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I might as well be on Gilligan's Island. I'm stranded anyways, like I am.

My van is still broken. We have decided to get a new one, but Zach had hoped to have fixed the old van so I could drive it until we did. (Zach, usually the man who can literally fix anything and everything thinks he broke the car more. He said when he was working on it, if he took the keys out of the ignition it started to make a funny noise. Like after the keys were out. I find that super strange, and kind of funny.)

It's a process, buying a new car. And, plus, if you didn't know this about Zach and me, we take our sweet time making decisions.....

A new car. Kind of a big deal. Kind of a huge commitment.

Maybe I'll just learn to take the bus.

You can take the bus with children can't you? I mean, they don't have to be in a car seat? I have no idea the answer to those questions.

Like, in other states, that have a more useful public transportation system, such as New York. Can you take children as young as mine on like, the subway without being strapped in? Now I'm really curious.

Especially since Omaha is going to build a tram system!

Ok, this is both good news and bad news to me. I definitely think our divine city is lacking in the whole public transportation system arena. I mean the MAT buses don't even go past 102nd. Well, they might now, that used to be their cut off point. Plus, I for one, think a Tram System is kind of kick ass.

But. And this is a BIG BUT. Our city is broke. I mean, like ba-roke. So maybe instead of things like a ridiculous Pedestrian Walking Bridge and a Tram System they should invest more in a seriously lacking Police Department or in stepping up the improvements to the PotHole Epidemic on our streets. I'm sorry, it's more than an Epidemic, to borrow from our great leader(AKA the one who sent this country on a path to destruction, even though I still love him as the man) George W. Bush, this is a Pandemic. (A. Do you remember those news clips? B. Yes, I love him as a person, like I want to be his friend. But C. Yes, I also realize he was a terrible politician that got us into this whole socialism fiasco to begin with. D. I'm conflicted.) Not really. :)

Last week, Zach and I walked past a newspaper stand and there was like an Omaha publication, with the picture of a girl, sitting in one of our huge pot holes, holding a sign that says, "Hell No, We Won't Go." Because people are so worried about where the money is going to come from to pay for the repairs. Zach and I then proceeded to make fun of Mayor Suttle's name in all manor of ways. It lasted several minutes, but none of the names we came up with are appropriate for the Internet. (Ha. What an oxymoron.)

That was a whole lot of weird rambling. I did not see this blog going in that direction At. All.

So anyways, back to the point. We are stuck. At home.

At least this week we have groceries. Last week, we were like pretending to eat. I was stuck at home, no groceries, no way to get groceries, busy every single night and not entirely sure what to do about it.

We totally made do. Zach stopped for the essentials on the way home from work, but you can't expect a man who is coming off of a 12 hour day and a car to work on when he gets home to want to walk around the grocery store, looking for fresh fruit and yogurt. Ok, at least I don't expect that from Zach.

In my experience, and this says nothing bad about my hubby, but grocery shopping is a woman's job.

Fine. The sexes are equal. Blah blah blah.

Not in this house. He doesn't expect me to mow a lawn. EVER. Not even our home lawn, because he gets irritated that my lines go in zig-zag, sometimes circular or trianglular lines and not straight professional ones. Also, he's afraid that if I touch the lawn mower it will literally fall apart on the spot. (In that point, he has a reasonable concern.)

And, I don't expect Zach to do the dishes(Or anybody else, I am SUPER OCD about the dishes. Like do not touch my dishwasher, because not only will I do a better job at pre-scrubbing the plates before they go into the dishwasher, I will make those racks the most efficient and most space utilization you've ever seen. No, I don't think "utilization" is a word either.). I also don't expect him to go grocery shopping, call the cable company(Although I wish he would. But this is like a wish I would ask a Genie, and not expect out of every life day), or fold the laundry.

More rambling. This blog is not about the differences of male vs. female. I am perfectly satisfied in our distinct roles.

So, the fact that we are stranded, hasn't changed a bit. Here we are, at home, with no where to go, and I can think of a dozen errands or just some general shopping I'd like to accomplish.

