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Do you know that saying, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone?"

I actually think I just quoted a song. But you get the idea. There's like a billion ways to say it. And somebody, somebody ALWAYS has the concept posted as their status update on Facebook. But it's just the concept they write about. It's like, if you're going to post the lesson, you might as well get personal about it. "I didn't know what I had and so I dumped my boyfriend and now I realized that everyone else out there is a bunch of losers and now I really wish my boyfriend would talk to me."

Doesn't that sound better than like an Aesop's' Fable resembling more of a life lecture than lesson?

Anyways that's not the point.

The point is I know what they're talking about.

And by what I've lost, I mean the full range of motion in my neck.

I've been sleeping funny. Or something. Or different. Or in a way that completely has thrown the right side of my neck out of whack. I can barely move the thing, let alone snap it around when the girls demand my attention(Either literally demand it OR they are in trouble or something.)

I feel like half myself, literally... I can only look to the left. And it even is painful to swallow.

I realize I am complaining. So forgive me for that. But my point is, is that it's such an insignificant problem. I mean, there's no trip to the doctor for this, or brace needed. It's one of those things where I just need to wait it out. Concentrate on how I'm sleeping(As if that were easy.) and buck up.

But still, it bothers me more than anything else.

Especially when I forget about it and whip my head around. Yea, pretty much sucks.

Ok. I'm done complaining. What it boils down to is a crick in my neck and despite the fact that it's pissing me off there's no real blog material here.


Ok, here's my question for today.

TV in garage. White Trash? Or Perfectly Acceptable?

And let me give you the argument.

Well, first let me clarify that so far I lean towards the white trash side of the argument.....

But anyways. On our street there are at least four different houses where the garage has actually been turned into the Man Cave.

Now, as a female. As a married female, I assumed the whole concept of a "Man Cave" was in fact Urban Fiction. I've never met a married man with an actual "Man Cave." Maybe all of my married friends are as anal and in charge as I am, or maybe the men I know are just too young to see the daily benefits of a hole in the ground where they can go to be alone.

I don't know.

But what I do know, is that these four garages have been outfitted with all the needs a man might need. Beer fridge. Beat up couch. Posters. Twinkly lights(No. I'm not kidding.). And then of course, the giant, flat screen TV.

Isn't it a little risky to keep a huge, expensive TV in the garage?

I'm just saying.

So my question is valid because Zach's brother Aaron is trying to convince him to move our jumbo-tron of a TV upstairs and into the garage for the USA World Cup Game.

Really? We're those type of people?

Dang it.

But here's the Man side of the argument.

There's not enough room downstairs, and there's no way in hell those boys are watching the game on anything less than 1080p or whatever. Their words, not mine. So the TV has to come upstairs.

But once upstairs where does it then go?

The living room is fine to me. Move the entertainment center to the hallway and there's plenty of seating inside.

But for whatever reason that seems like too much work.

So the boys have proposed that they run a cable outside, with our DVR box mind you so that rewinding capabilities still exist and set up the TV in what they imagine to be the ultimate Man Cave.

Man Cave? All I see are pre-historic similarities between Cave Men and Modern Men. The only things missing are some Flinstone Feet and the inability to make fire.

Ok, maybe I'm being a little bit too harsh.

Besides, have you seen Zach? He is wayyy to hot to be White Trash.

But I'm not.

Dang it.

The question is though, is this whole lower class ideal just in my head? Is the garage a perfectly acceptable movie theater for big games and beer?

Or are my fears of excessive flies, sweat-i-ness, bad lighting and an all in all feeling there should be Kid Rock jamming in the back ground justified?

Also, Game starts at 1:30, so feel free to stop on over! There's plenty of room in the Um, garage. But you might have to bring your own lawn chair! And it's definitely BYOB. If we're going White Trash here, we're going all the way.



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