If I had a car today, I would totally be throwing the kids into it and racing to get to Starbucks and back before Elena and Evan arrive.

But I don't and therefore will have to make my own coffee....

Which isn't normally an issue. I like fresh coffee from the pot and Starbucks regular stuff is WAYYY to strong for me. Sorry, I prefer my coffee to taste good, not like bitter, mouth-puckering grinds of left over coffee. Ugh. Gross.

That's just the regular coffee. Everything else there is of course, delicious.

Especially they're iced coffees, which is what I am craving now!

I make them at home. But if I brew a fresh pot now, I like to let it cool down before I try to make it "Iced." And so I'll have to wait for it.

It's not really something to complain about. But I thought I would just get it off my chest and start the morning complaint free. Or. Complaint free from now on.

Who are we kidding? Complaint free? Haha.

Ok. Here's my thought for today. Setting people up is, I think, fun. I love to match people together. I don't do it very often, because truthfully, I don't know that many single people. And the single people I do know, don't go together. But recently the tables have been turned on me.

No. Not a blind date.

Something worse.

A Blind Friendship.

You know, those "You guys would have a lot in common, you would really like each other, she's really funny, kids the same age, blah blah blah."

It's weird.

Am I right?

I'm not choosy about my friends, but theoretically I would like to be doing the choosing.

Making friends in itself is a weird concept. And I'm not going to lie, there is some little part of me that wishes the whole thing were easy.

I mean seriously, I'm an adult. I shouldn't have to make new friends. It's weird.

I'm happy with the friends I have now.

But now it's all blind-date mode, you have so much in common why don't you just meet and hit it off.

Plus, my mom is always trying to set me up with other girls. As friends. I felt like that needed clarification.

Here's a news flash. I'm kind of snotty. I rarely like new people. And in general I don't open up.

New friends don't know me. They don't understand that I will not, under any circumstances give you a high five, a hug, or have a heart to heart with you.

I appreciate the friends I have now and their understanding for my weirdness, quirkiness and all in all impossible idiosyncrasies.

Plus, I'm not really all that outgoing. People expect me to meet new people and be the same crazy that I am with them. And in reality I'm actually pretty shy. Especially if I'm out numbered.

I sound spoiled. But really when it comes down to it I'm just nervous. I don't mind meeting new people or even over the course of time becoming friends with them. It happened at dance. I mean, I wouldn't exactly say that I was best friends with those moms, but because of circumstances we developed a casual friendship.

It's the whole concept of being forced into a friendship that I'm not entirely sure will work out. And at least on a blind date you can break up amicably. It's either supposed to work out or it's not supposed to work out. And people accept that. People walk away.

With friendship, especially new ones, nobody is going to be honest when they don't like a person. We're girls. Ok. We survive by being fake and caddy. Or at least I do. How am I supposed to break off a blind date relationship and explain that to our mutual friend?

And oh my word. What if they want to talk on the phone?

I have exactly two friends that I talk to on the phone. Lindsay and Kylee. And they understand that if I'm a babbling idiot that it's only one aspect of my personality and they like me anyways. Plus they also understand all of the interruptions with the kids.

So the question is to save face with the other friend do I meet the blind date and hope they aren't my worst nightmare? Or find some excuse to avoid what is probably going to be the inevitable?

Yikes. I'm nervous just thinking about it.


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