The thing is, we've only had the van for a year. I mean, for all of the years we were married prior to this one we have shared a car and been just fine. Not that it's feasible anymore, I realize that. But a few days, home, with no where to go, shouldn't be that big of a deal.

And so, today it won't be. I can get some stuff done that I've been putting off. Make some phone calls, I have FOR sure been putting off and have dinner done and ready by the time Zach walks in the door.

Lol, ok. No. I'm not that crazy of a wife. But I can at LEAST have it figured out, right?

Here's where I meant to get to today: What Island would you rather be stranded on? Gilligan's? Or the Island? You know, the Island from Lost?

It's a valid question. I mean on Gilligan's, there is comedy, quirky, unrealistic inventions, no chance of rescue, and the Professor, but in reality nothing really to do.

On Lost's Island, there is imminent danger, you're probably going to die if you're not a main character, OR you are already dead, depending on your theory of what the show is really about, there is a lot more people, there is adventure, and real beauty(Like it's filmed in Hawaii, pretty sure Gilligan's Island was just a Hollywood set), you've got the smoke monster, the others, dynamite, your own crazy plane crash victim society and Jack(He is soooo whiny.), on the other hand you have Sawyer.

Still, I think I would pick Lost. I prefer to imagine myself a part of something bigger. Gilligan was just super unlucky.

Dang it. I would pick Lost, but I think we all know where I would end up with my luck.

In fact, somebody just yesterday said to me, "You guys(Referring to Zach and Me) have the worst luck."

It makes for an exciting marriage at least. One day, we'll figure it out.

Ok, final story. Yesterday, I took the girls to a birthday party for some of our good friends. They had a great time! Stella could not have had more fun. Although, I couldn't get her to ride a pony. Actually, Scarlett wouldn't ride a pony either. And yes, they would have let her, these pony's were made for little kids.

All that to say, it was really fun, my girl's loved it and I think the Birthday Girls were just in heaven.

I want to talk about the Cowboys. You know, the people in charge of the pony's. There were four tiny horses, that walked in a circle for an hour. The kids sat on them, buckled in and around and around they would go. It was super, super cute, and the kids were adorable.

Not my kids. My kids are WAY to cautious to do something so reckless as sit on a pony walking in a circle at a snails pace, completely buckled in and totally safe. I mean, that is wayyyy out of their comfort zone.

There was a 9 month old baby that rode the pony. Scarlett was plenty big.

Anyways, like I said. My girls had fun. They love to just watch other people have fun. I can't complain, I was the same way as a child. I probably still am the same way.

Ok, so there was just one lady working the entire event. She was this total Cowgirl with long curly hair, a snapped up collared shirt and a cowboy hat with matching boots. Ok. Total Cowgirl. Not all that far of a stretch here in Nebraska and she was incredibly nice.

Her daughter helped her, she was like 10 maybe? I don't know, I'm not very good at judging that sort of thing. But her daughter's name was Bailey. A little bit Cowboy, right? I mean it can be, but it's also an Irish Liqour, so there is a little bit of room here. I mean, hey I'm Irish. Stella and Scarlett could have just as easily been Guiness and Killian.

Just kidding.

But the real kicker was her son. Towards the end of the hour, out runs her son, who is maybe, I don't know, 2? Maybe a little bit younger, maybe a little bit older. It's hard to tell because I'm pretty sure he was super tall for his age.

But anyways, he is wearing this striped, button up, long sleeve, collared shirt, buttoned all the way up to the middle of his neck, totally cowboy style. No pants, only a diaper, but his shirt kind of hung down low enough to cover that, and cowboy boots.

It was kind of funny at first to watch this child run around in cowboy boots and no pants.

But then, his mother used his name.....: Stetson.

What? Are you kidding me? I could not get over that and about died laughing.

I mean, yes it is a cute name. I think it's a really cute name. But they're Cowboys! I mean seriously, there other children might as well be named Dallas and Marlboro.

Yippi Ky Yea.


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