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Because Your love, your love, your love is my drug.

I am going to just tell you straight up. I can't get enough of Kesha. I mean. KE$HA. I know, judge away. But I can't help it. My favorite part. MY absolutely favorite part: I like your beard.

She's really a comedian, trapped as a pop singer! In-Sanity, but oh so funny!

Maybe I can relate because my hubby totally rocks the beard. But in any case, she's fantastic.

And I know, most of her appeal can be accredited to really good lip-syncing, auto-tune and a computerized synthesizer. BUT, it takes talent to pull all of that off. Right?


My favorite, favorite part about her though is the fact that she doesn't look anything like her voice! Seriously, you HEAR valley-girl pop star, you SEE hard rocker with daddy issues and something to prove AND a bedazzled tumor over her entire eye.

Whatev. I can totally appreciate a girl with a weird voice.

Have you heard me talk? It's like a 3 year old stuck in a cartoon high off of helium. It's not pretty. Oh and of course throw in the lisp and you have just the right recipe for nobody taking you seriously.


Anyways, I think I've used up enough of this blog on Kesha. I mean. KE$HA. (How can you not just love someone with a dollar sign in their name? Can we talk about priorities. Good girl.)

Ok, so this morning, we were up bright and early, and I do mean early, like 6:30 early(Which I understand is normal for some people, for other people, but not for us.)

We took Zach to work. And came back home quick to change and run errands before AJ came at 11.

See here is the problem with me and Zach and the whole car thing. We just can really make anything work. So, yes I need I car. But it's not really a pressing matter, because we function just fine with one car. Maybe one day, eventually, some day, in the future we will get around to buying a car. But until then, we will make it work. And be totally just happy about it.

So we get back, I give the girls showers, get them ready, get myself ready(Because you are crazy if you think I was up AND dressed with hair and makeup done at 6:30. Try a sweatshirt, sweats, flipflops and high pony tail. That's what I called leave-the-house-ready.) (I'm totally a tragic sight, I know.....) Ok. So I'm ready, we've eaten breakfast and we are out the door before nine!


EXCEPT THAT. The whole reason I had the car to begin with was so I could do errands. Well, my errands are at the mall, or other type shopping establishments. Here's an FYI in case you didn't know, the malls aren't open at 9. They don't open until 10.

So that meant I had too much time before they opened and not enough time after.


And here is my long list I need from these places. It's long. And I have like one day to do it....

I need tights for Stella's Dance Recital, two different kinds. Which normally I would totally have lying around, except for the fact that Stella out grew all of her tights this Winter and when Spring came I figured we didn't need anymore until next year. Wrong. Wroooong.

Oh, by the way, these all have to do with the Dance Recital this weekend. The Dance Recital that is sucking out all of my soul. (Don't get mad Lindsay. It's stressful. There's a lot to do! :))

Ok, I also wanted to buy a give-away for the Raffle. This I actually accomplished this morning, because Target happened to be the only thing open when I needed something, anything to be open. I had NO idea what to buy for that thing. I can't afford to spend a lot of money, especially when you realize how much more to the list I have. But I wanted to get something nice, something people would actually appreciate. Something that they wouldn't just throw away! After an hour of walking around, I came up with...... A French Press. Like a Bodum one. I know it's not the most creative, but I at least came to the conclusion that I would enjoy winning it.

I need to find gifts for Stella's dance teachers. I think I know what I'm getting Lindsay, but there are these two helpers that are all of 13 and I have no idea what to get them. I'm actually toying with the idea of not getting them anything... Is that super cheap? But if I do get them something, it's not going to be a lot and therefore I don't know what to get. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Post away people, I need help!!! Or just tell me that it's ok not to get them anything, I would also appreciate that! :)

I have to also find Stella a dress for the Daddy/Daughter dance. She has to match Zach. Which thankfully Zach is wearing a light pink polo. It was his idea, Hallelujah, he said to make things easier on me. Isn't he good? The good news for this one too though, is if I don't find anything today, I am 100% positive I have a pink dress for her somewhere in this house already that will do!

Plus I still have to pay for pictures, flowers and another monetary gift. Ay yi yi. (And I don't say that....)

Yikes. This whole dance weekend is stressful! Between pictures(Don't even get me started, for as cute as she is Stella is the WORST child to have her picture taken. Oh, goodness. I'm already sweating, just thinking about it....), and rehearsal, and rehearsal and dress rehearsal and having everything ready for the recital, plus two soccer games thrown in between I'm starting to lose my hair. And the weekend hasn't even started yet.

I would skip the soccer games all together, except that We are the coaches. Oh and a team needs three kids on the field to play and we happen to just have only three kids on our team. The rest quit.

It'll be fine. I'll be fine.

I'll feel better once I get all of these errands run today I think. Once I can mark things off of my checklist(Yes, of course I have a checklist. How else would I feel satisfaction after I accomplish each task? The forceful mark through with a red pen is all I need to feel empowered people. It's all I need.) I'll be able to breath again. I'm sure. I hope anyways. I'm sure it will be fine.

PS. I like your beard.


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