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Instead of Club. Did you ever read those books growing up?

Oh my word, I was obsessed and then you could like rent the movies from the library! Loved it.

Ironic though. Since basically I am my own version of a babysitters club.

But anyways back then, I pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wanted long straight, blonde hair(Unfortunately I pretty much have the opposite....) and a gigantic dial up telephone and a circle of friends that had real life problems and long hair and braces of their own.

I know, it totally doesn't make sense, but I think sometimes when you're little the things you dream about having, most of the time don't make sense.

Like for instance, I always, always have wanted a retainer. I know, it's not only weird, it's kind of gross. But there was this girl in my class in elementary, you know, the cool girl, the popular girl who had one and I don't think it had anything to do with my aspirations to be popular, but I just wanted one. I thought it was so cool.

What is really hard to believe is not that I wanted a retainer, BUT that I wasn't the popular girl. I know.

Well first of all, I was a rather unfortunate looking child, I mean I've told you about my freakishly tallness, and second of all I went to a small private school, so I'm not even really sure if there were actual popular kids. I mean, there were certainly unpopular kids. But everybody knew everybody. Besides if having a retainer was all it took to be popular, what was I waiting for?

Anyways, off topic.

So I've never had a retainer, or even braces. I actually have really straight teeth, but believe me that's their only good quality. Sometime I'll talk about my genetically bad teeth and gross you all out. I call them genetically bad because I can guarantee that nobody flosses as much as I do.

Wow. Does anybody know where the point of this is?

Ok, so anyways, I was meaning to talk about reading. Because I'm a little obsessed with books. And not just books, but like the reading process. I could literally read all of the time, like every day, all day. Which is why I have to limit myself. When I start a book, I usually become totally and 100% engrossed in whatever I'm reading. Like, you have no idea.

Zach hates it when I start a book, because basically it's like "see ya later" until I finish. I'll stay up all night, I'll read while I'm driving(I know. Ok. I know.) and I'll ignore and avoid everybody. It's a disease.

No matter the book, no matter if it's good or bad, the best book I've ever read or the worst, I am totally and utterly involved until I reach the end page.

There is actually only one book(I think) I've never finished, but it's not my fault. I mean, it is my fault, but in my defense, there was um, this issue with a sudden and very graphic sex scene that had me a little nervous to continue. It's weird to read about it, ok. Pulsing, Titillated, Supple and Member are not words I prefer to see described, ok.

Anyways, I've started this new thing. Actually AJ(Not Dora the Explorer) does this and then he got Zach into it and now I'm going to try it. Books on CD's. I've always really enjoyed the concept, I mean what a fantastic idea. But first of all, they're expensive. Like seriously expensive. I mean, ok years ago when cds were the only options they were expensive, Itune downloads are not that bad, and if I had cds anyways I would just move them to my Itunes. But what the boys do and now what I have done is just rent them from the library. Ad save the cost all together. Unless of course they're late. Isn't the library just great?

I know. Awesome idea.

Ok, they don't have everything, but they have a lot. And there is a list of classics I've never made it to.

But I kind of feel like cheating if I listen to them, rather than read the actual printed words.

I mean, do you still learn in the same way? Well, ok obviously you learn differently whether your listening or reading, but is the end result the same?

Like the same amount of retained knowledge?

I don't know. I'm all about the learning part though. It's not really fun unless you're learning, right? I know, I'm a total nerd.....

But anyways, first up is Wuthering Heights. Oh, here is one I never finished. I started in like 6th grade, but I think the vocab was a little beyond me and since I was just reading for fun, I didn't have an actual teacher to turn to. Well, ok, I suppose my mom, but she's all math and music folks.

Plus Zach has time to listen to books all day on cd. That's the glorious part of his job. I don't know when I'm going to get a chance.

I guess my little girl's will just have to get used to listening to narratives by Dame Judy Dench.

But if this works out, I've got big plans for The Age of Innocence, Jane Eyre, The Iliad and The Odyssey and who knows what else.

So I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! But I'm pretty excited because it's like getting a new toy. Here we go Heathcliff and Catherine...


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