disclaimer here: If they turn out disgusting, or badly seasoned, or dry......, let's give this one right back to the Guru of Grilling himself, Mr. Zachary M. Higginson.

Come on though, a girl that can whip up some Serious Ribs. Kinda sexy, huh?

PS. The laundry conquered me yesterday. I did not win the battle. Consequently the situation has gotten worse and hopefully I'll get the picture up of my embarrassment tomorrow! Till then, pray for us, the Laundry is threatening to take over our lives!


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