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Oh Monday. Monday, Monday....

Here we are again.

At least I have today off. And I have a car! Do you know what this means? This means I have freedom, I have the whole day in front of me and I have freedom!

Oh, just for today. In case that sounded like we had decided on our other car, no, we haven't. But we are close. And now that I have access to a vehicle, I can run errands that will put us just that much closer to eternal freedom.

Or something like that.


In our defense, this is Zach's busiest time of year and the absolute worst time for us to have a broken car. You can't do much looking when you're husband is gone before 6:30 and home at 7, and works Saturdays too.

I could look by myself, I suppose, but then our conversations would sound something like,

Zach: "Rachel, what did you think of the car?"
Me: "I thought it was super pretty."
Zach: "Ok, but what was it like? Rust? Rips in the seats? What did the engine look like?"
Me: "Ummm, I'm not sure, but it had a cd player and it was red, I think...."
Zach: "Ok... but how did it drive? Did it stop ok? Did you hear a weird noise? Did you notice any leakage after you got out?"
Me: "Ummm....., I really liked the two toned dashboard and did you know there is like 18 cup holders!"

That's Oscar Award Winning stuff people.

Can you see how far that would get us? It's like a bad chapel skit. And if you don't know what a chapel skit is, then you didn't go to Christian school OR Christian college. Because believe me, we know what a chapel skit is.

I have definitely even been in a couple.

But let me tell you, I am the worst actress ever. EVER. And this is not a joke.

In high school, because I was in the small singing group we had to be part of the spring play or Christmas play or whatever we were doing that year. And when I was a senior, I think it was a Christmas play, but I had two lines.

I can't even remember what the play was about, but I know that I had two lines that I delivered behind stage through a microphone. Like, I gave an announcement for the play for whatever reason. Ok, we did this play three different nights. I had two lines. Let me just say again, I had two lines that I was reading from a sheet of paper, some might call it a script.

Every single night, I messed it up. Like one night, I read the wrong lines. The other night, I paused for way, way, way, way too long, like people thought the play was over and the last night, I read them at the wrong time. And fine, I may be a little bit ditsy, but I'm pretty sure we can chalk this one up to my lack of acting skills.

I am totally not comfortable trying to have to act things out. It's actually pretty pathetic. Like an awkward train wreck.

And there was this one time in college during Welcome Week when I had to act on stage as well. Only this time, Zach was on stage with me too, like we were in groups and he upstaged me. Zach. I'm not saying he's a bad actor, because he's obviously not, but if you know Zach at all you have to realize how ridiculous it sounds for him to even be on stage in the first place. And then to act better than me. It was pretty bad. And then the group leader who was this total drama student hit on him! I mean, he was seriously that good. And there I am, in the corner with a sudden case of amnesia and muteness.

It's not the stage and it's totally not nerves, I'm fine with being on stage, singing, playing an instrument, speaking in front of large groups, dancing. Hahaha. Just kidding with the last one. But seriously, I rarely get nervous for those other things.

I should say anymore for my mother's sake, since she remembers a much different child. But I grew out of that..... And now my terrible acting skills are the only thing keeping me from my dream of becoming a Daytime Soap Star. Dang it.

Anyways, that is two blogs in a row where I have told you what I'm bad at, so lest you think I have low self esteem, which you all probably can realize that is definitely not the case, I will tell you something I am good at.

There's just oh, oh, oh so many things.... Where do I start? Lol. Jk.

Actually, I have a pretty good sense of direction. And by that I mean, I for real now how to get around. And not just Omaha, although I really believe Omaha is one of the smartest cities ever made. Yes, even better than Rome. Well, ok, I don't know that for sure. But there are not many cities made as smart as Omaha. Ok seriously, all roads moving East to West are numerical, literally starting at one and moving chronologically up, even beyond Omaha and throughout the State. And all Streets moving North to South correspond with the alphabet starting at A and ending at Z. Ok, there are obviously other named streets in between, but they also run the length of the city, so that Dodge starts at first street, travels all the way out past Omaha and stays in the middle of the city. Anything North of Dodge is North Omaha, and South of Dodge is South Omaha, logistically speaking.

That is brilliant. Brilliant. It makes traveling around Omaha super, super easy.

But I have a good sense of direction all over the world. So. See. I'm not always so hard on myself person who said that I was.

This blog makes no sense.

Sorry. But can I also just say that it's because I'm a little bit tired today; I couldn't sleep, I had caffeine too close to bedtime. I know, totally lame. I am 26, not 62, I should be able to handle it, but apparently I can't. So it was well after three before I was asleep and with Stella in my room at 6:45 today, that's not exactly what I would call a full night's sleep.

I'm not in college anymore, I don't know what I am doing. This should at least be an interesting day with piano lessons and all later. I hope those students are prepared for some unintelligent, ridiculous rambling in circles, because if they are, they will not be disappointed!


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