Ok, first things first, I totally thought I would get sick of the whole "Blog" thing in the title. And although, I'm sure you are sick of it. For me, it just keeps on getting better! Haha.

Next, Major crisis averted this morning! Whew. I mean, ok, this isn't going to seem like that big of a deal to you. But trust me! When I say major crisis, that is exactly what I mean.

So Stella's hair is getting out of control long. Like, when it's wet, it's totally down to her butt, or booty as we call it in this house. Not because I'm ghetto, but because honestly have you ever heard a 3 year old say Booty? Totally cute! And in my opinion, way more appropriate than anything else. The people I nannied for say Hiney(Is that how you spell it?), but I definitely do not like that. I feel dirty saying it.

Off topic.

Ok, so her hair is SO long, and I am physically, mentally and emotionally unable to cut it! I can't do it.

And I've totally been trying to talk myself in to it. Ok, there is a limit to how long one's hair should be. And when I have to start wrapping it around her head in braids, much like the Amish style, that is too long. I realize this.

It already gets caught in her armpits.

But the truth is. I can't do it.

Someone else is going to have to take her. But then that makes me nervous because what if they trim it too short! She's probably a candidate for Locks Of Love, but is it selfish to say, I don't want to start her over with a bob, the very thing I have tried desperately to avoid?

Ok. But the point of all this, is the Recital is this Sunday. Her Dance Recital. Where Pigtails are required. Or at least not required, but they look the cutest. And I was thinking this whole time that her hair was too long for high pig tails. That they would be limp and awkward and she wouldn't have that cute little girl look, but basically her pig tails would still be getting caught in her armpits only this time on stage in front of an audience of people.

So today, being the usually over-prepared person I am, we had a practice run. I was prepared to do a practice run every day until Sunday to make sure I could get it right, but I don't think that's necessary! I think we got it!

The high pig tails work. Yes, they still get caught in her armpits, but not in a weird way. If that even exists...... And they still curl a little bit at the bottom! Plus with the copious amounts of Hairspray and Curling Ironing that I plan on using Sunday afternoon, I have nothing to worry about.

Wait. Stop. Put the phone down. There is no reason to call Toddlers and Tiaras just yet. Hey, next year we are doing competition and I feel like then, maybe then you can call a TLC reality show.

OMG. Wouldn't that be a cute reality show though! Four little 3 year olds practicing and competing. Ok, first of all, I am TOTALLY not that mom, besides the fact that the camera crew would, I'm sure, always mistake me for the nanny, I really am NOT that mom. But if that was a reality show, I would totally watch it!

I'm just glad I don't have to try to get her into a salon I trust before Sunday ok. I don't even go anywhere that I like that cuts my hair.

Obviously, though, my hair is extenuating circumstances... It's not often you find a stylist willing to spend four hours on your hair just to brush through it.....

But still a sudden trip to the hair salon would be pretty traumatic for both Stella and me!

And maybe even Scarlett because the poor child is obsessed with her sisters hair and we all know it's because she doesn't have any. How mad would she be if Stella got her hair cut!

I know you think I'm crazy right now.

And, fine. I think I'm crazy too.

But when I post pictures of the dance recital, we'll see if that craziness pays off!

On another note. I'm back in the gym. Miriah inspired me. Bratt.. Just kidding! I should never have left the gym, but this time around is MUCH easier as far as getting out of the house! The kids go to sleep better, I'm not the only one able to put Scarlett down, and I am motivated.

I'm also motivated to give up Diet Coke. This is also Miriah's fault. Listen, I know how bad aspartame is, but most of the time I don't want to care. But then, I start thinking about the brain tumors. And hey, if anyone is going to get brain cancer, it's going to be me. It's called family history.

But do you know how much stuff aspartame is in? Even like yogurt. Which sucks because I love yogurt. I'm totally going to have to switch to the organic-Greek-totally-expensive-stuff from Costco. And we all know how I feel about organic. Bleh.

So anyways, here we go. A summer full of trips to the gym and chicken breast and salad.... Don't I sound excited?


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  1. lollllllll!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!
    1. I'm SO glad you aren't cutting Stella's hair. Praise Jesus for that. I'm so jealous of her hair!! I spend forever straightening Lulu's so it has some sort of length. Put ME on toddlers and tiaras and I'd love it! :)
    2. Proud of you for the gym!!!
    3. Even MORE proud of you for giving up diet coke! GIRL! That stuff is lethal!! That nasty aspartame is in gum too!! :(
    Yay!!! I'm so happy!!