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I can't decide if I'm cold or hot this morning. I have a sweatshirt on, I start sweating, I take it off I have goosebumps. Now I have it on and suddenly my feet are cold, but my slippers are in the other room because I thought I was smoldering. Sigh. Long Sigh. Even longer Sigh. I just don't know what to do.

I'm pretty sure I can blame this on my hair though. Because. My hair is still wet from the shower I took last night. The shower I took ten hours ago. What is my hair still doing wet? Has it reached a point of length and thickness where it will be continually wet for the rest of my life. Like the point of no return? Because as I told you before, I am determined to grow it out long and so the mere fact that I will be walking around with a wet head for the rest of my life means nothing to me. Just a small price I have to pay.

Ok. That's not true. If my hair really were to be beyond the point where it is able to dry all of the way(Like when I was in Sri Lanka with all of the humidity. My hair didn't dry for six weeks and when it was partly dry it would frizz out into this massive monstrosity of hugeness, I'll post a picture at the end. I'm not joking.), I think, eventually, sometime, a little ways down the road I would cut it. I mean, I think I would.

It might just have something to do with the weather. Weather plays a significant role in the life of my hair.

And if that's the case, I'll gladly trade in wet hair for beautiful weather. It has just been gorgeous out! After this winter, every new spring day feels like I can take a bigger breath than the day before. And now the trees are starting to bloom.

Hallelujah. The small buds that got me super excited over the weekend are big blooms by today.

Now is the time of year I start to think Spring is my favorite time of year. But then I remember Summer and how hot it gets and swimming and vacations and festivals and fairs and going to wineries and long days and I can't decide. And then I remember Fall and Nebraska games and bonfires and the leaves changing colors and the pretty sunsets and how you welcome the cool evenings after an excruciating summer and then I really can't decide. And then I remember Winter and the excitement of the first snow, the Holiday season, the purity of everything when the world is covered in a blanket of white, the adventure of driving in a blizzard, sledding, hot chocolate, baking, bundling up and cuddling to stay warm. And then it's even harder to decide!

I'm definitely a Four Seasons kind of girl. Good thing I live in Nebraska! And good thing I gave up on my hair a long. Long. LONG. Time ago.

Last night, Zach and I totally took advantage of a babysitter and went to look at a car. And by took advantage of, I literally mean, we tricked her into babysitting.

It was totally on accident on my part. One of those moments where I haven't thought things through. Or at all. You know, those super, super rare moments? You know the ones I'm talking about.

Kylee came over to help me out during my piano lesson. (I give two piano lessons. One is to my brother in law Ryan. The other is to an 18 year old high school student. I wouldn't say I have a booming business, but when I give a lesson to Mitchell, the high schooler, I need a sitter because my girls have no idea what "Stop bothering me" means.) So anyways, she watched the girls graciously during the lesson and then Zach called and wanted to look at this van.

I had set up the appointment earlier in the morning, but I actually didn't think it would happen because we had to be down there by 6:30 and this time of year Zach doesn't even get home until 7. But he made it work.

And then, I was just planning on taking the girls and Kylee, because at that time we really thought this was the van for us. Then, Zach reminded me that our van is broken(I hadn't figured it out yet, even after days and days of sitting like a prisoner in my own home. Actually, I just forgot. Yea, I don't know how you forget that either.), which is why we are going to look at a new van to begin with, and therefore the Taurus does not have nearly enough room for the girls and Kylee and us.

So she had to stay at the house. The hot house. (Because I refuse to turn the air on yet. It's too nice out. Hot or not.) And watched my cranky girls over the dinner hour. Thank you Kylee! I can't wait until she has kids and can pawn them off on me all of the time! Because as of right now, I'm paying her in lunches. (Like, when we go out. Not like, Lunchables. Which by the way are one of the worst things you can feed your kids. They are extremely awful for you. Who would have thought?)

So anyways, tricked babysitter in place, Zach and I made the trek down to our old neighborhood(Well, near our old neighborhood.) 55Th and L(I'm not going to lie. I miss it down there), to Enterprise. Apparently, as we were told last night, Enterprise is the largest used car dealership in America, they move 5,000 cars a month. Wow. Sounds awesome.

