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World Cup Starts Today! Hip hip hooray!

I'm SO excited. And I'm feeling rather patriotic! Deep down, I know that my excitement and patriotism is only a tenth of what my hubby is feeling today, but still, I can't help myself.

And here's hoping the US makes some waves this year. We're not really internationally known for our soccer team. But that's the beauty of the World Cup, every team has a chance.

Anyways, I promise I won't blog about the games every single day for the next month! That would be awful.

And I'm not really anything of an expert.

So yesterday. I ran into an old employer of mine.

She was the starting point for all of my Nanny-ing jobs. She had seven kids, two sets of multiples and when I started they were all under the age of 5!

I was blown away too.

She initially hired me to do the overnight feedings for the newborn twin girls. Sunday through Thursday I would head over to their house between 10:30 and 11:00(depending on when their last feeding was.) and I would sleep on the couch until the girls woke up hungry and I would change their diapers and do all the stuff they needed so their mom and dad(Who is a Cardiologist and works at three different hospitals.) could sleep.

It was a weird job.

Very weird.

Oh, here's a funny story.

So, I would sleep on the couch downstairs and the little baby's would sleep in those rocking papasons right in front of me. And they were the ONLY kids that I dealt with at that time. I hadn't even really met the other kids because they were always in bed by the time I got there and I would leave super early in the morning, like 6:30 before they were awake.

But like twice a week, the oldest child(Who is actually adopted and only six months older than the next set of triplets! Um. Crazy.) would sleep walk down the stairs and come sleep on top of me!

Suddenly I would wake up and there would be this crazy little five year old girl sleeping on top of me!

And I could never wake her up! She was like down for the count.

Besides I was told never to wake a sleepwalker. We've all seen Stepbrothers. Well, if you haven't. Don't. Because I am for sure not recommending that movie. It has Turrets.

But at the same time I had to wake her. I was TERRIFIED the family would come down and think I was some type of weird child-molester! It's weird. Like, really weird.

They would be all, "What are you doing with Hannah!"

And I would be like, ummmmm.... NOTHING.

Most of the time I would just throw her off of me, kind of literally and move to the recliner. I didn't know what else to do!

But sometimes I would bother her till she woke up and send her back up the stairs, where I hoped she would find her own bed because I was not about to walk back up the to where all of the family was sleeping!!!

Oh it was awful. I lived in fear of having CPS and/or the cops called on me nightly.

PS. I just need to say, right now, Scarlett is crouched on the floor like a tiger, hunting a buzzing fly! And now she just stood up to try to step on it! The girl is a huntress. Watch out world.

Ok, so anyways, once the twins were sleeping through the night, I started doing regular nannying for her kids. Yes, all seven of them! Well, she was there most of the time at the beginning. You know, you're rich, you're lonely(her husband was always at work.) and you have seven kids, chances are you don't want to do that alone!

This family seriously believed in their nannies! They had a weekly nanny, a weekend nanny and then a nighttime nanny.

I was of course the nighttime nanny until I was promoted(if that's even applicable in this instance, more like demoted....) to the weekend nanny.

After a while, after they could trust me, they started leaving all seven kids with me. Oh boy.

But they were good kids. And then Hannah and I were able to establish a real, day time relationship, instead of the creepy one she kept trying to instigate in the middle of the night!

Oh my word, and I just remembered that whenever the mom had to go places, I always had to help the dad. Being gone 75% of the time he had no clue how to handle seven children!

But remember, he is a Heart Doctor. He specializes in heart surgery. But I swear, whenever I "helped" him they ate every single meal at McDonalds! Like, no kidding, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. He was kind of hilarious.

Sometimes, he would just have enough of the kids and be like, I got to go run and errand.

30 minutes later he would walk in with bags full of McDonalds!

Anyways, it was just good to see her yesterday! Her kids are all grown up. The twins are going to school next fall. Holy Cow!

And today it was good to reminisce about nannying for her. Oh man.

She of course told me yesterday, or rather advised me, that I would do such a great job with home day care I should really look into it.

Huh. Go figure.

Some other time I'll tell you about the Nanny Job I had where I was accused of stealing thousands of dollars in diamonds, getting drunk on the job, letting the kids play with cleaning products(Like Bleach.) and they still owe me like $700!

That's a good one.


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