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Oh my word. My days have been busy lately.

It's like one thing after another after another. And since I'm always, always toting around kids, the busy days are also hectic days.

I should say, I'm always toting around kids, UNLESS they're in bed and I'm making a late night snack run for Zach. The boy loves his 4th meal, to steal a gimmick from Taco Bell.

So by Saturday I was a little on the crazy side. And Saturday was CRAZY. It started out with a hurry up and get the kids ready for dance and soccer because they were right after each other, but we had to take Zach to work first. Or at least to his friend's AJ's. And then, we actually had dance and then soccer(Which I ended up coaching again. Yea, I'm awesome.) and then errands, and then this and then that. It was a crazy Saturday.

A super fun Saturday, but hectic.

By Sunday I was exhausted. Totally beat.

And I felt like I needed a little pick-me-up to get myself ready for the week.

So Zach went off to play in his weekly soccer pick up game. The girls went down for their nap. Mom was home. And So I went to a movie.

By myself.

I love doing that!!

Ok, Zach hates going to the movies. Hates it. Half of the time he is falling asleep. The other half he is complaining about how much everything costs. And I don't blame him, because the Movies today are a little bit outrageous! But Zach doesn't even look at the movies like a fun activity unless there is a serious movie he really wants to see, but even then it's iffy. Like, I'm pretty sure the last movie he went to see in the theater was Avatar. And even though it's actually still in the movie theater, I mean, we are talking about like New Years Weekend.

Me on the other hand?

I'm like Little Orphan Annie. I walk into the theater with bulging eyes and a smile on my face. Ushers sing and dance me towards the concessions stand where I gleefully pick out my popcorn and soda and then they playfully direct me towards my theater, doing cartwheels the entire way. I sit enthralled on the edge of my seat like it's a new experience every time and then at the end of the night Daddy Warbucks buys me a new car.

Oh wait, that's not how the story goes.

But you get the idea. I love the movies.

Even if it's a bad movie, I never hate going to the movie theater.

There is just something about sitting in those over sized chair, with a handful of movie popcorn and a giant screen projecting infomercials and Hollywood Hidden Agendas.

Oh man, I just can't get enough.

And I went by myself, which makes it even better.

I love doing things by myself. Probably because I am never alone. Never.

But I suppose that's how it is for all Moms.

Ok, plus I had to go see the movie I saw alone, because I literally knew no one else willing to see it with me! And you are totally going to laugh at me when I tell you what it is....

Letters To Juliet.

Ok, I cannot ask Zach to go see that with me! Are you kidding me? I'm just not that cruel. Plus it totally ruins the cheese fest for me because I can toatlly hear his mental commentary in my own head.

And my sisters in law didn't want to see it. They don't like Amanda Seyfried. I love her. I've loved her since Mean Girls, and I can appreciate a girl that can act that dumb. Serious talent right there.

And that leaves me with nobody else. All of my girl friends have children or are making children(Melinda is pregnant if that sounded weird.) And Kristen was out of town. So no last minute calls that say, hey, I'm leaving in ten minutes meet me over there!

Although I do have to say that I haven't gone to a movie with another girl anyways, other than my sisters in law OR a group date type of thing since the first Sex and The City movie. Yep, Stella was still a baby. And that was Kristen. We actually have a standing date for the end of this month when the sequel comes out.

Last time AJ(her husband) babysat Stella. It was an um, experience. The juries still out on if I'll let him watch both of the girls.

Ok, no. It's not even a possibility. They have to ginormous dogs and my girls happen to have dog-a-phobia.

All that to say, that going to the movies by myself, listening to Taylor Swifts Romeo and Juliet song, watching some PG kissing and the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful countryside of Italy and enjoying some of the worst acting I have ever seen, sitting in a theater surrounded by old couples, I'm not kidding, like nursing home couples, was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself for the week!

So bring it on Monday.


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  1. my husband hates the movies too... he even hates watching them at home. i love movies, eveything about them.

    it is a wonder we have stayed married so long...