I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I couldn't have asked for a better one! Oh my word we had SO much fun!!

Zach was big into the whole, "This is a family weekend thing."

Which usually weekends are, but he is always working Saturdays and tired on Sundays, so we maybe don't do as much stuff as we did this weekend.

Like Saturday we spent the day together running around town. We ate lunch at Zach's favorite place and I saw an old high school friend.

He bought a new grill. His pride and joy.

The one thing I can say about this purchase, is it's one of those things that we will always just go ahead and buy. Don't get me wrong, he's been doing research for months on which grill he wanted. What brand. Whether gas or charcoal. Does he need the table, or is the plain grill just fine. We also drove to like four different stores pricing the same grill and mulling about trying to decide if this is really the way to go.

We are total creatures of habit and comfort. No rash decisions here. But in the end, we are very happy with the grill he picked out. (Charcoal. With the table. From Home Depot(the best price.))

Why is a grill so important?

Well..... The last grill he had, we owned for three years and he used it so often he melted away the metal frame inside and the metal shelves that held the food. I mean.... that's a lot of usage.

Plus. As the primary home-maker of the house, do you know how nice it is to cross one main dish off my list once a week? Or sometimes three times? It's kind of awesome.

Ok. So anyways. Saturday night I went to a movie with my sisters-in-law. Robin Hood. Loved it.

It was actually kind of a Medieval Weekend because then on Sunday Zach and I took the girls to a Renaissance Fair.

Oh yes we did.

We thought it would be fun. And we thought Stella would love seeing Princesses and Fairies. Which she did.

But I just need to say that when we pulled into the parking lot we weren't even sure if we would be allowed in. We were dressed you know, normal. And Renaissance Fairs aren't just for the paid workers to dress up for anymore. Oh no. The paying customers are also into the whole role-playing part of it.

Like WAYYYYY into it.

My dad used to take my brother and me to Renaissance Fairs growing up. But I feel like those were put on by like aspiring actors and actresses. People who realized they were playing a part. They were paid for their roles. And at the end of the day, they weren't really Sir Drakus and Lady Guinevere.

It's not really like that anymore.

What it is though, is a page right out of Role Models.

And a topless bar.

Ok. ladies we get that you have huge bazoombas and that back in this pretend time you were supposed to wear corsets or wench wear or whatever, but seriously you're going to give yourself breast cancer if you keep cutting them off like that. Pirate Chic only means pasties at strip clubs and bruised nipples are never attractive. This is a family event, so cover-up the tatas, you're scaring my children.

I mean. It was bad. I was disturbed.

So we didn't dress up. Nor did I show off my assets. But most other people did. And if we had really gotten into the whole role playing aspect of it there was totally tents with costumes available to purchase right on the spot.

And weapons. And beer steins. And Fairy Wings. And whatever else you could have imagined.

And most of the customers were dressed up.

The thing is, in today's society there is this total culture of people playing these games. Darkon and what not. And so the Fair is more of an avenue for them to all get together than anything else. They are no longer paid actors(I mean they're paid, but not actors), but a culture very similar to Circus People traveling the country, living out their fantasy to remain in the middle ages.

I'm not being judgemental. To each their own.

It was just..... different.

And, since we actually paid for it and didn't simply stumble upon them in an open field preparing for pretend battle, a little disappointing.

But still we had a great time! The girls loved it. And they had some sweet stuff. Like Camel rides, which if Stella wasn't totally afraid of everything that moves I would have made her ride.

And they had sword swallowers and people who juggled with fire. And a Magic Show that Zach got called up to participate in! It was Awesome.

Zach hates things like that to begin with. He's the ultimate skeptic. BUT. Crowd participation events I'm pretty sure give him a heart attack. And being on stage in front of a group of people, doing things he doesn't want to do, or is not even sure what's going to happen is the ultimate Worst Day Ever for the kid. So being the loving wife that I am, I took a TON of pictures. Haha.

It's not really that big of a deal to him. I'm exaggerating.

Kind of.

And then yesterday, we had a BBQ with my in-laws. That was also just a ton of fun! I was nearly the Yard Toss Champion. But hey, I've got other things on my mind. I don't get to just focus on the game. I've got kids running around and sisters to talk to. So, I kind of feel like I really am the champion, even if the points didn't reflect this. I mean, extenuating circumstances and all.

Have I ever told you I'm a little competitive??

BBQ that great American Tradition.

Also Memorial Day.

When I went to the cemetery yesterday there was a line of cars like 40 deep waiting to get in! It was kind of insanity. But as a country we remember, we love and we are proud of the men and women who fought and fight to keep our freedom and liberty.

Now if only we wouldn't piss all that they worked for away with socialism. That's my political coup statement of the day. I'm done.

Also, if you would remember my Aunt Nancy in your prayers today. She is my mom's older sister but not a like really older, she's only 65. She had a stroke last night around 6pm. It was a bleeding stroke, which is worse than the normal kind I guess. And her entire right side is paralyzed. I don't have very many other details. And I have no idea what they are saying about her future. So please pray. I am very close to her. She's my mother's best friend. She is just all in all a wonderful. Wonderful. Woman. I will write more about her when I know more of the details and what they look like for her. But please pray for us. We are no strangers to death and sickness and hospitals but that doesn't make it any easier to go through. Thank you!


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