They also boast a return policy. That's right you can return the car after 7 days or 1,000 miles if you're not satisfied. And a "No Haggle" experience.

Meaning, they tell you they have the lowest price of anywhere and you are not allowed to negotiate even a dollar off of it.

Well, unfortunately they don't have the lowest price around. And Zach and I may be the cheapest people I know, so we are certainly not going to enjoy a "No Haggle" experience. We want to haggle. We want to negotiate. Listen, if anyone is getting taken advantage of here, it's going to be the dealership, not us.

Which, that's an impossibility. Am I right?

Even if you think you're getting a good deal, they still rip you off. The cards are all in their hands. They say they want whats best for you, to give you the best experience possible and take care of your needs, meanwhile they are banking on a huge commission and a worthless warranty.

Hey, kind of like the government. No wonder their merger went so smoothly.

Ok. ok. No conspiracy theories today.

So anyways, we get down there and instantly Zach is like, nope we're not buying from here. For as rational and common sense oriented as Zach is, he is also 95% vibes. Meaning, if he doesn't get exactly the right vibe from something or someone he instantly shuts down and works on auto pilot.

I'm looking at him like, but um, we haven't even seen the car yet....

We go inside and sit down with a sales person who then proceeds to ask us every question imaginable. What is our credit score? What are we looking for in a car? What did we love about our old car? What did we hate? What is our credit score? What are the three most important thing we are looking for in a new car? What is our credit score? How have we enjoyed the car shopping experience before? Have you ever had a car loan? What are you going to use your car for? What is your credit score? etc.

Oh my word. It was so irritating.

You can imagine the other end of that conversation with Zach and me sitting in the room. There was a lot of, "Umm... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know, what do you think?" going on. Even if we did know the answers, all we wanted to do was look at the van and test drive it. This was a for real interview and I finally understood Zach's meaning.

Besides when we finally got to look at the van we were extremely under impressed. Especially for how much they wanted for it. I was like, I just told you I wanted automatic sliding doors and an automatic opening trunk. You are seriously showing me a van that only has one automatic sliding door. I have kids. This is my dream scenario that you are trashing.

That's right, I went from dreaming about saving the world to a minivan with automatic sliding doors so it's easy to get my kids in and out.

Did anyone else just get depressed?

Big breath. I love my kids. I'm living my dream. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else than raising my children, it's the most important thing I can do with my entire life. Blah blah blah.

Repeat mantra to remind myself what I'm doing? Check.

So anyways, we will not be paying almost $20,000 for a nearly base model of a Toyota Sienna, but thank you very much Enterprise for wasting our time.

It wasn't that bad. I mean, at least we know now what is important to us in a vehicle, what we can live with out and what we don't want to live with out. And it wasn't quite $20,000. But it was definitely overpriced.

Plus pushy sales people really freak me out.

I am not that type of person. I mean, I have a hard time understanding those people. I'm more of a "Whatever you want to do" or "As long as we're doing it together" kind of person.

The "You should buy this now, it would be great for you, this is what you need and if you walk away right now you are seriously going to be disappointed because this will complete your life" kind of personality scares me. For good reason I think.

So who knows. Maybe we'll find a van. Maybe I'll just sit at home for the rest of my life.

Whatever the case, I'm not really ready for either so what does it matter in the end.

Ok, so I couldn't find on of my hair extremely large, although I know there is one somewhere. This is my hair after I had tried to dry it all day. It's evening. My hair is still wet. Oh and yes I am petting a dog. Not just any dog, but a mangy, stray, wild dog. And I wonder why I got so sick after I got home......

This is the back of my head. I know, I'm blonde. Ha. It kind of gives you an idea of how poofy it was. But I'm not sure if there's a difference from that, to what it is now.....


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  1. an all wheel drive sienna is on my list of coveted next cars. in 2 years, when we aren't paying for the ones we have anymore.