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So I suddenly have today off. Which is actually a miracle.

Because I threw my back out.

Yea, it's kind of awesome..... Or the opposite of awesome.

I don't know how I did it. I don't know exactly when I did it, but as of right now I'm a little bit of a paraplegic. I can move my arms, but back and legs are a little bit off limits.

So, when AJ's dad texted me and said he would not be dropping off little Dora the Explorer today, I said Thank You Jesus(Not to the dad, just out loud to myself.) and chalked one up to a miracle.

I'm barely taking care of my own kids, I probably shouldn't be responsible for someone else's.

Don't worry they're safe.

I can probably give Jesus the credit for this one too, but Stella has discovered the toddler apps for my Iphone and is blowing my mind with how good at matching games and search and find games she is. And Scarlett, other than a finger pinch and the light bulb I just snatched out of her mouth has been content with a magna doodle. That never happens!

Haha, rereading that last paragraph I have to wonder if Scarlett really is safe..... Please don't call CPS....

But anyways, I have a chiropractic appointment later today and fingers crossed, I hope he can cure me.

I seriously have THE BEST chiropractor ever. If you don't believe me, then you just need to go see him. And for those of you who don't believe in the work of chiropractors, well then you're in luck because he is definitely not a conventional back fixer.

But aside from all of that, he is seriously, seriously the best. Everyone who goes to him LOVES him. And he has fixed everyone I have ever sent! Including me, for the most part. But as far as back pain goes, I'm kind of un-fixable.

So let's pray for just one more miracle today and hope that he can fix me.

I have this totally handicap back. It is a serious menace to my life. But I haven't had problems in a long time. Ok, I haven't had severe problems in a long time. There's always the day to day stuff. But when I have to sleep on the floor and am afraid to bend over then it's time to call in some reinforcements.

I am just so thankful everything is working out today, including the crappy weather yesterday and today making it possible for Zach to come home early and watch the kidlets while I go to my appointment! It's nice to have the Day Off, but a day off out of necessity isn't the most ideal circumstances. I mean I would totally rather be taking the kids somewhere fun than having them play quiet games all day.... But since everything has worked out so well and clearly God is creating a day of miracles for me, I'll be thankful instead of whine.

Anyways, since I've started to wince while using the keyboard and I'm tired of hearing myself complain I better end this.

Here's hoping tomorrow's blog is a little more optimistic in nature!


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