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Today is Trivia Day! I know. Right!

This isn't like a thing I'm starting, and unfortunately there's no prize. Just something I feel like doing today.

Well, think of the knowledge as the prize! If you love to learn as much as I do, then you should be pretty excited about this! Miriah, you can think of this as prep for your Disney Trip!

That's right. All of the questions are Disney-related and in fact, taken from my McDonald's-Disney Glass sitting right in front of me.

Which by the way can you believe the Shrek glasses? Toxic Paint. Seriously. My friend Melinda had a bunch and she's pregnant!

Um, I kind hope these old school ones down have that same problem.......

But anyways. First question:

What is Donald Duck's Middle Name?

Oh and they will be interspersed throughout the blog, so that you can digest each question.

My girls slept in this morning! All the way until 9. Can you believe it? I hardly can.

I think they are still recovering from their big weekend!

And what a big weekend it was for them. Stella didn't get any naps. They were always up wayyy later than normal. And basically they ate crap for three days.

Say what you want about my eating habits. I'm a nazi when it comes to feeding my girls properly. I can thank(I mean this seriously.) nannying for that. I always worked for really healthy families and learned how to demand a fruit and vegetable from every meal and before junky snacks.

And then a weekend like the last one comes along and they ate like three or four Happy Meals and had apple juice constantly(Because people just fill it right up for them like it's on some endless tap.) and I'm surprised they haven't landed on the other side of the weekend totally obese.

Although their tummies might be in question, we will blame that on bad genetics from my side, they are still the skinny mini's they have always been!

Besides Scarlett's diet has moved from Happy Meals to crayons now anyways, and I'm sure the nutritionary value is probably the same.

Second Question:

What is the only Dwarf(As in Snow White and the Seven) to not sport a beard?

Stella also watched wayyyy more TV then I normally allow. But sometimes it's just hard to entertain the children during adult functions... Plus when you skip a nap, it's also necessary to delay the beast that is bound to rear it's ugly head.

What is this today? Confession's of a Terrible Parent?

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am in fact the parent. That I'm not working for somebody, that I don't have to report my progress back to a supervisor, that I am the final authority and I can do whatever I want.

It's true. I can.

I mean. I obviously have the safety of my children and their growth and maturity as my priorities, but in regards to how I go about that, it's totally up to Zach and me. There's nobody else with a say.

Although the Grandparents have their own ideas, trust me. But really our parenting style is a reflection of how they raised us. So.... I don't know whether that is a compliment or an insult to them! Hahaha.

Oh and this morning was awful. Some days my kids just hate me. And they let me know, over and over and over exactly how much they hate me!

Kylee asked me today how I keep my temper in check at all times. I burst out laughing of course, because there is no way on this green earth that I am capable of keeping my temper in check. I'm just not that evolved of a person.

And mornings like today when all my kids need is to go to bed and they are tired at being stuck inside the house but we don't have a choice because mommy has work to do seems to bring out the worst in them!

Third Question:

What are the only words ever uttered by Pluto(the dog)?

So anyways, bad parenting aside, and busy weekends aside, it doesn't matter if I'm a bad parent or not(Which I seriously, seriously hope I'm not) because I'm the only mother they're ever going to have.

And my decisions stick.

Or they stick as long as I don't cave in for those pretty little faces. Or, ahem, Stella's pretty little face and Scarlett's devil-spawn-of-satan-cry-at-the-top-of-her-lungs-until-she-gets-what-she-wants-cry.

Not that Scarlett's not pretty. She is. It's just that Stella knows how to work it. And Scarlett doesn't give it the time of day, she prefers her method. Ha.

Ok, Last Question, and for you Disney Fans this one might be an easy one:

In what year did Mickey Mouse debut?

And the answers are......... Drum Roll please...................

1. Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy. It was right on the tip of your tongue wasn't it?

2. Dopey was the only Dwarf clean-shaven.

3. "Kiss Me" was the only phrase Pluto every said. But really, if you had to boil all your words down to one phrase that would be the one worth saying!

4. Finally, Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928 on a cartoon called "Steamboat Willie." And that's what started it all!

Well, I hope that was interesting if not a little educational! Leave a comment if you knew any of the answers before you read them! Because then I will just assume you own the same glass as me. Just kidding!


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