Make It or Blog It

Ok, so I actually started this blog yesterday. I mean, obviously I erased all of the content as it no longer applied, but I did start one yesterday it just didn't happen.

I'll tell you what did happen. Life.

Instead of a blog, I took Scar to the doctor. What I thought was diaper rash that wouldn't go away was actually a yeast infection. Gross, huh? And as it turns out, lathering up on the diaper rash cream was only making it much, much, much worse. How anyone can tell the difference between yeast and rash I have no idea!

Yes, I am defending myself. I feel like a terrible mom. She's had it for like a week, and I just kept trying new diaper rash creams! I didn't even know infants got yeast infections. It sounds awful.

My pediatrician saw the difference right away. He took one look and started writing a prescription. He's kind of a genius though. And he's like 70-something. No lie. Like, late seventies. He was actually Zach's pediatrician! Since he was born. 26 years ago. Can you believe that? My in-laws still go to him!

But they love him and now I'm hooked. He's never wrong. Never. And he's super laid back! When my children turn out to be super "Underweight" he doesn't care, he just tells me to continue doing what I'm doing because they look healthy and happy. Other doctors yell at me and tell me I'm starving them and totally make me cry.

And don't even get me started on nutritionists! On one hand they always tell me my children are underfed. On the other hand they scold me for offering more than 4 ounces of juice a day.

Are you kidding me?

4 ounces.

That's like a dixie cup.

Childhood obesity doesn't start in 100% all natural apple juice. It starts when you don't have boundaries for your children.

And I'm not hooking them up to an apple juice IV, ok. It's probably like two juice cups a day, 4 ounces juice, 4 ounces water. In my opinion, that is just fine.

Don't ask me how I give my children milk though! That is a slippery slope of conspiracy theories and bad parenting.

Although the same nutritionists who told me I couldn't give more than 4 ounces of juice per day also told me that after two years old all children should switch to skim milk to stave off obesity.

Yea. Um, they're kids. Obesity is a problem in this country. But one glass of 2% milk is probably not the source of evil.

Hey, whatever you think of my habits, my kids are not going to have pop until they are like 16 and can drive themselves to the store and buy it themselves. It turned out to be a really bad habit for me, one I'd like to save my kidlets from.

Anyways, I'm defending myself as a mother again.

But isn't that always the case? Seriously.

You take your child to the grocery store with a few bumps and bruises and when someone stops to admire your kids the first words out of your mouth are an explanation of how clumsy they are. And in your head the whole time you repeat "Please don't call CPS, Please don't call CPS, Please don't call CPS."

Ok, it might not be that bad. But people are really quick to judge.

And it's not just that, but we live in this world where every decision a parent makes is questioned for the "good" of the child.

You can't say no.

The child knows best.

Don't even talk about Spanking.


Ok, I don't even know how I got off on that tangent. Sorry. I guess I didn't really have a point, just to say. I'm the mother dang it. And we all know, mother knows best!


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